Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kevin in downtown Nashville and more concert items...

Lynda Taylor Glascock commented: Just saw Kevin Costner! He's still cute but couldn't snag a picture! We were at Jeni's ice cream at 12th south. He was walking to the Frothy Monkey. Saw him again standing in line there. (Posted 9:25am April 27th)

Elizabeth Deininger Edmundson commented: OMG! Kevin Costner just past me on the sidewalk at Jeni's Ice Cream in Nashville. (Posted 9:25am April 27th)

Donald Page ‏@donaldppage tweeted: Just asked Kevin Costner if he was Kevin Costner and he was, in fact, Kevin Costner. #Nashville (Posted 9:28am April 27th)

Mike Morgan ‏@mmorgan5 tweeted: Just said hello to Kevin Costner so there's that haha (Posted 11:32am April 27th)

Paige ‏@pfunk1211 tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting at VV Nashvegas! #bulldurham #fortheloveofthegame (Posted 11:34am April 27th)

Holly Barwick ‏@buddy_holly13 tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner just held the door for me. I guess that's cool? #TypicalNashville (Posted 12:01pm April 27th)

Jeremy Thurston commented: Me and Gary Maness just meet Kevin It was pretty in the elevator of the hotel we stayed at.... (Posted 12:09pm April 27th))

Ashley Rowland commented: Cory and I just stood shoulder to shoulder with Kevin Costner in a one room boutique in Nashville. I've got my coolness for the year. It was just him and his daughter. I thought it may have been inappropriate to jump on his back. He was just casually trying to blend in. It was just a few people in the boutique. I didn't want to impose lol (Posted 11:32am April 27th)

Julie Caliel Boney commented: So I have to find out from my sons twitter account that my crush since 1988 Kevin Costner & Modern West is in Vineyard Vines while he is working there today ! I thought I raised that boy better. (Posted 11:59am April 27th)

Vineyard Vines:

Guidance Photography ‏@GuidancePhoto tweeted: Big news, my images from the Kevin Costner Modern West concert will be on page A2 tomorrow in the Tennessean Paper! #concert #Nashville (Posted April 27th)

Picture by hmwirth13 - Heather Wirth: you know...just Keivn Costner & I at Frothy Monkey (Nashville) (Posted April 28th)

Frothy Monkey website:

Pictures and concert review: Kevin Costner & Modern West Rock The Paramount Huntington, NY 4-13-14 with Lily Costner Posted By CrypticRock April 29, 2014

Pictures by William Toti: The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia:

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date The Birchmere, April 17 by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 20, 2014 - Alexandria (Virginia) opening & Guest : Lily Costner

Monday, April 28, 2014

More from the KC & MW April concert tour...

Taso Hountas Music & Editorial Photography: Who would have thought that two time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner was also an accomplished musician. Well he is, Kevin and his Band Modern West took over The Paramount last night. Call it Southern Rock, Cross between Country and Soft Rock what ever you want but all in attendance sure did enjoy his performance. The rules for this performance was only 2 songs not your typical 3, I really would have liked to photograph the third song as a few opportunities came up that would have been great to capture. I would go and catch his performance again next time he is in the NYC area and you should too.

Two pictures and review: Kevin Costner & Modern West at The Paramount by Bob Wilson On April 13th, 2014

Wayne Herrschaft Headlamp Digital Photography: Kevin Costner And Modern West April 13 · · Taken at The Paramount:

Video: Actor Kevin Costner stops in for a cheeseburger in downtown Roanoke By Brie Jackson April 16, 2014

City of Roanoke, Virginia - Communications commented: Kevin Costner with Officer Tim Donathan

City of Roanoke PD ‏@rpdsafercity tweeted: Thanks Kevin Costner @modernwest for hanging out w/ Ofc. Donathan this afternoon! #awesome #DraftDayMovie (Posted April 16th)

Brett Gross Gerald commented: Loved this moment & this photo (Posted April 16th)

Jim Johnson commented: Just so everyone knows, that's me on the right! (Posted April 17th)

Jim Johnson commented: Nettie and I went to see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West last night at the Roanoke Civic Center. We got to meet him as well. His daughter Lilly played and sang as well. Very nice event!

