Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Draft Day' screening at CinemaCon and more...

Capitol Outdoor ‏@capitoloutdoor tweeted: @draftday nice to see #kevincostner back in a leading role! (San Francisco, California) (Posted March 18th)

Audrah Cates ‏@audrah_cates tweeted: RT @FFD - @DraftDayMovie star Kevin Costner -- coming up on FFD on @FOXSports1 ! (Posted March 19th)

Amber Theoharis ‏@AmberTheoharis tweeted: Looks who's on #NFLTotalAccess tonight! Kevin Costner joins @Dameshek to promote @DraftDayMovie 8pm ET @nflnetwork (Posted March 19th)

NFL Network ‏@nflnetwork tweeted: Kevin Costner joins PTTD today (7ET)! What is his BEST sports movie? Use #CostnerTop5 & it could be shown on-air! (Posted March 19th)

Film Snobs ‏@FilmSnobReviews tweeted: Tonight we go round by round with Kevin Costner in #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 19th)

Candace Dold ‏@candacedfox45 tweeted: I just interviewed Kevin Costner about his role in "Draft Day". He stars in the movie as a General Manager of a NFL team. I also asked for his thoughts on the Baltimore Ravens . He said he has "enjoyed watching them play. They are a pretty hard-nosed team". He followed that up with "Nobody loves to play Baltimore". (Posted March 19th)

Joel Klatt ‏@joelklatt tweeted: Today on @FFD from the new #DraftDayMovie Kevin Costner @modernwest joins us live! (Posted March 19th)

Laura Marcus ‏@laura_marcus tweeted: Be sure to watch Kevin Costner on @FFD today at 6pm ET on @FOXSports1 #DRAFTDAY (Posted March 19th)

Canavan ‏@NateCanavan tweeted: Finally saw a commercial for "Draft Day" pretty dope cuz I remember seeing Kevin Costner at the Tribe game I went to (Posted March 20th)

draftdaymovie tweeted: “See what I do from here. You’re going to like this.” #DraftDayMovie

Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner were Rocky River 'residents' during 'Draft Day' movie shoot By Barb Galbincea, Northeast Ohio Media Group March 21, 2014

a__o__a__o tweeted: God Kevin looks at the New Yorkers. #nyc #kevincostner (Posted March 22nd)

wiTching you ‏@witchingyou tweeted: see u soon my love! lol! #kevincostner #myeternalcrush credit to my soulmate ♡ who took this pic… (Posted March 23rd)

NFL Fan Pass: Kevin Costner by Creqary Published on Mar 23, 2014 The iconic actor explains his relationship with the NFL and speaks on his new movie Draft Day.

Allison Duke ‏@allisonduke4 tweeted: #comfortcup spotted by the #cuparazzi lookin' real good in the trailer for @DraftDayMovie starring #kevincostner! (Posted March 24th)

"DRAFT DAY " Kevin Costner Sports Classic 2014 by ichiban akita Published on Mar 25, 2014

"Draft Day "TV SPOT Legends 2014 Kevin Costner ,Jennifer Garner, by ichiban akita Published on Mar 25, 2014

Marianne Levy ‏@ILTVSW tweeted: Etre Kevin Costner, juste une journée. C'est, peut-être, bien? #QuestionWTF (Posted March 25th)

A$AP Smitty ‏@mroutofline tweeted: I can't wait to go and see this on April 11th #DraftDay #KevinCostner #DennisLeary #ArianFoster (Posted March 25th)

Denisa Protani ‏@SunInsider tweeted: Screening @DraftDayMovie with Kevin Costner (Posted March 25th)

Gig Patta ‏@GigPatta tweeted: Checking out this movie. Can't wait to see one of my favorite stars on Thursday. #KevinCostner… (Posted March 25th)

outpost12 studios ‏@outpost12 tweeted: Great Movie! @kevincostner #CinemaCon #awesomeperformance #DraftDayMovie (Posted March 25th)

