Saturday, February 8, 2014

More from Super Bowl 48 Radio Row...

SportsTalk 790 commented: NOW: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner joins the Drive Home with Charlie Pallilo!

Jordan Carruth ‏@JordanCarruth tweeted: Kevin Costner joins the show right now: The Mighty 1090 AM Kevin Costner 01/31/14 2:33pm Kevin Costner on his movie "Draft Day", favorite movie of all time & Peyton Manning's legacy.

Mad Dog Sports Radio ‏@MadDogRadio tweeted: Listen to @MadDogUnleashed with Actor Kevin Costner (@modernwest) @DraftDayMovie from Radio Row in NYC. #SXMSports

Jorge Sedano ‏@SedanoESPN tweeted: Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner joins us now on @SedanoAndStink on @espnradio

Sedano & Stink ‏@SedanoAndStink tweeted: Sitting down now with the guys is Kevin Costner

Jorge Sedano ‏@SedanoESPN tweeted: Kevin Costner (Any movies he was passed over for) “I tried to be in Schindler’s list. I flew out and put on a bald cap & read for the movie”

Jorge Sedano ‏@SedanoESPN tweeted: Kevin Costner (any regrets on films he passed on) “Yes. Platoon.”

Jorge Sedano ‏@SedanoESPN tweeted: Costner was great. Cursed twice on air and seemed really comfortable telling us cool movie/Hollywood stories.

Roy Combs ‏@broncofan4life tweeted: Great interview with Kevin Costner on @SedanoAndStink tonight!

VIDEOS: by Bob Grotz @BobGrotz See the four short videos of the 'Draft Day' Press Conference

James Lofton ‏@lofton80 tweeted: Pregame Kevin Costner (Posted February 5th)

Will Petersen ‏@PetersenWill tweeted: Kevin Costner and Woody Paige

FOX Sports ‏@FOXSportsIT tweeted: Kevin Costner, conferenza stampa del film Draft Day. Esilarante grazie anche a D.Leary e Jennifer Gardner. #FOXSB48

Article: Mike Francesa fanatics make FrancesaCon a winnah! By Bernie Augustine AND Christian Red / New York Daily News

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