Jean Kitts commented: Thanks to my sweet daughter Cathy for our girls night out by treating me to a performance by Kevin Costner & Modern West last night at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theater. The show was absolutely over the top amazing and an added bonus was Kevin Costner's daughter Lily opening the show. She has the voice of an angel, the band rocked. and of course what can we say about Kevin Costner-talent, caring, smart, and very easy on the eye. Thanks, Cathy for a truly wonderful night!! (Posted April 17th)

Pictures: Actor Kevin Costner stops in for a cheeseburger in downtown Roanoke By Brie Jackson:

Article: Kevin Costner swings by Texas Tavern before Roanoke show By Tiffany Holland | The Roanoke Times

Michelle Shupe ‏@Shellshupe tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West @modernwest Roanoke ! You guys are awesome ! (Posted April 16th)

C. Ryan Shelton ‏@cryanshelton tweeted: "Before I go any further I want to thank ya'll for going to the movies all these years." - Kevin Costner @modernwest (Posted April 16th)

Kecia Conley ‏@keciadawn10 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER (Posted April 16th)

Kecia Conley ‏@keciadawn10 tweeted: Kevin Costner and his daughter Lily singing (Posted April 16th)

Elizabeth Slaski ‏@easlaski tweeted: I'm in the same room with Kevin Costner! This is freakin awesome! (Posted April 16th)

Vinny Brown ‏@K92Vinny tweeted: Kevin Costner'a concert about to kick off. (Posted April 16th)

Vinny Brown ‏@K92Vinny tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 16th)

Rhonda Lyon ‏@teachr4kidz tweeted: @modernwest Wonderful show @RnkCivicCenter tonight! Soulful music and wonderful daughter! Thank you! #kevincostner #kcmw #lilycostner (Posted April 16th)

Shannon Love ‏@sloveya831 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West! Great show!!!!! @modernwest loved it!Even with crazy lady in front of me taking pictures the whole time! (Posted April 16th)

Andrea Elrod ‏@acelrod06 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER WAS IN ROANOKE!!! Ahh of course he couldn't have come the other 17 years I lived there! Haha (Posted April 16th)

Samantha Roberts ‏@NBC12Sam tweeted: I LOVE that Kevin Costner ate @ my favorite #Roanoke spot, @TexasTavern! Going to try it? Better know the lingo (Posted April 17th)

Welcome to Bedford ‏@BedfordInformer tweeted: Bedford resident meets Kevin Costner at Orvis: (Posted 8:46am April 17th)

Center in the Square commented: You never know who you are going to see hanging around outside Center in the Square... Hello, Kevin Costner! (Photo credit: Sandra Cregger) (Posted 9am April 17th)

Michelle SportsX ‏@SportSXMichelle tweeted: @BtheSportsGuy I saw Kevin Costner's daughter on stage with @TraceAdkins ~ She is so lovely and talented! (Posted April 17th)

Kristina S Smith ‏@PlanSmithLLC tweeted: Who knew Kevin Costner could sing?! (Posted April 17th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West - snapshots Tour Date Roanoke Civic Centre ,VA April 16 Published on Apr 17, 2014

KC & MW played War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee...

Mix 92.9 commented: 7:10 THIS MORNING! The KEVIN COSTNER is on the Mix Morning Show! He is AWESOME! Listen to Mix 92.9! Kevin Costner joined The Mix Morning Show to talk movies, TV and music.

