Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Josh Mishell ‏@joshmishell tweeted: Came all the way to Montreux to read about Kevin Costner's house in Aspen. (Posted January 29th)

PurePollino ‏@purepollino tweeted: Patricia Casado of Lucy's El Adobe Cafe is in studio sharing great stories from 50 years of serving celebrities, politicians and all of LA! Kevin Costner LOVES the BBQ Tacos at Lucy's (Posted January 30th)

JaredKern ‏@Jared441Kern tweeted: Eating at Kevin Costner's restaurant, so cool. 👌 (Posted January 30th)

Wynfield Plantation commented: Kevin Costner hunting with two of Wynfield Plantation's owners! (Posted January 31st)

香槟爸爸 ‏@GUCCIPLEASE tweeted: my mom's celebrity crush was kevin costner and one time my dad met him at an event in our country and didn't even tell my mom. my dad had breakfast with kevin costner and didn't invite my mom (Posted February 2nd)

Collin Bruner ‏@CollinBruner391 tweeted: No one believes me when I say I'm related to Kevin Costner.. But it's true (Posted February 2nd)

erolkan adige ‏@erolkanadige tweeted: BİR ZAMANLAR KEVİN COSTNER VE BEN (Posted February 8th)

Picture by cosplaynowandforever - Brian Sikoff - Me and Kevin Costner just shooting the breeze (Posted 9:35am February 10, 2014)

freedom4yankton4 ‏@Free4Yankton4 tweeted: @MarshallProj Kevin Costner on set of Dances with Wolves with members of the Rouse family. (Posted February 11th)

Shelby ‏@staticcracked tweeted: Circa 2001 Kevin Costner is teaching me about Native Americans today #thanksworldciv (Posted February 12th)

Nimai Wong ‏@TheCordKid tweeted: Some style right here! 👊 @tysoncbeckford rockin a wide fishtail, hanging out with Kevin Costner. Thank… (Posted February 13th)

Kiss like 'The Notebook' by Nicholas Sparks CNN asked Sparks to share some of his lessons in love Author: By Jennifer Vineyard Special to CNN Published On: Feb 14 2014 'Message in a Bottle,' 1999 - Theresa:

Nicholas Sparks: Limited Edition Collection - Warner Bros. // PG-13 // January 28, 2014

rach ♡ ‏@RMDuarte11 tweeted: my dad thinks he's cool bc his bestfriend is Kevin Costner Kay dad (Posted February 15th)

Coach Bill ‏@wondersofbilly tweeted: so just found out that my wife’s coworker’s uncle is Kevin Costner! (Posted February 15th)

Georgia's Smokehouse @georgiastruck tweeted: Had a lovely day catering for the even lovelier Kevin & Christine Costner! Their son's birthday party and so much fun! He was nice enough to autograph his order ticket for us :-) #foodtruck #saucynation #bbq #foodtrucks #georgiastruck #georgiassmokehouse #georgiascaters #rolltide #ucsb #funkzone #santabarbara #bacon #pulledpork (Posted 6:59pm February 16th)

Roberto Cavalli ‏@RCavalli tweeted: Kevin Costner..... His wife and #robertocavalli (Posted February 19th)

Picture of Kevin by Miro Gradinscak:

Celebrities react to Shirley Temple's death Associated Press writers Hillel Italie, Ryan Pearson, Hilary Fox, Martha Mendoza and Matt Reed contributed to this report. Excerpt: Kevin Costner, while promoting his film "3 Days to Kill," reminisced about watching Black's films from a Time-Life collection. "I remember when they came on, you watched them," said Costner. "You watched her, and those stories always had a high level of meaning when you were very, very young, to see a child so gifted and really cute."

Kevin Costner's movie roles in pictures:

Val Garrett ‏@valgarrett tweeted: @sundaybrunchc4 This is my husband shaking hands with Kevin Costner on Hollywood Boulevard.... Seriously! (Posted February 23rd)

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