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Kevin doing 'Draft Day' press on Sunday and more...

Kathie J ‏@Kathiejmornings tweeted: Today are the interviews for #DraftDay. I have Kevin Costner, Terry Crews and Jennifer Garner!!! Let's do it! (Posted 8:24am March 30th)

Tara Hitchcock ‏@TaraTV1 tweeted: Just bumped into #kevincostner who is also devastated by @UofA loss last night..he just demonstrated a hook move he saw throughout game (Posted 9:27am March 30th)

Tara Hitchcock ‏@TaraTV1 tweeted: Hey @LarryFitzgerald ! Thought you'd want to know I'm bringing you into my @DraftDayMovie interviews this am! (Posted 9:54am March 30th)

Tara Hitchcock ‏@TaraTV1 tweeted: Handing out @AZSuperBowl swag to cast of @DraftDayMovie stuff for #kevincostner ..sunblock for @terrycrews (Posted 11:02am March 30th)

Tara Hitchcock ‏@TaraTV1 tweeted: Representing @AZCardinals in LA at @DraftDayMovie junket. U might be upset at AZ's 'movie draft choice' in film. Ha! (Posted 1:15pm March 30th)

Tara Hitchcock ‏@TaraTV1 tweeted: Thanks @JayParry! Using your @AZSuperBowl golf stuff to convince @modernwest #kevincostner to come to game (Posted 1:32pm March 30th)

Patrick Stoner ‏@patrickstoner tweeted: Before interviewing Kevin Costner for #DraftDay today, I ran into Robert Duvall downstairs & was reminded of their excellent Open Range. (Posted 10:32am March 30th)

David Daniel ‏@CNNLADavid tweeted: Headed to @DraftDayMovie junket: interview Kevin Costner @terrycrews @ArianFoster @JoshPence Tom Welling, then discuss it on @inonedayradio (Posted 10:53am March 30th)

Sunday, March 30, 2014 IOD Episode 106 - When ADHD Attacks - We talk to CNN's David Daniel right after his press junket with Kevin Costner and Tom Welling for the movie Draft Day. Starting at 60:50 to 94:38 (Some insight into these kinds of press junkets, NOT a KC interview!)

James Oster ‏@JimmytotheO tweeted: I just spoke to #kevincostner and told him @alexandrapaul_ said hi... He was happy to hear your name, said incredible nice things! (Posted 12:11pm March 30th)

Zac Jackson ‏@FSOhioZJackson tweeted: Kevin Costner is on a media conference call tomorrow to promote the Draft Day movie. I wish I was making this up. (Posted 12:42pm March 30th)

Sangita Patel ‏@sangita_patel tweeted: Love films that focus on sports @DraftDayMovie - Chatting with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner (absolutely stunning women) @ETCanada (Posted 12:44pm March 30th)

Ashley McGetrick ‏@AshleyMcGetrick tweeted: Haha! Just had a great time quizzing Kevin Costner on his NFL knowledge. Cant stump this guy! #DraftDay #LAshley (Posted 2:03pm March 30th)

Ruben Galvan ‏@RubenKPRC tweeted: AWESOME interviews w/ Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, & @ArianFoster in LA! #DraftDay Catch ALL the scoop @KPRCLocal2 (Posted 2:05pm March 30th)

George Pennacchio ‏@ABC7George tweeted: Just interviewed #KevinCostner for #DraftDay. He loves the film and the #NFL support he got. #ClevelandBrowns (Posted 2:48pm March 30th)

V ‏@VTheMovieGirl tweeted: Can't get enough of @DraftDayMovie n theaters 4/11! #kevincostner looking awesome! @iwatchmike #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 30th)

Annelise Spangler ‏@acspangler tweeted: Nbd just eating dinner next to Kevin Costner... (Posted 9:02pm March 30th)

Annelise Spangler ‏@acspangler tweeted: @amandaplzzzz_ @alliegallyyyyyy I didn't get any cuz it would have been akward😳😁. But he was literally the loudest person in the restraunt. This restraunt called craigs

Pictures by twotrey23 Michael Dequina #KevinCostner speaking passionately at #DraftDay press day.

Goon Pattanumotana: Geeked out moment. I love Kevin Costner. He's my favorite actor growing up. I wanted to be the first one to ask him a question. Sure, I was rude and he made fun of me. But, I can now say I talked with him.

Angela Dawson commented: Today's press conference with Kevin Costner reminds me why I've liked this actor all these years. Eloquent. Humble. Funny. He should deliver a seminar to other actors on how to give good quote. (Posted 1:48pm March 29th)

More from CinemaCon:

VIDEO: Did Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore Ever Hook Up? (Some of Kevin Costner too)

Olivia Riley Day commented: here is an exclusive interview with Kevin Costner!

