Monday, February 24, 2014

More from NYC for Super Bowl weekend...

Pictures from Super Bowl:;_ylt=AwrTWf0WgflSB0EADLPQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBvY3E2Y21wBHNlYwNpbWFnZQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?ei=UTF-8&p=Kevin+Costner&fr=yfp-t-701&sort=time§ion=photo

Picture by bianconeri4life - Salvatore Vona:

Picture by altafsharif:

Picture by alliheathe - Allison Brown:

Picture by nevshug - Nevin Sugar:

Picture by susansiadysy - Fine China:

Picture by topher_morrow - Chris Morrow:

Picture by jasonbinn - Jason Binn President's Lounge:

Video by tekcicek - Turan Tekcicek:

Video by untamed_beautee:

Picture by mikaellaashley - Mikaella Ashley:

Picture by rembrandtflores - Rembrandt Flores:

Picture by kev_kush - koolbeanz:

Picture by cocoloco_nyc - Coco Loco #stkmeatpacking:

Camila Moraes ‏@camilamoraes tweeted: Kevin Costner sempre DEUSO (Posted February 13th)

VIDEO: Cast of 'Draft Day', Kevin Costner, Denis Leary and Jennifer Garner join GameDay Morning by Sports Published February 11, 2014

Picture by fbyacu - Blakely Yacu - Leigh Steinberg Party:

Leigh Steinberg Party pictures:

More pictures from Radio Row:
Picture by gwexell - Brad Hopkins interviewing Kevin Costner

Brad Hopkins at Times Sqare NYC:

Picture by woody_paige - Woody Paige:

Picture by happydole - Tim:

AUDIO: Actor Kevin Costner Discusses His Movie Draft Day With Booger And Rich:

Beau Morgan@790 ‏@squidbilly790 tweeted: Kevin Costner on w/ @ArcherandBell w/ @JohnMichaels790 now!

Draft Day Press Conference pictures:
Picture by aroughdiamond - AD:

Picture by jwoike13 - John Woike:

Picture by dawnieneufeld - Dawn Belcher Neufeld:

Picture by nfl_china - NFL China:

Picture by liztaylorworld - ElizaBeth Taylor:

'Draft Day' the movie website:

Krista Fleming ‏@kristaflem tweeted: @kaityfleming look at this pic.. New movie with Kevin Costner! (Posted January 30th)

John Lee ‏@JohnLee216 tweeted: Im so thankful for all the gratitude given. Tom Welling, Kevin Costner, and I really shot my scene 25 times. #DraftDay #actor #April11th (Posted January 30th)

SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio Actor Kevin Costner chats with Chris Russo from Radio Row in NYC:

Rick Waters ‏@Random_Rick tweeted: Um. When's the last time you saw two Kevin Costner movie posters side by side? (Posted February 7th)

Article: Draft Day: Sneak peek and initial impressions of movie involving Browns by George Thomas:

Article: Some 'Draft Day' thoughts after watching the sneak preview By Nick Klopsis:

FOX Sports ‏@FOXSportsIT tweeted: L'anteprima di Draft Day, il film con Kevin Costner nei panni di un dirigente di Cleveland. #FOXSB48 (Posted January 28th)

Mia Tinari ‏@MiaTinari tweeted: @MiaTinari: Just attended the screening of #DraftDay! @iamdiddy Diddy and Kevin Costner were amazing! Great movie!!! (Posted January 28th)

Ruth Blandon ‏@RuthieSoftball4 tweeted: Draft Day with Kevin Costner is a MUST SEE! enjoyed every minute of it, literally had me at the edge of my seat. Love football #draftday (Posted January 28th)

Brian Schaible ‏@YahooReports tweeted: Caught a sneak preview of #draftday with Kevin Costner and Jennifer garner in NYC..was great...must see for nfl fans (Posted January 28th)

tariel22 ‏@tariel22 tweeted: Just saw @DraftDayMovie. Fast-paced, fun, entertaining film with an outstanding cast! Kevin Costner rocks. Loved Tom Welling! #DraftDay (Posted January 28th)

tariel22 ‏@tariel22 tweeted: @VickiLVCM Kevin Costner was the bomb! I saw it in San Francisco, the whole theater booed when they showed the Seahawks. lol (Posted January 28th)


Paul Kuharsky ‏@PaulKuharskyNFL tweeted: I love Kevin Costner. But @Midday180 didn't land him for our show this week. We do have Dennis Leary scheduled. (Posted January 29th)

Article: Kevin Costner passionate over ‘Draft Day’ as film classic:

David Schuster ‏@Schumouse tweeted: Saw a sneak preview of the movie, "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner coming out in April....Very good and highly recommended (Posted January 30th)

Gregory Bullock ‏@gregbullock88 tweeted: Just got out of #DraftDayMovie with Kevin Costner. One of the best sports movies ever in my opinion. I loved it. (Posted January 30th)

Browns Designer ‏@sportdesign tweeted: Kevin Costner sitting in front of the #Browns photo mural I designed. Promo pic for @DraftDayMovie

Picture by kev_kush - koolbeanz NYC:

Arlington, TX – print passes to see DRAFT DAY starring Kevin Costner on Monday, February 24, 2014:

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