Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kevin presented with CinemaCon Icon Award...

CinemaCon 2014 - The CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards Brought To You By The Coca-Cola Company, March 27, 2014 - Las Vegas, Nevada pictures:[477290739]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by draftdaymovie Draft Day: For your town, for your family, for your team -- make very pick count. #DraftDayMovie in theaters 4/11!

Picture by smoorehardy: Bull Durham in the house @accesshollywood

Picture by accesshollywoodlive: The one and only #KevinCostner with @billybush & @kithoover as @accesshollywoodlive hits #cincmacon in #lasvegas

AccessHollywoodLive ‏@LiveAccess tweeted: At #CinemaCon in Las Vegas, @billybush & @KitHoover w/ Shailene Woodley, Kevin Costner & Leslie Mann

Fresh Film NC ‏@FreshfilmNC tweeted: Kevin Costner speaking to the press & us (Posted 6:14pm March 27th)

Gig Patta ‏@GigPatta tweeted: Kevin Costner. Woohoo!!! #cinemacon (Posted 6:14pm March 27th)

TheAnglophileChannel ‏@AnglophileTV tweeted: My old pal Kevin Costner. I'll find Anglophile connection later #CinemaCon (Posted 6:29pm March 27th)

Michelle Alexandria ‏@eclipsemagazine tweeted: Kevin Costner everybody.. (Posted 6:49pm March 27th)

Amy Kaufman ‏@AmyKinLA tweeted: Conducting interview @ hightop tables next 2 @nicsperling & Kevin Costner just joked he feels likes he's speed dating w us. Mom would b jeal (Posted 7:25pm March 27th)

Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty tweeted: Just did a 5 min video interview with Kevin Costner. Super nice. Extremely smart. And he's great in DRAFT DAY. (Posted 7:34pm March 27th)

Picture by ebarnster: Sometimes meeting actors is surreal #kevincostner

Picture by cherijeanne Cheri Brady: The year was 1991 - the movie was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Chris Diaz was his name - my first kiss - Everything I do - I do it for you.

Rick Forchuk ‏@rforchuk tweeted: Kevin Costner just checked in for makeup. (Posted 6:03pm March 27th)

Kaci M ‏@TheSweetSiren tweeted: Kevin Costner looking handsome and cracking jokes. #cinemacon2014#draftday (Posted 9:44pm March 27th)

CinemaCon 2014 ‏@CinemaCon tweeted: The 2014 "Cinema Icon Award” is presented to #KevinCostner which salutes his long, on-screen and behind-the-camera career

AnnleeE @ L.A. Biz ‏@AnnleeE_LABiz tweeted: "I can't make a 3-minute speech. I can't make a 2-hour movie." #CinemaCon Icon Kevin Costner, waxing poetic about the drive-in.

AnnleeE @ L.A. Biz ‏@AnnleeE_LABiz tweeted: "Icon feels like one step away from assisted living." #CinemaCon Icon Kevin Costner

Álvar Carretero ‏@Acfu tweeted: Sube Kevin Costner a por el premio "Icono" en CinemaCon!! Teniente Dumbar, Eliot Ness y tantos otros!!!! #CinemaCon (Posted 9:05pm March 27th)

Pasquale Romano ‏@PasqualeRomano tweeted: Big night @PureLasVegas "Cinema Icon Award winner, Kevin Costner. #CinemaCon (Posted 8:23pm March 27th)

KYLE F GUNTHER ‏@GuntherKFAN tweeted: Reagan and I just got a Kevin Costner coffee mug. Don't be hatin. (Posted March 27th)

Stephen T. Shaffer ‏@stephen_shaffer tweeted: @YayPizza my phone's not letting me text you. You and I have a date with Kevin Costner, tonight at 7:30 at Palazzo. (Posted March 27th)

Allison Churchill ‏@Aloe9678 tweeted: If you're a fan of the #ClevelandBrowns, #KevinCostner, or the #WildandWonderful #JenniferGarner, you will love this movie

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