Daniel Gómez ‏@dgomezcasanova tweeted: Con Kevin Costner en los premios @CinemaCon

Rose Goldsmied ‏@AmoresFanAruba tweeted: @alexarguellol i am really starting to envy you right now. 🙀🙀 Mellisa McCarthy & Kevin Costner. You are sooo lucky

Cleveland Browns fan (and Cleveland Clinic pharmacist) David Gragg gets a major role, no actual acting required, in upcoming 'Draft Day' movie: Michael K. McIntyre's Tipoff March 28, 2014

2014 cinemacon big screen achievement awards press room las vegas by Richard Corey Published on Mar 27, 2014 read the story at Kevin at 4:40 to 7:40

Stars at 2014 CinemaCon: Photos 6, 7, 36, 37, 38.
2014 CinemaCon: Awards Press Room: Photos 4, 14, 15, 24, 32, 33

Charleston International Film Fest begins April 9 March 29, 2014: It all kicks off with an opening night reception and special red carpet screening on Wednesday, April 9. CIFF will shut down George Street in front of Sottile Theatre for film lovers and filmmakers from around the world to come together and mingle prior to the much-anticipated opening feature film. This year’s opening day feature is a sneak preview of the soon-to-be released film “Draft Day,” starring Kevin Costner...

Frankie King commented: Hey #12s #12thMan .. HOT 997 in Yakima WA. Is Excited to welcome Seattle Seahawk All Pro Earl Thomas to Yakima April 13th! He'll be at the ORION Cinema for meet & greet dinner and a preview of the new KEVIN COSTNER football movie Draft Day. Tickets go on sale next Wednesday at the Orion. Seahawk Fans.

Jennifer Garner discusses her role in 'Draft Day' by Arthurr Arthur Published on Mar 29, 2014

2014 CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards by ShowbizJunkies Published on Mar 29, 2014 Kevin at 51:50 to 1:01:34

NFL-themed Tervis tumblers cameo in Kevin Costner film 'Draft Day' inspires Tervis contest: Tervis is offering a chance to win a trip to New York City and attend Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft on May 9 through its Tervis Top Pick sweepstakes that runs now through April 16.
Go to  for more information

Draft Day ‏@DraftDayMovie tweeted: A new season is here. See #DraftDayMovie in theaters April 11! #KevinCostner #PlayBall #OpeningSeries (Posted March 22nd)

Alexander Huls ‏@alxhuls tweeted: Finally, I can have the closest thing to the real experience of hugging Kevin Costner (Posted March 19th)

Lakeshore Records ‏@LakeshoreRecs Now on iTunes: pre-order DRAFT DAY soundtrack, scored by Oscar-nominated @JohnDebney

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More of Kevin from doing 'Draft Day' press...

Draft Day @DraftDayMovie Kevin Costner stars in a new sports movie classic

Draft Day Billboards March 30, 2014 along Highland Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard just before the Sunset Strip.

Chris Van Vliet ‏@ChrisVanVliet tweeted: I'm on your radio on @New102Cleveland until 3pm then heading to LA to interview Kevin Costner for DRAFT DAY (March 29th)

Jordan Babineaux ‏@jordanbabineaux tweeted: Tomorrow I sit down w/the cast of @DraftDayMovie .. Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, @terrycrews @ArianFoster & Director @IvanReitman (Posted March 29th)

Krisily Kennedy ‏@krisily tweeted: Nothing like riding the elevator with Kevin Costner and comparing junkets to speed dating. My press friends will appreciate the comparison (Posted 11:29am March 29th)

YAHollywood ‏@YAHollywood tweeted: #kevincostner #DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:29am March 29th)

What'sUpHollywood ‏@WhatsUpHWood tweeted: @modernwest #kevincostner for press conference of @DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:30am March 29th)

Mark Daniell ‏@markhdaniell tweeted: "I've never been afraid of things not working... I'm not afraid to be on the floor." Kevin Costner talking about #DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:41am March 29th)

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeted: Kevin Costner says a good sports movie cuts down on the sports & focuses on characters. #DraftDayMovie (Posted 12;02pm March 29th)

Jessica G. Ferrer ‏@jessicagferrer tweeted: The amazing Kevin Costner! talks #draftdaymovie @entaffair #entertainmentaffair @ Four Seasons Hotel… (Posted 12:03pm March 29th)

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeted: "There's a lot to learn from movies" says #KevinCostner. Rock Hudson's #Giant inspired him early on #DraftDayMovie (Posted 12:07pm March 29th) ‏@UrbanBridgez tweeted: #DraftDay Press Day L.A. - Kevin Costner (Posted 1:17pm March 29th)

Gerrad Hall ‏@gerradhall tweeted: Fun day w/@DraftDayMovie crew - Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, @RealTerryCrews @JoshPence @ArianFoster & more (Posted 2:16pm March 29th)

Jordan Babineaux ‏@jordanbabineaux tweeted: #DraftDay, the movie, interview w/ Kevin Costner. @ Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills (Posted 4:20pm March 29th)

Julie Dove ‏@juliedove tweeted: Just parked right next to Kevin Costner talking on his cell right outside my car. Ladies he looks good. (Posted 4:36pm March 29th)

Urania Lippmann ‏@UraniaLippmann tweeted: Press Conference with the cast of draftdaymovie Actors: #KevinCostner #JenniferGarder… (Posted 4:49pm March 29th)

Scarlett Emmerson ‏@Nobody_5p3c14L tweeted: siempre_joss's photo #DraftDayMovie #DraftDay April 11th @DraftDayMovie #clevelandbrowns #kevincostner #TomWelling

Nancy Farr commented: Kevin Costner at a Tribe game while filming Draft Day!!

