Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More of Kevin on the southeastern coast of Italy...

One article translated said that Kevin is staying at Hotel Caterina:

Translated: Kevin Costner testimonial tuna in Amalfi - Kevin Costner version catfish was sighted in Amalfi which was set up to set the spot of a famous brand of tuna. Led by director Luca Minieri (Welcome to the South and Welcome to the North) the sex symbol of Hollywood after "dancing with wolves" ... talk about tuna. On the beach of Erchie were already shot some scenes of what appears to be a real mini movie, whose script is still top secret.

See picture and translated: Spot Tuna, Kevin Costner Amalfi studies the script at the beach The day was one of those spring: clear skies and placid sea. The best possible conditions to begin filming of commercials that preserves a well-known company has entrusted the direction of Luca Minieri who signed the successes of celluloid Welcome Welcome to the South and the North. Location is the Amalfi Coast, one of the stars of the commercial sex symbol of Hollywood: Kevin Costner. The actor, sunglasses and jacket light, which seemed to bring back to memory the wise old sea dogs, occurred in the early morning on the beach in Erchie where yesterday they were planning the first shooting of commercials. A set blindatissimo one in which took place the first day of the mini film.

See the four pictures:

Small picture:   http://corrieredelmezzogiorno.corriere.it/salerno/notizie/eventi/2014/4-marzo-2014/kevin-kostner-costiera-amalfitanaper-girare-pubblicita-tonno-2224159947030.shtml

One picture:    http://www.stiletv.it/index.php/news/17441/Kevin_Costner_in_Costiera_amalfitana_per_girare_spot_pubblicitario#.UxZsCc4rijI

One picture:    http://www.piueconomia.it/news/kevin-costner-sulla-costiera-amalfitana-per-pubblicita

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Carolina Giordano commented: With Jacopo Amabile at erchie 04 -03-2014:

Picture by wandasgswag - Wanda De Bonis:

Picture by Vincenzo De Bonis @henzodebonis:

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