Tennessean Music ‏@TNMusicNews tweeted: Kevin Costner: Movie star, musician (playing @WMARocks Sat.) & future documentary filmmaker (Posted April 25th)

Guidance Photography ‏@GuidancePhoto tweeted: So my awesome news is confirmed! I will be shooting the gorgeous, talented, epic, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West this Saturday!!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Guidance Photography commented: I seriously didn't think this Kevin Costner assignment could get any better or more epic... but God has again surprised me with an even BIGGER blessing for Saturday! I'm not sure if I can share the details yet, but trust me, I definitely will!!!! (Posted 6:11pm April 24th)

Kevin Costner relishes role as leader of his band By Cindy Watts April 24, 2014[%271%27]

Kevin Costner wants to make music documentary by Cindy Watts

Kevin Costner is here! Like 15 feet away. — at 417 Union. (Posted 10:00am April 26th)

Laura Dee Harris Dickerson commented: Kevin Costner is in the house... (Posted 10:04am April 26th)

417 Union Classic American Dining, Nashville

Cheryl Kruse commented: Couldn't ask for a better day to be on the Blue Grass Parkway, heading to Nashville to see Kevin Costner and Modern West and hopefully Lily Costner too!! (Posted 1:57pm April 26th)

Josh Massey ‏@joshmassey1 tweeted: It's possible I just drove four hours - by myself - to see Kevin Costner in concert. Definitely possible. @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Nossi College of Art commented: Kevin Costner's in town, but not to film his next movie. He'll be on stage at War Memorial Auditorium for his show with Kevin Costner & Modern West, and we'll be there to photograph the show! (Posted 1:30pm April 26th)

Lori Hensarling ‏@LoriHensarling tweeted: Kevin Costner's bus! Woo hoo! @ War Memorial Auditorium

DannyMahlonUnderwood ‏@poetmahlon tweeted: Enjoying last couple of days of vacation in Nashville. Going to see Kevin Costner and his band tonight @ the War Memorial Auditorium. (Posted April 26th)

Jo Young-mason commented: Jerri Ann & I are at the Cracker Barrel in Clarksville. We are headed to Nashville to see Kevin Costner & his band Modern West tonight. So excited!! Posted 3:01pm April 26th)

Judd White commented: Soundcheck! Kevin Costner and Modern West - last show of the tour if your in Nashvegas come on down. 730pm — at War Memorial Auditorium. (Posted 4:44pm April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Look who I'm with tonight! #KevinCostner #wmarocks (Posted 5:24pm April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: Guess who showed up on our steps?? @iamkidpresident came to interview Kevin Costner! (Posted April 26th)

About the Kid President:

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: The War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville is a great music venue! Such a beautiful place! @wmarocks (Posted April 26th)

Kyle Harris ‏@jkyleharris tweeted: Kevin Costner and #kidpresident (Posted April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: Getting ready for Kevin Costner and @modernwest at 7:30! Who's joining us? (Posted April 26th)

Sharon Kent Davis commented: OH!!!! The Day is Finally Here...I am going to get ready now!! He is my Favorite Actor/Producer!! I will let you know later if he is one of my favorite singer!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted 2:45pm April 26th)

Jo Young-mason commented: Got to meet Kevin Costner back stage! He had his arm around my shoulder when the picture was taken!

Jerri Ann Jeffords Rule commented: Just met Kevin Costner in a meet and greet. Jo and I were in the right place at the right time!! Met a nice man who took us with him to the event. WOW what a treat! And what a nice guy is Kevin C. We are both blown away! (Posted 5:47pm April 26th)

Picture by crego313 - Cindy Rego: Lily Costner opening for her dad.. Good stuff... (Posted April 26th)

Picture by traci_stl - Tracy Hoff Tasky: The best birthday ever!! Thank you to Uncle Joe! (Posted April 26th)

Pictures by emelleoh - *Mary Lynne*: Lily Costner & Teddy Morgan killin' it opening for @kevincostnermodernwest at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville

Picture by adrouse85 - Andrew Rouse: Just got a shout out from the man hinself (Posted April 26th)

Picture by dreamchaser519: Met #KevinCostner today in #nashville. He was so nice. He is my favorite actor and I love his music. My favorite song of his is "Down In Nogales" (Posted April 26th)