Picture by divangelina: On out way #KevinCostner #DraftDay premiere! (Posted March 26th)

Picture by seerdawn22 - Mariana Lomeli: Been waiting for this all year! (Posted March 26th)

Picture by cjoellew CJ: Company perks

Picture by kimlivengood: Ready for #DraftDay - Win a trip to #NewYork to attend the #NFLdraft at (Posted March 26th)

Picture by ivanhoe1305 BMan: Awesome date night definitely a must watch movie!

T-Bob Hebert ‏@TBob53 tweeted: I was feelin super tired and down this AM but luckily #KevinCostner is here to inspire me (Posted March 26th)

Hollie Strano ‏@holliesmiles tweeted: We are talking to Kevin Costner about his roll in "Draft Day" on @LiveOnLakeside in @wkyc ! What's your favorite sports movie?@maureenkyle (Posted 8:23am March 26th) VIDEO:

tariel22 ‏@tariel22 tweeted: Tom Welling Q&A: Working with Kevin Costner was a big reason why Tom jumped at the chance to be a part of Draft Day.

GMT - Good Morning Texas Meet Tom Welling Who Stars With Kevin Costner in "Draft Day"

Tom Welling talks about "Draft Day", working with Kevin Costner and the upcoming Draft by VOXXINews Published on Mar 27, 2014 Actor Tom Welling talks about his role in the film "Draft Day", what it was like working with Kevin Costner and which Latina he'd like to star in his next movie with.

Adam Rank ‏@adamrank tweeted: ICYMI: @csuf legends discuss @draftdaymovie @arianfoster 's acting chops and the @losangelesrams

Ravens Host Private Screening Of 'Draft Day' RB Bernard Pierce and C Gino Gradkowski joined with Ravens fans to watch Kevin Costner's latest movie.

NationsBestFootball ‏@NationsBestFB tweeted: #nationsbest #shoutout to draftdaymovie starring #KevinCostner . #NFL #NFLPA #NFLHSPD #NFLPrep100… (Posted March 26th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: Saw #DraftDay yesterday! They showed several scenes of Kevin Costner in the Flats! Browns Tailgaters & of Course Berea. #GoBrowns (Posted March 27th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: If you see #DraftDay you'll see Lombardi s office alot! It seems that Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are in their all the time! #GoBrowns (Posted March 27th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: Pajama Boy has a Big part in #DraftDay ! He plays Kevin Costner s intern. #DraftDay #GoBrowns #PajamaBoy (Posted March 27th)

Melissa Messer ‏@melissacmesser tweeted: Went to a screening of @DraftDayMovie last night with my mom & we both loved it. It was funny & entertaining. Kevin Costner is fantastic. (Posted March 27th)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kevin eats a hot dog at the LA Grove Friday...

See the pictures and article: Kevin Costner indulges in a hot dog at LA's The Grove alongside his family By Cassie Carpenter March 29, 2014:

Video by clarissaaglaen Clarissa Aglaen: Oh no big deal except that we saw Kevin Costner at the Grove today!!! Too bad I chickened out of asking him for a picture!....he was soo close to us when I first saw him I was left in shock when I realized it was him!!! I was literally shaking!!! I couldn't even get his name out to my mom, I was stuttering Lol

Adrian C. ‏@adrianelpaso tweeted: Well well, Kevin Costner @ Farmers Market... @ The Original Farmers Market (Posted 4:08pm March 28th)

Bone Hampton ‏@BoneHampton tweeted: Just enjoying a casual day in L.A. w/ my son Seattle, yes that is KevinCostner photobombing us at… (Posted 6:40pm March 28th)

Friday, March 28, 2014

More of Kevin from CinemaCon 2014...

More pictures of Kevin receiving the CinemaCon Icon Award:

Picture by thesweetsiren Kaci: FYI. Kevin Costner is still hot.

Picture by reneebargh Renée Bargh: Poker with Mr. Costner in Vegas.

Picture by artmontbeauty: Spent the day in Vegas with this icon yesterday.

Picture by kmxdesigns: Is anybody as excited as me for the new movie Draft Day? I can't wait til it come out.

Betty O'Brien Forchuk commented: Okay I am back home, I am exhausted, who is going to help me eat all the concession candy they plied me with at the Trade Shows!!! Best time ever! I am in love with a few of the stars! Kevin Costner I love you, what a gentleman! And ladies so easy on the eyes!! (Posted March 28th)

See picture and article: Icon Award: Kevin Costner by Andrew Barker:!7/icon-award-kevin-costner/

Kevin Costner Talks Mike Binder’s BLACK AND WHITE, His Ambitious Plan to Make a Western Trilogy, THE EXPLORERS, MAN OF STEEL, and More by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub:

Kevin Costner On His Long Career: 'My Life Has Been A Dream'

Kevin Costner honored with Icon Award by Weathers Paula Published on Mar 28, 2014

Kevin Costner Cinema Icon Award Winner - Interview by ichiban akita Published on Mar 28, 2014

Kevin Costner at CinemaCon 2014 by thanasiii Published on Mar 28, 2014

Draft Day In two weeks, the action of the NFL arrives in theaters! LIKE if you’re excited! #DraftDayMovie

Shaun Labrecque commented: Up close and personal with Kevin Costner!

Adam Mast commented: I have a new found respect for Costner after listening to him speak at this press conference. Gracious, kind, passionate, and very accessible. P.S. He's terrific in DRAFT DAY!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kevin presented with CinemaCon Icon Award...

