Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tweets and pictures from 'Super Bowl Radio Row'...

Some of the following tweets and pictures are from Kevin visiting and interviewing at the Super Bowl's Radio Row on Friday, January 31, 2014. Also pictures and tweets from the Press Conference for 'Draft Day'.

Steve Zemach ‏@SteveZemach tweeted: Today on the @SidRosenberg show.... @DrOz, @tamaraholder, Jim Burt, @AmirKingKhan, Jennifer Garner, @realshaunking, Kevin Costner

John McClain ‏@McClain_on_NFL tweeted: Kevin Costner, Dennis Leary, Jennifer Garner are among the cast coming to Radio Row and the news conference about the film.

Jim Baumbach ‏@jimbaumbach tweeted: I'm sitting here talking to @agsportshour and Kevin Costner just walked by us three times. That's something that doesn't happen every day.

Howard Eskin ‏@howardeskin tweeted: Organized concussion at #superbowl radio row. Seems like movie celebrity day. Kevin Costner here shortly

David William Naylor ‏@TSNDaveNaylor tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked through radio row at #SuperBowlXLVIII

Dianna L. Boyce ‏@IndyDianna tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner talk to @FOXSports about Draft Day movie

Carol Massar ‏@carolmassar tweeted: Kevin Costner here @ #RadioRow @SuperBowl .. Join us Now on @BloombergRadio

Harry T. Frezza Jr. ‏@thefrez56 tweeted: I just talked to Kevin Costner; Bill Price witnessed it

Kenny and Crash ‏@KennyAndCrash tweeted: What do Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Steven Tyler all have in common? They've all met @SwollenDome on Radio Row!

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: Fri show includes @LT_21 , @SpenceTillman @Sport_Science @RapSheet & Kevin Costner... @UTgehlken stops by now

Matheus Dias ‏@MDiasNFL tweeted: Assisti o filme ontem, achei divertido. Agora, coletiva com Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Terry…

Mario Colyer ‏@mariocolyer tweeted: Acabo de Saludar a Kevin Costner en media center jaja uno de mis actores favoritos

Josh Katzowitz ‏@joshkatzowitz tweeted: I'm at this Draft Day presser w/ Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary & Ivan Reitman at a table. Kevin Costner gets his own podium.

David Tossell ‏@David_Tossell tweeted: Appropriately on #DeadlineDay, Kevin Costner is in the #SB48 Media Center for a press conference for his movie #DraftDay

nancy kirkpatrick ‏@barbie55 tweeted: Press conference for Draft Day. Awaiting Kevin Costner, Jen Garner and Dennis Leary.

Tom Giles ‏@TomGilesKXLY tweeted: @MelissaKXLY4 @DerekDeisKXLY Ahhh well there's that. Oh btw, Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner are hanging out too

Draft Day ‏@DraftDayMovie tweeted: Kevin Costner sat down with @Hasselbeck and @The_ChrisMyers to bring you the story behind #DraftDay. (Posted January 31st)

Dave Madsen ‏@DaveMadsenWGGB tweeted: Kevin Costner waiting to head into a news conference about the new film Draft Day

Nick Klopsis ‏@NickKlopsis tweeted: Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. #ndsb48

Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector tweeted: At the press conference for Draft Day. Kevin Costner does not look 59. Sheesh.

Dianna L. Boyce ‏@IndyDianna tweeted: Kevin Costner talking about why it took him so long to finally make a football movie

Newy Scruggs ‏@newyscruggs tweeted: At the Draft Day presser with Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner in NYC.

Jim Wyatt ‏@jwyattsports tweeted: Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner at press conference promoting Draft Day #SuperBowl

KING 5 Sports ‏@KING5Sports tweeted: New football movie coming out "Draft Day " presser. Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, & Dennis Leary. #SB48

Howard Eskin ‏@howardeskin tweeted: Kevin Costner, Jennifer garner, chad bosman (Jackie Robinson) talking about movie Draft Day. @FOX29philly

Aaron J. Fentress ‏@AaronJFentress tweeted: Draft Day movie press conference with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Gardner, Terry Crews and Denis Leary.

Dawn Mitchell ‏@DawnAtFOX9 tweeted: Draft Day Presser Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner & Denis Leary @ Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Howard Eskin ‏@howardeskin tweeted: Draft day movie stars. Kevin Costner , Jennifer Garner, chad bosman star of Jackie Robinson movie

Ernaldo Moritz ‏@Ernaldo58 tweeted: Casual. Conferencia de prensa con Kevin Costner y Jennifer (hermosa) Garner. Esto como promoci√≥n para #DraftDayMovie

Eli Savoie ‏@Eli560 tweeted: Press conference for new movie "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Dennis Leary, Ivan Reitman and more

Kari Plog ‏@KariPlog tweeted: The cast of Draft Day, including Kevin Costner, Denis Leary, and Jennifer Garner, talks to reporters #SB48

Lou Canellis FOX 32 ‏@LouCanellis tweeted: Talking with Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner & Denis Leary about Draft Day movie

O. Shutdown ‏@oshutdown tweeted: @jessespector Kevin Costner is first celebrity to make sense all week. #SuperBowl

Craig D. Schroepfer ‏@CDS830 tweeted: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner & Denis Leary at a press conference for the movie #DraftDay @ Sheraton…

Chris Parente ‏@chrisparente tweeted: Holy crap...honest to God, Kevin costner is in the stall next to me. #SuperToiletBowl

Kieran Lynch ‏@Kieran_Lynch tweeted: Kevin Costner and Terry Crews just walked by. I saw a screening of their film Draft Day last night. Worth a look when it's out in April.

SabatoSports ‏@sabatosports tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER y JENNIFER GARNER presentando a la prensa la pel√≠cula DRAFT DAY...