BrownsTown ‏@Buckiman16 tweeted: @nfl The NFL should let Kevin Costner announce the Browns 1st pick on May 8th. Great way to promote the Draft Day movie and the league. (Posted March 25th)

Movie Network ‏@movienetworkpr tweeted: Ya vimos DRAFT DAY con Kevin Costner tremenda película para los fanaticos de la NFL. #CinemaCon (Posted 6:24pm March 25th)

Garry Darvin ‏@gdarvin tweeted: Just saw screening of Kevin Costner film #DraftDay at #CinemaCon It's my first pick. (Posted 6:30pm March 25th)

Keri ‏@KeriAnn96 tweeted: Loved the movie #DraftDay #KevinCostner was so great!! So glad @bri_15120 got a free screening!! @DraftDayMovie (Posted 6:32pm March 25th)

Eric Jason Brock ‏@mapleleaf14 tweeted: Just watched “Draft Day” with Kevin Costner…it was a lot better than I anticipated! #DraftDay (Posted March 25th)

A n a l i s a ‏@freckledmamma tweeted: #KevinCostner played his roll as GM of the Cleveland Browns so well! Not a dull moment, a must see. thx #AMC #DraftDayMovie @draftdaymovie (Posted March 25th)

Storytown Creative ‏@StorytownTweets tweeted: Lionsgate and Kevin Costner scored a big touchdown with a full screening of DRAFT DAY. Catch it in theaters nationwide April 11th... (Posted March 25th)

Ricky Smith ‏@OGMaRtIAN tweeted: Just watched Kevin Costner gunning for @AdamSchefter in an advanced screening of Draft Day. One of the best movies I've seen all year. (Posted March 25th)

Movie Watcher's Guide commented: The first screening of CinemaCon 2014 was today for Draft Day starring Kevin Costner! The crowd and I loved it! We cheered, laughed, and gasped! A great fun film for football fans and non-football fans! (Posted March 25th)

Robert Santiago ‏@BobWasThere tweeted: Props 2 @dennisleary and Kevin Costner in @draftdaymovie. Loved it. Shades of #moneyball and great in its own right. (Posted March 25th)

John Conley ‏@bigbux98 tweeted: Just got back from CinemaCon tonight and people check out Draft Day with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. AWESOME! (Posted March 25th)

John Gallo ‏@jgallo24 tweeted: Saw #DraftDayMovie tonight at #ShareAMC Great movie. Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner were good together. (Posted March 25th)

Strothers Cinema tweeted: Just previewed "Draft Day" at CinemaCon with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Great film especially if you love football and the NFL. (Posted March 25th)

Steven ‏@moviesports7 tweeted: Just got back from @DraftDayMovie, and it was excellent! Kevin Costner, @denisleary, and @ChadwickBoseman were all great. #draftdaymovie (Posted March 25th)

Derek Easley tweeted: #DraftDayMovie #KevinCostner Thank you #Lionsgate & #AMCTheaters for our screening event of this fun football film directed by #IvanReitman. We shot an exclusive review for #WeLiveFilm tonight! The film opens wide April 11th. — watching Draft Day with Chad-Poop Gleason at AMC Orange 30. (Posted March 25th)

Richard Munassi commented: I liked this movie a lot. Costner killed it, and the pacing was great. (Posted March 25th)

MoviesandShakers.com ‏@MoviesandShakrs tweeted: .@tomwelling93 talks @DraftDayMovie at the screening. #KevinCostner #Smallville #TomWelling (Posted March 25th)

Rick Worthington ‏@RickWorthington tweeted: @ESPNBoise just recieved passes to see @DraftDayMovie, starring Kevin Costner. In theaters April 11. Listen to win! http://DraftDayTheMovie.com (Posted March 25th)

Draft Day - Kevin Costner - Summit Entertainment AVEO CLIP Published on Mar 25, 2014

Want to see an advance screening of Draft Day on Wednesday April 2nd at 7pm at Bow Tie Cinemas Palace 17 in Hartford, Connecticut. Download and print your FREE tickets to see Draft Day from Gofobo.com and enter RSVP Code WTICDX68

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