Sunday, March 30, 2014

More of Kevin from doing 'Draft Day' press...

Draft Day @DraftDayMovie Kevin Costner stars in a new sports movie classic

Draft Day Billboards March 30, 2014 along Highland Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard just before the Sunset Strip.

Chris Van Vliet ‏@ChrisVanVliet tweeted: I'm on your radio on @New102Cleveland until 3pm then heading to LA to interview Kevin Costner for DRAFT DAY (March 29th)

Jordan Babineaux ‏@jordanbabineaux tweeted: Tomorrow I sit down w/the cast of @DraftDayMovie .. Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, @terrycrews @ArianFoster & Director @IvanReitman (Posted March 29th)

Krisily Kennedy ‏@krisily tweeted: Nothing like riding the elevator with Kevin Costner and comparing junkets to speed dating. My press friends will appreciate the comparison (Posted 11:29am March 29th)

YAHollywood ‏@YAHollywood tweeted: #kevincostner #DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:29am March 29th)

What'sUpHollywood ‏@WhatsUpHWood tweeted: @modernwest #kevincostner for press conference of @DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:30am March 29th)

Mark Daniell ‏@markhdaniell tweeted: "I've never been afraid of things not working... I'm not afraid to be on the floor." Kevin Costner talking about #DraftDayMovie (Posted 11:41am March 29th)

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeted: Kevin Costner says a good sports movie cuts down on the sports & focuses on characters. #DraftDayMovie (Posted 12;02pm March 29th)

Jessica G. Ferrer ‏@jessicagferrer tweeted: The amazing Kevin Costner! talks #draftdaymovie @entaffair #entertainmentaffair @ Four Seasons Hotel… (Posted 12:03pm March 29th)

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeted: "There's a lot to learn from movies" says #KevinCostner. Rock Hudson's #Giant inspired him early on #DraftDayMovie (Posted 12:07pm March 29th) ‏@UrbanBridgez tweeted: #DraftDay Press Day L.A. - Kevin Costner (Posted 1:17pm March 29th)

Gerrad Hall ‏@gerradhall tweeted: Fun day w/@DraftDayMovie crew - Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, @RealTerryCrews @JoshPence @ArianFoster & more (Posted 2:16pm March 29th)

Jordan Babineaux ‏@jordanbabineaux tweeted: #DraftDay, the movie, interview w/ Kevin Costner. @ Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills (Posted 4:20pm March 29th)

Julie Dove ‏@juliedove tweeted: Just parked right next to Kevin Costner talking on his cell right outside my car. Ladies he looks good. (Posted 4:36pm March 29th)

Urania Lippmann ‏@UraniaLippmann tweeted: Press Conference with the cast of draftdaymovie Actors: #KevinCostner #JenniferGarder… (Posted 4:49pm March 29th)

Scarlett Emmerson ‏@Nobody_5p3c14L tweeted: siempre_joss's photo #DraftDayMovie #DraftDay April 11th @DraftDayMovie #clevelandbrowns #kevincostner #TomWelling

Nancy Farr commented: Kevin Costner at a Tribe game while filming Draft Day!!

Picture by divangelina: On out way #KevinCostner #DraftDay premiere! (Posted March 26th)

Picture by seerdawn22 - Mariana Lomeli: Been waiting for this all year! (Posted March 26th)

Picture by cjoellew CJ: Company perks

Picture by kimlivengood: Ready for #DraftDay - Win a trip to #NewYork to attend the #NFLdraft at (Posted March 26th)

Picture by ivanhoe1305 BMan: Awesome date night definitely a must watch movie!

T-Bob Hebert ‏@TBob53 tweeted: I was feelin super tired and down this AM but luckily #KevinCostner is here to inspire me (Posted March 26th)

Hollie Strano ‏@holliesmiles tweeted: We are talking to Kevin Costner about his roll in "Draft Day" on @LiveOnLakeside in @wkyc ! What's your favorite sports movie?@maureenkyle (Posted 8:23am March 26th) VIDEO:

tariel22 ‏@tariel22 tweeted: Tom Welling Q&A: Working with Kevin Costner was a big reason why Tom jumped at the chance to be a part of Draft Day.

GMT - Good Morning Texas Meet Tom Welling Who Stars With Kevin Costner in "Draft Day"

Tom Welling talks about "Draft Day", working with Kevin Costner and the upcoming Draft by VOXXINews Published on Mar 27, 2014 Actor Tom Welling talks about his role in the film "Draft Day", what it was like working with Kevin Costner and which Latina he'd like to star in his next movie with.

Adam Rank ‏@adamrank tweeted: ICYMI: @csuf legends discuss @draftdaymovie @arianfoster 's acting chops and the @losangelesrams

Ravens Host Private Screening Of 'Draft Day' RB Bernard Pierce and C Gino Gradkowski joined with Ravens fans to watch Kevin Costner's latest movie.

NationsBestFootball ‏@NationsBestFB tweeted: #nationsbest #shoutout to draftdaymovie starring #KevinCostner . #NFL #NFLPA #NFLHSPD #NFLPrep100… (Posted March 26th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: Saw #DraftDay yesterday! They showed several scenes of Kevin Costner in the Flats! Browns Tailgaters & of Course Berea. #GoBrowns (Posted March 27th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: If you see #DraftDay you'll see Lombardi s office alot! It seems that Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner are in their all the time! #GoBrowns (Posted March 27th)

Cleveland Browns ‏@ClevBrownsFan tweeted: Pajama Boy has a Big part in #DraftDay ! He plays Kevin Costner s intern. #DraftDay #GoBrowns #PajamaBoy (Posted March 27th)

Melissa Messer ‏@melissacmesser tweeted: Went to a screening of @DraftDayMovie last night with my mom & we both loved it. It was funny & entertaining. Kevin Costner is fantastic. (Posted March 27th)

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