Friday, March 7, 2014

More Kevin in Italy and '3 Days To Kill'...

Picture: Amalfi bewitched by Kevin Costner : "A wonderful place"

Il Vescovado ‏@Il_Vescovado tweeted: Kevin Costner innamorato della Costiera Amalfitana #kevincostner, #amalficoast (Posted March 6th)

The Playmore ‏@theplaymore tweeted: Kevin Costner ha insistito per avere una foto con Pie. Beh eccolo accontentato! (Posted March 6th)

Kevin Costner about The Playmore by The Playmore Published on Mar 5, 2014 Kevin Costner listened to our album and that's what he said! "The Playmore, all right? They play really loud, they play really good! And when I listened to'em I's a really good band, really good band..."

Kevin Costner & Modern West at Packard Music Hall by Sunrise Entertainment Published on Mar 5, 2014

Heather Renee ‏@HeatherRenee24 tweeted: Can I wear a Crash Davis jersey during the Kevin Costner & Modern West concert at work? #favoritemovie #bulldurham #onlyseemsright (Roanoke) (Posted March 6th)
Kevin Costner & Modern West will be on Tour 12.- 26. April 2014 United States by ichiban2592007

James Patterson commented: I recently saw RoboCop and 3 Days to Kill. Both movies were better than I would've thought. 3 Days to Kill is quite funny in spots, and I remain a Kevin Costner fan. (Posted March 6th)

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner 3 Days to Kill Los Angeles Premiere Arrivals by Braulio Cardoso Published on Mar 4, 2014

3 DAYS TO KILL Red Carpet Premiere with Kevin Costner by SBTNOfficial Published on Feb 25, 2014

3 Days To Kill Featurette - The Inside Story - Amber Heard, Kevin Costner - Action Movie 2014 by AVEO CLIP Published on Feb 28, 2014

Kevin Costner fout le bordel dans Paris ! by Filmsactu Published on Feb 28, 2014 Course Poursuites, Fusillades et Cascades en plein Paris !

Connie Nielsen Talks '3 Days To Kill,' Working With Kevin Costner And More [EXCLUSIVE] By Susmita Baral | Feb 28 2014 Excerpt: LT: What was it like working with Kevin Costner and McG? CN: Kevin is such a serious actor. He thinks everything through and yet, is able to be impulsive and happening in the moment. I was taken with how taken with how elegant he was during the stunts--he was just really so good at it. And then there's this genuine good person behind this genuine family guy that you also see. He's just an all-round amazing guy.

3 Days To Kill Interview With Kevin Costner, Amber Heard And McG [HD] by We Got This Covered Published on Feb 20, 2014


Team Kevin Costner ‏@K_Costner_Page tweeted: Kevin in 3 days to Kill (Posted March 3rd)

3 Days To Kill pictures:

AUDIO: Kevin Costner Changes Up Stunt Habits For ‘3 Days To Kill’

EuropaCorp ‏@EuropaCorp tweeted: COULISSES: Kevin Costner et Hailee Steinfeld tournent une séquence à vélo entre Ethan Renner et sa fille Zooey.#3DTK (Posted March 6th)

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