CinemaCon 2014 - The CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards Brought To You By The Coca-Cola Company, March 27, 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada pictures:[477290739]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by draftdaymovie Draft Day: For your town, for your family, for your team -- make very pick count. #DraftDayMovie in theaters 4/11!

Picture by smoorehardy: Bull Durham in the house @accesshollywood

Picture by accesshollywoodlive: The one and only #KevinCostner with @billybush & @kithoover as @accesshollywoodlive hits #cincmacon in #lasvegas

AccessHollywoodLive ‏@LiveAccess tweeted: At #CinemaCon in Las Vegas, @billybush & @KitHoover w/ Shailene Woodley, Kevin Costner & Leslie Mann

Fresh Film NC ‏@FreshfilmNC tweeted: Kevin Costner speaking to the press & us (Posted 6:14pm March 27th)

Gig Patta ‏@GigPatta tweeted: Kevin Costner. Woohoo!!! #cinemacon (Posted 6:14pm March 27th)

TheAnglophileChannel ‏@AnglophileTV tweeted: My old pal Kevin Costner. I'll find Anglophile connection later #CinemaCon (Posted 6:29pm March 27th)

Michelle Alexandria ‏@eclipsemagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner everybody.. (Posted 6:49pm March 27th)

Amy Kaufman ‏@AmyKinLA tweeted: Conducting interview @ hightop tables next 2 @nicsperling & Kevin Costner just joked he feels likes he's speed dating w us. Mom would b jeal (Posted 7:25pm March 27th)

Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty tweeted: Just did a 5 min video interview with Kevin Costner. Super nice. Extremely smart. And he's great in DRAFT DAY. (Posted 7:34pm March 27th)

Picture by ebarnster: Sometimes meeting actors is surreal #kevincostner

Picture by cherijeanne Cheri Brady: The year was 1991 - the movie was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Chris Diaz was his name - my first kiss - Everything I do - I do it for you.

Rick Forchuk ‏@rforchuk tweeted: Kevin Costner just checked in for makeup. (Posted 6:03pm March 27th)

Kaci M ‏@TheSweetSiren tweeted: Kevin Costner looking handsome and cracking jokes. #cinemacon2014#draftday (Posted 9:44pm March 27th)

CinemaCon 2014 ‏@CinemaCon tweeted: The 2014 "Cinema Icon Award” is presented to #KevinCostner which salutes his long, on-screen and behind-the-camera career

AnnleeE @ L.A. Biz ‏@AnnleeE_LABiz tweeted: "I can't make a 3-minute speech. I can't make a 2-hour movie." #CinemaCon Icon Kevin Costner, waxing poetic about the drive-in.

AnnleeE @ L.A. Biz ‏@AnnleeE_LABiz tweeted: "Icon feels like one step away from assisted living." #CinemaCon Icon Kevin Costner

Álvar Carretero ‏@Acfu tweeted: Sube Kevin Costner a por el premio "Icono" en CinemaCon!! Teniente Dumbar, Eliot Ness y tantos otros!!!! #CinemaCon (Posted 9:05pm March 27th)

Pasquale Romano ‏@PasqualeRomano tweeted: Big night @PureLasVegas "Cinema Icon Award winner, Kevin Costner. #CinemaCon (Posted 8:23pm March 27th)

KYLE F GUNTHER ‏@GuntherKFAN tweeted: Reagan and I just got a Kevin Costner coffee mug. Don't be hatin. (Posted March 27th)

Stephen T. Shaffer ‏@stephen_shaffer tweeted: @YayPizza my phone's not letting me text you. You and I have a date with Kevin Costner, tonight at 7:30 at Palazzo. (Posted March 27th)

Allison Churchill ‏@Aloe9678 tweeted: If you're a fan of the #ClevelandBrowns, #KevinCostner, or the #WildandWonderful #JenniferGarner, you will love this movie

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Draft Day' screening at CinemaCon and more...

Capitol Outdoor ‏@capitoloutdoor tweeted: @draftday nice to see #kevincostner back in a leading role! (San Francisco, California) (Posted March 18th)

Audrah Cates ‏@audrah_cates tweeted: RT @FFD - @DraftDayMovie star Kevin Costner -- coming up on FFD on @FOXSports1 ! (Posted March 19th)

Amber Theoharis ‏@AmberTheoharis tweeted: Looks who's on #NFLTotalAccess tonight! Kevin Costner joins @Dameshek to promote @DraftDayMovie 8pm ET @nflnetwork (Posted March 19th)

NFL Network ‏@nflnetwork tweeted: Kevin Costner joins PTTD today (7ET)! What is his BEST sports movie? Use #CostnerTop5 & it could be shown on-air! (Posted March 19th)

Film Snobs ‏@FilmSnobReviews tweeted: Tonight we go round by round with Kevin Costner in #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 19th)

Candace Dold ‏@candacedfox45 tweeted: I just interviewed Kevin Costner about his role in "Draft Day". He stars in the movie as a General Manager of a NFL team. I also asked for his thoughts on the Baltimore Ravens . He said he has "enjoyed watching them play. They are a pretty hard-nosed team". He followed that up with "Nobody loves to play Baltimore". (Posted March 19th)

Joel Klatt ‏@joelklatt tweeted: Today on @FFD from the new #DraftDayMovie Kevin Costner @modernwest joins us live! (Posted March 19th)

