Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kevin eats a hot dog at the LA Grove Friday...

See the pictures and article: Kevin Costner indulges in a hot dog at LA's The Grove alongside his family By Cassie Carpenter March 29, 2014:

Video by clarissaaglaen Clarissa Aglaen: Oh no big deal except that we saw Kevin Costner at the Grove today!!! Too bad I chickened out of asking him for a picture!....he was soo close to us when I first saw him I was left in shock when I realized it was him!!! I was literally shaking!!! I couldn't even get his name out to my mom, I was stuttering Lol

Adrian C. ‏@adrianelpaso tweeted: Well well, Kevin Costner @ Farmers Market... @ The Original Farmers Market (Posted 4:08pm March 28th)

Bone Hampton ‏@BoneHampton tweeted: Just enjoying a casual day in L.A. w/ my son Seattle, yes that is KevinCostner photobombing us at… (Posted 6:40pm March 28th)

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