Sunday, February 16, 2014

Video of Kevin on several FOX News shows...

Terri Seymour ‏@TerriSeymour tweeted: Off to interview Kevin Costner and Amber Heard about their movie @3daystokill (Posted February 11th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Gets Into The Action For '3 Days To Kill':

Serah Henesey ‏@Serahhenesey tweeted: Just finished interviewing Amber Heard & McG for 3 Days to Kill. Fun film, go see! And ladies- Kevin Costner is still sexy as hell :))) (Posted February 11th)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner - 3 Days to Kill hits theaters next Friday. The star of the movie, Kevin Costner, joins Good Day (Dallas/Ft Worth) to talk about it. Kevin said he has never had property in Austin, on Lake Michigan or Australia, nor has he been to Delaware. He only has property in Santa Barbara and Aspen.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner: Walking Between The Raindrops Of Killing People (Good Day LA) See picture and article:
Dallas News |

VIDEO: Kevin Costner talks to Good Day Philly:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Talks About His New Movie to KUSI - San Diego

San Diego 6 picture:

VIDEO: "3 Days to Kill" with Kevin Costner with San Diego 6:

john vincen ‏@JAVincen tweeted: @JasonCarrFox2 great interview w/ Kevin Costner! He seems like such a cool guy. Pretty down to earth. Nice job! (Posted February 12th)

FOX 10 News | KSAZ ‏@myfoxphoenix tweeted: Happening now: @andreafox10 & @rickdamicoFox10 are talking to Kevin Costner about his upcoming movie @3daystokill (Posted February 12th)

GustavoArellano ‏@GustavoArellano tweeted: Poor Sam Rubin: Kevin Costner just said "shit" on his @KTLAMorningNews interview right now! (Posted 7:50am February 12th)

John Jurman ‏@JurmanJohn tweeted: Wow! Kevin Costner tells Sam Ruben, "We can shoot the shit about anything" and they show a murder victim in a parking lot. #ktlamorningnews (Posted February 12th)

RamasScreen ‏@RamasScreen tweeted: #ramasscreen Co-blogger @YaritaYarita is currently attending the press screening for @3daystokill starring Kevin Costner (Posted 8:54pm February 10th)

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