Laura Marcus ‏@laura_marcus tweeted: Be sure to watch Kevin Costner on @FFD today at 6pm ET on @FOXSports1 #DRAFTDAY (Posted March 19th)

Canavan ‏@NateCanavan tweeted: Finally saw a commercial for "Draft Day" pretty dope cuz I remember seeing Kevin Costner at the Tribe game I went to (Posted March 20th)

draftdaymovie tweeted: “See what I do from here. You’re going to like this.” #DraftDayMovie

Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner were Rocky River 'residents' during 'Draft Day' movie shoot By Barb Galbincea, Northeast Ohio Media Group March 21, 2014

a__o__a__o tweeted: God Kevin looks at the New Yorkers. #nyc #kevincostner (Posted March 22nd)

wiTching you ‏@witchingyou tweeted: see u soon my love! lol! #kevincostner #myeternalcrush credit to my soulmate ♡ who took this pic… (Posted March 23rd)

NFL Fan Pass: Kevin Costner by Creqary Published on Mar 23, 2014 The iconic actor explains his relationship with the NFL and speaks on his new movie Draft Day.

Allison Duke ‏@allisonduke4 tweeted: #comfortcup spotted by the #cuparazzi lookin' real good in the trailer for @DraftDayMovie starring #kevincostner! (Posted March 24th)

"DRAFT DAY " Kevin Costner Sports Classic 2014 by ichiban akita Published on Mar 25, 2014

"Draft Day "TV SPOT Legends 2014 Kevin Costner ,Jennifer Garner, by ichiban akita Published on Mar 25, 2014

Marianne Levy ‏@ILTVSW tweeted: Etre Kevin Costner, juste une journée. C'est, peut-être, bien? #QuestionWTF (Posted March 25th)

A$AP Smitty ‏@mroutofline tweeted: I can't wait to go and see this on April 11th #DraftDay #KevinCostner #DennisLeary #ArianFoster (Posted March 25th)

Denisa Protani ‏@SunInsider tweeted: Screening @DraftDayMovie with Kevin Costner (Posted March 25th)

Gig Patta ‏@GigPatta tweeted: Checking out this movie. Can't wait to see one of my favorite stars on Thursday. #KevinCostner… (Posted March 25th)

outpost12 studios ‏@outpost12 tweeted: Great Movie! @kevincostner #CinemaCon #awesomeperformance #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 25th)

BrownsTown ‏@Buckiman16 tweeted: @nfl The NFL should let Kevin Costner announce the Browns 1st pick on May 8th. Great way to promote the Draft Day movie and the league. (Posted March 25th)

Movie Network ‏@movienetworkpr tweeted: Ya vimos DRAFT DAY con Kevin Costner tremenda película para los fanaticos de la NFL. #CinemaCon (Posted 6:24pm March 25th)

Garry Darvin ‏@gdarvin tweeted: Just saw screening of Kevin Costner film #DraftDay at #CinemaCon It's my first pick. (Posted 6:30pm March 25th)

Keri ‏@KeriAnn96 tweeted: Loved the movie #DraftDay #KevinCostner was so great!! So glad @bri_15120 got a free screening!! @DraftDayMovie (Posted 6:32pm March 25th)

Eric Jason Brock ‏@mapleleaf14 tweeted: Just watched “Draft Day” with Kevin Costner…it was a lot better than I anticipated! #DraftDay (Posted March 25th)

A n a l i s a ‏@freckledmamma tweeted: #KevinCostner played his roll as GM of the Cleveland Browns so well! Not a dull moment, a must see. thx #AMC #DraftDayMovie @draftdaymovie (Posted March 25th)

Storytown Creative ‏@StorytownTweets tweeted: Lionsgate and Kevin Costner scored a big touchdown with a full screening of DRAFT DAY. Catch it in theaters nationwide April 11th... (Posted March 25th)

Ricky Smith ‏@OGMaRtIAN tweeted: Just watched Kevin Costner gunning for @AdamSchefter in an advanced screening of Draft Day. One of the best movies I've seen all year. (Posted March 25th)

Movie Watcher's Guide commented: The first screening of CinemaCon 2014 was today for Draft Day starring Kevin Costner! The crowd and I loved it! We cheered, laughed, and gasped! A great fun film for football fans and non-football fans! (Posted March 25th)

Robert Santiago ‏@BobWasThere tweeted: Props 2 @dennisleary and Kevin Costner in @draftdaymovie. Loved it. Shades of #moneyball and great in its own right. (Posted March 25th)

John Conley ‏@bigbux98 tweeted: Just got back from CinemaCon tonight and people check out Draft Day with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. AWESOME! (Posted March 25th)

John Gallo ‏@jgallo24 tweeted: Saw #DraftDayMovie tonight at #ShareAMC Great movie. Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner were good together. (Posted March 25th)

Strothers Cinema tweeted: Just previewed "Draft Day" at CinemaCon with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Great film especially if you love football and the NFL. (Posted March 25th)

Steven ‏@moviesports7 tweeted: Just got back from @DraftDayMovie, and it was excellent! Kevin Costner, @denisleary, and @ChadwickBoseman were all great. #draftdaymovie (Posted March 25th)