Leanne Italie ‏@litalie tweeted: Draft Day! As in the new Kevin Costner movie.

Ben Rogers ‏@BenRogers tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner. We had a moment. Think we're best friends now.

95.7 The GAME ‏@957thegame tweeted: Superstar Kevin Costner on the show now!

Patrick Woo ‏@P_Woo Jan 31 #DraftDay movie press conference. Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner and Dennis Leary

Jessamyn McIntyre ‏@JessamynESPN I just watched a security guard try to kick Kevin Costner out of radio row because he wasn't wearing his credential around his neck....

Jessamyn McIntyre ‏@JessamynESPN Jan 31 I also just booked Kevin Costner for 3:48p PST on @710ESPNSeattle - stay tuned!

Scott Hastings ‏@ScottHastings tweeted: Kevin costner

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: Kevin Costner stops by the show/radio row just after 2:20...

ESPN 980 ‏@ESPNRadio980 tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner joins The Drive (with Cooley and Czabe) next live from radio row in New York on ESPN 980 and   http://ESPN980.com

Roxy Bernstein ‏@roxybernstein tweeted: Kevin Costner joined us on radio row on @987TheFan

Shawn McCullough ‏@PSUShawn Jan 31 Kevin Costner and @donovanjmcnabb at Super Bowl Radio Row

WestwoodOne ‏@WestwoodOne tweeted: Love it: Kevin Costner stops by @NBCSportsRadio at #sb48 Radio Row.

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: Kevin Costner joins the show... @ChargersPRguy & @utkevinacee mysteriously appear out of nowhere

Darren Smith ‏@DSmithShow tweeted: With Kevin Costner, @martycaswell & @chargersprguy on radio row.

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: And very neat that Kevin Costner after interview congratulated @ChargersPRguy on the season & says he loved Hadl, Alworth, etc

McNabb & Malone ‏@UnderCenterNBC tweeted: Picture of Kevin Costner with @donovanjmcnabb @malonesmic on set.

Mo Egger ‏@MoEgger1530 tweeted: My picture with Kevin Costner.

Eric Lupher ‏@EricLupher7News tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting @7newsNOW @denverchannel

Eric Lupher ‏@EricLupher7News tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting @7newsNOW @denverchannel

Marty Caswell ‏@MartyCaswell tweeted: Great interview w/ Kevin Costner on Draft Day, acting career & CSU Fullerton baseball

Troy Machir ‏@TroyMachir tweeted: Not surprising: Kevin Costner and Dennis Leary curse a lot.

SportsRadio 610 ‏@SportsRadio610 tweeted: Kevin Costner, yes - THE Kevin Costner, will be joining Sean, Rich, and Travis Johnson in a matter of minutes    http://houston.cbslocal.com/category/sports/
LISTEN to the SportsRadio 610 interview here:

SportsRadio 610 ‏@SportsRadio610 tweeted: Kevin Costner live on Radio Row with Sean, Rich, and Travis! Check out the live webcam at http://sportsradio610.com

Travis Johnson ‏@trapj99 tweeted: Just finished interviewing Kevin Costner on @sportsradio610 great interview, great actor, great person!!!

Ajay Atayee ‏@AJtheFan tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house

Fred Faour ‏@FredFaour tweeted: Yep that's Kevin Costner

Chris Mad Dog Russo ‏@MadDogUnleashed tweeted: Kevin Costner finding the Doggie amusing

Chris Myers ‏@The_ChrisMyers tweeted: Was really nice meeting ..Kevin Costner at #SuperBowl headquarters .. He is the King of cool.. #DraftDay ..the movie out in April !

Bob Richards ‏@radiorichards tweeted: Kevin Costner with Arch and Bell on #790thezone

Bob Richards ‏@radiorichards tweeted: Kevin Costner with Arch and Bell on #790thezone. LISTEN to the interview here:

Jessamyn McIntyre ‏@JessamynESPN tweeted: Kevin Costner with @Bstelton and Dave Wyman on @710ESPNSeattle!

Adam Gracia ‏@noodles1067 tweeted: Tune into @CBSSportsRadio and @MOJOonCBS show beause we have Kevin Costner coming up LIVE at 6:25. i'm SOO pumped!! #TinCup

Dave Archer ‏@archerqb16 tweeted: Cool to talk to Kevin Costner today. His new movie, "Draft Day", comes out April 11. He plays the Browns GM.

Photo Gallery:

Troy RenckVerified account ‏@TroyRenck tweeted: Woody knows everybody. So got to hang out w Kevin Costner. Of course I asked him about baseball

Leanne Italie ‏@litalie tweeted: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Ivan Reitman and rest of "Draft Day" crew chat up their new movie before Super Bowl

Chris Hagan ‏@chrishaganfox59 tweeted: Kevin Costner and the cast of "Draft Day" meeting with Super Bowl media in NYC. @ Sheraton New York

Chris Myers ‏@The_ChrisMyers tweeted: Where else could you see Kevin Costner,Bill Murray,Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick,Barry Sanders,Cam Newton,Rudy Giuliani only on #Foxsports1

Doug Ottewill ‏@Dottewill tweeted: Great conversation with @woodypaige @TroyRenck & Kevin Costner #radiorow #broncos #SuperBowl

Excerpt from Pagesix.com: Diddy, whose cable music network Revolt co-hosted the party, then took to the stage and said “Thank you, Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles! And Kevin Costner and God,” before Drake got the crowd standing. Whooping it up in the VIP box alongside McCartney and Shevell were Costner with wife Christine, Mary J. Blige, Ryan Phillippe, Hayden Panettiere, Tony Danza and Katie Couric.

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