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Matt Storey Boom 97.3 commented: My friend, Bill and I saw the Jack Ryan prequel last night. Kenneth Branagh directed and played the bad guy. Awesome performance by Branagh, as always, and Kevin Costner ( I really like how Costner has re-invented himself). (Posted January 28th)

brooke hatfield ‏@brookehatfield tweeted: "im glad im not as famous as ol' kevin, he probably can't even go to the walmart."-- dad, on the topic of quail hunting with kevin costner (Posted January 27th)

VIDEO: Second annual quail hunt brings celebrities to Albany by Rheya Spigner Posted: 01.25.2014

maureen bharoocha ‏@mbharoocha tweeted: Chris Kattan & Kevin Costner are on my fight from the ATL to Los Angeles. #truth (Posted 2:35pm January 26th

Free pass for screening of 'Draft Day' on January 27th in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Metarie, Portland OR, San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas. DOZENS OF ADDITIONAL CITIES TO BE ADDED BEFORE APRIL 10, 2014.

Andy Gray picks his winners — Win Costner, Amp tickets in our annual contest January 23, 2014: Since an Academy Award winner is coming to Warren in April, this year's grand prize will be two floor seats to see Kevin Costner and his band, The Modern West, at Packard Music Hall on April 22. The winner also will receive a $50 gift card for the Sunrise Inn and two season tickets for the 2014 River Rock at the Amp concert series at the Warren Community Amphitheatre.

Picture by lanesimmons Kevin Costner moving through the crowd at a concert he and his band Modern West did in Springfield, MO in 2008. #kevincostner #modernwest #celebrity

Renee Blaxland commented: Renee Blaxland Haha no not cardboard cutouts. He is a friend of a friend of mine. Kevin Costner and the modern west played a gig that night at the house of blues it was fantastic! (Posted August 4, 2013)

VIDEO: Actor Kevin Costner's Band Modern West by Mundovision Media Published on Jan 3, 2014 Kevin Costner by Fanny C.

Kevin Costner & Modern West " Alive In The City " by ichiban2592007 Published on Jan 10, 2014 - new single "Alive In The City" available now on iTunes - Get it here:

Rocinante ‏@PhillipGerd tweeted: Kevin Costner hanging out at Crossroads KC with what looks like Bruce Campbell a day before Kevin played there with his band, Modern West. Nice, regular guy. Shook hands, signed autographs. #CrossroadsKC #Grinders #KansasCity

Lisa Marie Ivarra ‏@MissLMI tweeted: @BaseballDo DID YOU KNOW that Kevin Costner kissed me once?! True story. (I'm being serious.) He was filming a movie in my hometown. I was 2, in a leg cast, & he carried me around set. Mom says he kissed me. 😘 (Posted January 27th)

Picture by ebtattoo - Eddie Bonacore (tatoo)

Western Shooting Journal commented: Just interviewed the actor James Drury of The Virginian. What an utter gentleman and witty as anything. He told me the problem with a lot of the Westerns and gun movies of today is they're not realistic about how guns work. You'll see a gang shoot at another gang with fully automatic weapons and not hit even one shot. That's not realistic. A couple of shots from a mere .45 and you're likely to rip a hole in someone. I asked him what is a good recent Western movie, and he recommended Open Range with Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner

Donna Gutschmidt ‏@iSplainIT2u tweeted: @Indians here's a better shot! He was right by me! He was so nice to everyone! Signed autographs & enjoyed the game! (Posted November 3, 2013)

. Cleveland Indians Photo of the Day: Kevin Costner goes incognito to take in the Tribe's game against the Mariners on May 19. (Posted November 4, 2013)

Fabian W. Waintal commented: Con Kevin Costner, de vuelta en Los Angeles (Planet Hollywood) (Posted January 13, 2013)

NY NOISE ‏@NY_Noise tweeted: Very cool hang with Mike Binder finishing up closing song for his new film "Black & White" starring Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer. (Posted 5:02pm January 5th)

Aston Villa FC @AVFCOfficial Spot on to those who said Kevin Costner. He flew up from London to watch the match

Hannah Maiden ‏@Hannah_Diem tweeted: Found this on @AVFCOfficial Kevin Costner in the crowd at villa, bottom left is my dad and me, we didn't even notice him!! We're idiots! Ha (Posted January 13th)

Picture by Ashley - ashleyrosenberger:

Picture by markissssss - Maks Volobuev:

CSUF Mihaylo ‏@CSUFMihaylo tweeted: "You'll need to listen to your inner voice; There's no blueprint for success." - Kevin Costner '78 #Mihaylo #alum (Posted January 9th)

Picture by Алан Макоев ‏@AlanMakoev - Kevin Costner:

Picture by Max Linsky - it was take your daughter to work day & he was filming JFK at the capitol!

Henry Cavill ‏@HenryCavillOrg tweeted: Henry Cavill Talks Working w/ Kevin Costner and Diane Lane in Man of Steel (Posted December 11th)

Henry Cavill ‏@HenryCavillNews tweeted: #HenryCavill on working with #DianeLane/#KevinCostner: "They really brought out these wonderful… (Posted December 11th)

Picture of Kevin filming 'Man Of Steel':

Another picture of Kevin filming 'Man Of Steel':

L'amant Boulanger ‏@cillcillwi tweeted: #MOSTweetup When asked who he would prefer as his real life Dad, Henry said he would prefer Kevin Costner. (Posted November 14th)

iheartreps I Heart Reps. tweeted: FRIEDMAN FRIDAYS// Kevin Costner for @ParadeMagazine shot by @amandaEfriedman. @modernwest #kevincostner (Posted November 22nd)

The Music Scene Posted: 11:00 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013 'Bull Durham' musical to premiere at the Alliance in 2014 by Melissa Ruggieri The eminently quotably “Bull Durham” will be transformed into a musical and premiere at the Alliance Theatre in September as part of its 2014–15 season. The live production, based on the 1988 Kevin Costner-Susan Sarandon movie which celebrates the Church of Baseball, will have a book by Academy Award-nominee Ron Shelton, the director and screenwriter of the film.

Picture by saramariaglanowski - Sara Maria Glanowski - My friend Peter Anthony finally showing his film about Stanislav Petrov. The Man Who Saved The World (from nothing less than nuclear war). Amazing story and seven years of hard work worth watching!

VIDEO: Les Rumeurs du Jour By SplashNewsFR (Kevin's part is second to last. Have to watch it all, unfortunately)

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