Derek Easley tweeted: #DraftDayMovie #KevinCostner Thank you #Lionsgate & #AMCTheaters for our screening event of this fun football film directed by #IvanReitman. We shot an exclusive review for #WeLiveFilm tonight! The film opens wide April 11th. — watching Draft Day with Chad-Poop Gleason at AMC Orange 30. (Posted March 25th)

Richard Munassi commented: I liked this movie a lot. Costner killed it, and the pacing was great. (Posted March 25th) ‏@MoviesandShakrs tweeted: .@tomwelling93 talks @DraftDayMovie at the screening. #KevinCostner #Smallville #TomWelling (Posted March 25th)

Rick Worthington ‏@RickWorthington tweeted: @ESPNBoise just recieved passes to see @DraftDayMovie, starring Kevin Costner. In theaters April 11. Listen to win! (Posted March 25th)

Draft Day - Kevin Costner - Summit Entertainment AVEO CLIP Published on Mar 25, 2014

Want to see an advance screening of Draft Day on Wednesday April 2nd at 7pm at Bow Tie Cinemas Palace 17 in Hartford, Connecticut. Download and print your FREE tickets to see Draft Day from and enter RSVP Code WTICDX68

Monday, March 24, 2014

Win tickets to early 'Draft Day' screenings...

CinemaCon 2014 ‏@CinemaCon tweeted: @Lionsgate to present a special screening of @DraftDayMovie, starring Kevin Costner at @CinemaCon on March 25. (Posted March 18th)

Download passes to see an advance screening of DRAFT DAY, starring Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, and Denis Leary! Screening info: Tuesday, March 25th, 4:15pm Coliseum at Casers Palace Download passes using the Gofobo link below!

IBJ Movie Night: 'Draft Day' with Kevin Costner March 14, 2014 On March 27, the new sports flick "Draft Day" will sneak preview at Studio Movie Grill. And IBJ has a stack of passes to give away. See link for details:

Draft Day: Enter to WIN advance screening passes to DRAFT DAY on April 7 at Eau Claire Market Cinemas! Find the contest code in the Calgary Sun on March 18, 22 and 27 and enter it for your chance to win. Look for your name in the winner's ad in the Sun on April 2 to see if you're one of our lucky winners! Deadline for entry is March 31 at noon.

Kendra Meinert ‏@KendraMeinert Perks of living in #NFL city: Free screening of @DraftDayMovie starring Kevin Costner 7 pm March 27 Bay Park Cinema. Get tix at box office. (Posted March 19th)

Movie Trailer Reviews: Looks like we will be giving away passes for Kevin Costner's Draft Day later this week in the Baltimore/Columbia area. Be on the look out.

Stan Gage: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner - Draft Day Movie - April 11 - NFL Watch Draft Day with us on April 12 at Emagine in Canton. We will follow it up with the Tribe game at Bailey's. Email me at for details.

Enter to win FREE Papa Johns for a year!!

Chance for family pack of 4 event passes for 'Draft Day' in Jacksonville, Florida.

Columbia Maryland Area, we have 25 Admit-Two passes to Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner’s new film, Draft Day. Wednesday, April 2nd 7:00pm AMC Columbia Link for passes (25 admit-two’s):*nbsp;

Ruff Life and Summit Entertainment invites you and a guest to an advance screening of the upcoming action film, DRAFT DAY, DRAFT DAY Screening Info Thursday, March 27th 7:30PM Regal Phillips Place, Charlotte, NC - To download up to 2 FREE passes, visit:  and enter the code: KIXCLT285N

U.S. release via SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT on April 11, 2014. For your chance to receive event passes, log on to  and enter RSVP Code: DUBECNA3A DATE: Thursday, April 3, 2014 TIME: 7:00 PM LOCATION: Regal UA Galaxy 8105 East 96th Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46256

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More video of Kevin promoting 'Draft Day'...

Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks tweeted: Big show on Wed. UCF pro day coverage and Kevin Costner will join us in studio. #PathToTheDraft 7ET (Posted March 18th)

NFL Network ‏@nflnetwork tweeted: COMING UP: Kevin Costner hits the set of Path to the Draft! (Posted March 19h)

VIDEO: Path To The Draft 'Draft Day': How did Kevin Costner prepare to play an NFL GM? Published: March 19, 2014 06:04 – Actor Kevin Costner stops by the studio to discuss how he prepared for playing an NFL general manager in the upcoming film "Draft Day," which hits theaters on April 11

Marcus Smith ‏@MarcusSmith_ tweeted: Thx to Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner for joining us in studio to talk about his new movie @DraftDayMovie! (Posted March 19th)

Picture by movethesticks: So cool to meet Kevin Costner! We had a good laugh after our segment on Path to the Draft.

kirkmorrison tweeted: Not yet truly a #TBT but yesterday had the honor of meeting and talking with Actor Kevin Costner. I swear I could listen to him all day long tell stories about all of his different characters and roles he has played. #FoxSports1 #FoxFootballDaily #NFL #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 19th)

Who would Costner draft for Browns… March 19, 2014 NFL Highlights - Dave Dameshek welcomes "Draft Day" star Kevin Costner to discuss who he would take in the NFL Draft if he was the Cleveland Browns general manager. Plus, Dameshek relives memorable quotes from Costner's acting career.

