Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kevin spending time in Aspen this week...

Brigid McGuire ‏@the_eviltwin tweeted: @modernwest my sister saw Kevin, while working, at the Aspen airport yesterday. All she wanted was Mr. Costner to save her. (Posted March 10th)

Picture by robertOestrada - Saw Kevin Costner in Aspen today! (Posted March 9th)

Ross LeValley ‏@Ross_LeValley40 tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner bird hunting in our field #nobigdeal (Colorado) (Posted March 10th)

Rachel Denise Burgerhoff commented: Kevin Costner came into Doctor's Garden. Cool dude. He came in with his son... chatted us up and hung out. No purchase necessary. (Posted 2:13pm March 11th)

Doctors Garden:

Garrett Hill commented: my dad helped do construction on his house in Aspen

Lacey DeLost commented: My dads cousin is his care taker up Independence. he is a pretty cool dude I hear! He treats them well!

Meanwhile elsewhere: Joe Gillette ‏@joegillette tweeted: Saw a bumper sticker on a car yesterday that said "Got Kevin Costner?" Needless to say I haven't been able to stop thinking about it #wwkcd (Posted March 10th)

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