Who would Costner draft for Browns in 2014? Published: March 19, 2014 04:52 – Dave Dameshek welcomes "Draft Day" star Kevin Costner to discuss who he would take in the NFL Draft if he was the Cleveland Browns general manager. Plus, Dameshek relives memorable quotes from Costner's acting career.

March 19, 2014 NFL Highlights - Actor Kevin Costner stops by the studio to discuss how he prepared for playing an NFL general manager in the upcoming film "Draft Day," which hits theaters on April 11.

Kevin McCarthy ‏@KevinMcCarthyTV tweeted: Hey sports fans! I'm geeking out with Kevin Costner at 11am about his role as the Cleveland Browns GM in #DraftDay! Send me your best ?'s! Getting ready to talk to Kevin Costner! Geeking out! (Posted March 19th)

Beverly ‏@racerfan05 tweeted: OMG!♡♡Kevin Costner♡♡ I'm in love with him loved him in all of his movies.♡♡my day just got better. @GoodDaySac @GoodDayMarianne (Posted March 19th)

Kevin Costner Interview - Star of "Draft Day" Kevin Costner joins us live from Los Angeles this morning for an interview with all the ladies.

Celeste Pascua ‏@CelesteePas tweeted: @GoodDayMarianne @tvTina_Ju @GoodDaySac your guys were all blushing. HD SHOWED IT ALL. I would just melt into goo. #swoon #KevinCostner (Posted March 19th)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Videos of Kevin promoting 'Draft Day'...

Angie Massey ‏@marrangee tweeted: Would love this for my wall #kevincostner #hestillgotit (Posted March 15th)

Randy Awrey ‏@RandyAwrey tweeted: @CUChicagoFTBL Taking a break @Draftday Movie Great message Kevin Costner @DenisLeary did a great job fun night #NFL (Posted March 15th)

Picture by draftdaymovie - Draft Day:

Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club (GRSSC) has 50 tickets for the advanced screening of Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" - where he struggles as the GM of the Cleveland Browns to acquire the #1 draft pick for his team. Come by our office, pick-up a FREE ticket, and receive some free promo gear - while supplies last! This FREE MOVIE will be next week (3/26) @ AMC Star Grand Rapid

Actor Kevin Costner talks ‘Draft Day’ movie and more Kevin Costner is back on the big screen, this time starring in the movie “Draft Day.” It’s about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, who struggles to get a number one draft pick for the failing franchise. It hits theaters Friday, April 11.

Kevin Costner On Why He Chose 'Draft Day' by News Talk Florida Published on Mar 18, 2014

"Draft Day" Clip - "Should I Pick Bo?" by Published on Jan 30, 2014

Actor Kevin Costner on " Draft Day " on FOX Sports by ichiban2592007 Published on Mar 19, 2014

Kevin Costner Character Draft FOX Sports Published on Mar 19, 2014 Kevin Costner stops by FOX Football Daily to discuss some of his most famous roles.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More pictures and video from '3 Days To Kill'...

McG ‏@McGsWonderland tweeted: Behind the scenes of @3daystokill #kevincostner #3dtk (Posted February 27th)

edwin tejada ‏@platano630 tweeted: Watching 3 day to kill with Kevin Costner.. Good movie (Posted March 7th)

Alfantino Agus P ‏@nyok_nino tweeted: Kevin Costner #movie (Posted March 7th)

3 Days to kill : les Peugeot RCZ R et 208 GTi en vedettes avec Kevin Costner et Amber Heard

EuropaCorp ‏@EuropaCorp tweeted: COULISSES: Tournage d'une scène de face à face entre Amber Heard et Kevin Costner. #3DTK (Posted March 10th)

Movie Plus ‏@movieplusgt tweeted: Kevin Costner en “Three Days to Kill” (Posted March 10th)

✖️ ‏@itanggita_ tweeted: i just want..a little more time with my daughter -3 days to kill (Kevin Costner) (Posted March 10th)

Picture by madampaloozaemporium - Sylvia Asmussen Met Kevin in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Photo gallery:

'3 Days To Kill' pictures:

3 Days To Kill - Now Playing by 3DaysToKill Published on Feb 21, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Extrait - L'agression (VOST) by EUROPACORP Published on Mar 13, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Extrait - Leçon de vélo (VOST) by EUROCORP Published on Mar 13, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Extrait - Fête (VOST) by EUROCORP Published on Mar 13, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Featurette - Amber Heard (VOST) by EUROPACORP Published on Mar 18, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Extrait - Bouc ou moustache ? (VOST) by EUROPCORP Published on Mar 18, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL - Making of: Course-poursuite (VOST) by EUROPCORP Published on Mar 10, 2014

VIDEO: 3 Days to Kill : un extrait exclusif avec Kevin Costner et Connie Nielsen

Plein Phare : "3 Days to Kill", dans les coulisses des cascades

3 Days To Kill Making-Of | Peugeot 208 GTi & RCZ by Peugeot Published on Mar 13, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kevin at El Carro Park on Saturday...

Johanna Carter Pearce commented: My daughter was star struck when we saw Kevin Costner at the ball field in carp.. Came up to talk to us bout our dog !! — with Jared Pearce, McKenzie Pearce and Cheyenne Pearce at El Carro Park. (Posted 12:08pm March 15th)

Cheyenne Pearce ‏@pink_bows2 tweeted: so I guess you could say today was fabulous I met Kevin Costner (Posted March 15th)

VIDEO by garrywilmeth - Garry Wilmeth: El Carro Park (Posted 11:09am March 15th)

kaitie ‏@cheekylopez tweeted: Kevin Costner is at my cousins baseball game. (Posted 12:13pm March 15th)

Caroline Ellis ‏@sille_enilorac tweeted: today I was too busy petting Kevin Costner's dog to realize his owner was Kevin Costner #priorities (Posted 12:09am March 16th)

Linda Salerian commented: Kevin Costner on our flight Den-Lax yesterday. So sexy ! (Posted March 15th)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Watch KC & MW concert online for free...

No Cover Live ‏@NoCoverLive tweeted: We had a great time with @modernwest and Kevin Costner @MusicAtBrothers, watch the show at:
Sign up and click on verification in your email then go to site and click on Archives to see the KC & MW concert at Brothers Lounge on June 21, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Picture from concert:

The Brothers Lounge website:

Friday, March 14, 2014

More about 'Draft Day' screening...

'Draft Day' coming to Newport Beach: Join the cast and crew of the major motion picture "Draft Day" for a special screening at the Big Newport Theater on April 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 each and the screening benefits the Foundation for the Undefeated, which champions stories of perseverance in sports like Mr. Irrelevant, the last player chosen in the NFL Draft. Kevin Costner is expected to walk the red carpet prior to the screening. Ivan Reitman, the film's director, plans to introduce the film. After the screening, all-access pass holders are invited to the Newport Beach Civic Center for a private after party at 9 p.m. The all-access pass includes admission to the screening and the after party for $175 each.

Joe Morris ‏@jspeedymorris22 tweeted: Bud Light and @nfldarft #DraftDay Movie w/ Kevin Costner & Jennifer Gardner 4/11/14 (Posted March 14th)

Andrea Kindvall ‏@AKindvall tweeted: At the airport drinking coffee by @Kevin Costner! 1st time seeing in person even tho we're from same area... very handsome! (Rapid City) (Posted 5:39am March 14th)

Frank Morrison commented: Kevin Costner was on our flight from Rapid City to Denver this morning! Kev ( that's what I call him now) was in first class. I didn't want to steal his thunder so I rode in coach with the piss ants. You have to realize that first class on the rapid city flight consists of the first 3 rows. It's a propeller plane for Gods sake! (Posted 2:06pm March 14th)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

'Draft Day' Cast & Crew Screening April 3rd...

Picture by irrelevantweek - A Red Carpet Event Thursday, April 3, 2014. 6:30pm to 7pm, Movie Screening with Cast & Crew at Edwards Theaters, Big Newport 5 Movie Theater, 300 Newport Center Dr. Newport Beach, California. After Party 9 - 11pm at Newport Beach Civic Center, 100 Civic Center Drive

Richard Roeper ‏@richardroeper tweeted: Thursday, I'll be taking your movie questions and then we'll watch "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner. Free passes (Google your city "free pass Draft Day" to see if available in your city)!&id=86873&is_corp=0

Picture by chrisluvstom - Event Pass for 'Draft Day' screening in Dallas, Texas on March 12th

INTERVIEW: Kevin Costner: I'm a better actor now by Cover Media (

CoverStory ‏@CoverStory tweeted: Win trip to NYC NFL Draft Day from @Tervis in honor of Kevin Costner's new movie @DraftDayMovie in theaters April 11 (Posted March 11th)

Gavin Schauer ‏@FatkidForSale tweeted: Joe just hanging out with Kevin Costner (Posted March 8th)&nbsb;

Carly Booth ‏@heyitscarly_28 tweeted: Wow look how much Kevin Costner didn't age #carlstagrams (Posted March 9th)

Peter Lattman ‏@peterlattman tweeted: This bus station providing further evidence that Kevin Costner is in every movie in 2014 (Posted March 11th)

Coming Soon: ‘Draft Day’ Soundtrack – Movie Stars Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner

Cleveland Browns Movie Poster Contains Typo (Photo) by NESN Staff March 13, 2014 There’s a new Cleveland Browns movie coming soon to a theater near you. But there’s one problem, the movie poster contains a typo. The tweet displaying the photo of the poster with the mistake from the movie’s official Twitter handle was deleted, but we were able to grab a screenshot before that happened.

Draft Day Poster by draftdaymovie:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kevin visits his parents in South Dakota...

MegSz ‏@MegSz11 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner in Denver International Airport ! (Posted 2:29pm March 12th)

Jim Lynn commented: Just ran into Kevin Costner at the airport in Rapid city. Yepper I was walking out of the door and turned around to see him walking right behind me. He was with an older couple and talking and ya can't deny his voice. He has never been one of my favorite actors but almost every movie he is in has been really good. (Posted 4:51am March 12th)

Tonya Myers commented: I got to meet him after a concert he played in Albuquerque. He seemed nice and humble.

Picture by gunz_19 - Chad Schroeder:

Jim's mobile rv service commented: We arrived in SD today and it was actually warm. Good to see my girls and my house. Also seen Kevin Costner in the airport. Have a great week. (Posted March 12th)

Kourtney Kirsch ‏@kourtney_kirsch tweeted: One night I don't come to work Kevin Costner decides to eat dinner with his parents. #justmyluck (Posted March 12th)