Bonnie Bramlett commented: OMG just got back from Kevin Costner and his beautiful daughter Lilys show ! It was so wonderful. She sings like an angel! Bekka and I danced in the aisles along with the crowd as Kevin took us from one musical journey to the other. John Oates joined him on a song they had written together . I had a great time. Only got a hug and photo op time before the show with Kevin but that will last me a lifetime. Ahahahahah. Goodnight chall. Dreamtime. Dare I??? Hahahah you bet your butt........zzzzzzz (Posted 11:21pm April 26th)

Stacey Dyess Stone commented: I loved him before but oh my gosh I'm madly in love with Kevin Costner. His daughter was there all I can say is wow!

Mike McCloud commented: Singing or performing on screen, Kevin Costner is a class act!

Picture by sarahlynnmorris: Kevin Costner nbd with my beautiful friend

John Oates commented: Here's a pic from last night sitting in with Kevin Costner & Modern West at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. Kevin recorded "Stand Strong" and he invited me to do it with them. I'm sharing the mic with Teddy Morgan who co wrote and produced the song on the new album. (Posted April 27th)

Christopher Shawn Mayberry commented: Me and Kevin Costner. Met Kevin Costner and his daughter last night they are a great group of people — feeling excited. (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest feeling the music tonight in Nashville. Tonight was electric! Please come back soon! (Posted April 26th)

Cindy Collins ‏@cndcollins tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West tonight (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Kevin Costner invited us out of our seats to come up front! Such a nice guy! Great Dad to Lily Costner who opened! @wmrarocks @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: My favorite picture of Kevin Costner tonight in NashvilleTN @wmarocks @modernwest Well maybe. (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Ok so Kevin Costner poured me (& hundreds of others) a glass of champagne at the end! @wmarocks @modernwest #KCostner (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: One of the best concerts EVER and I've been to a lot! Such a nice guy! @wmarocks @modernwest #KevinCostner (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: @EmElleOh @NashvilleMusic3 @modernwest I was there!! Great concert in Nashville ! (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: @wmarocks Thank you so much for following me! (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Great show tonight by Kevin Costner & @modernwest in Nashville! I shook KC's hand, got his setlist & got John's pick! (Posted April 26th)

Jacci Rodgers ‏@JacciRodgers tweeted: Kevin and Lilly Costner. Great show! #modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!!! (Posted April 26th)

Karen Pulfer Focht ‏@Karenfocht tweeted: If you had a split sec 2 decide 2 ask Kevin Costner 4 a kiss or pose for a selfie with him, what would you do? (Posted April 26th)

Erica Hoyt ‏@ericahoyt tweeted: 🔫 Kevin Costner and The Modern West is happening. It happened. (Posted April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: What a show from Kevin Costner and @modernwest! Thanks for sharing your music (Posted April 26th)

Kyle Harris ‏@jkyleharris tweeted: Kevin Costner and John Oates jamming #yesthatkevincostner #hallandoates (Posted April 26th)

chelsey johnson ‏@chelseyrjohnson tweeted: Kevin Costner has a band! Thanks @roefrazer for the date night! #stillhot #tincup (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: What a great concert in #Nashville with @modernwest Kevin Costner! (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Kevin Costner show us your backside! YES! @wmarocks! (Posted April 26th)

Richa Nashville ‏@RichaNashville tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West, stories & songs... (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: OMG ! Kevin Costner is delicious!! #Nashville #surprisinglyreallygood (Posted April 26th)

Ashley McClellan ‏@SmashleyMac tweeted: "The supremes" as we were called. Kevin Costner love him!!!!! (Posted April 26th)

michael ‏@Michael_McLean tweeted: Kevin Costner poured my mom a glass of champagne last night. (Posted April 27th)

Brittany ‏@bhart_xo tweeted: Kinda glad that I met Kevin Costner last night, if only my dad grabbed the right hand for him to shake instead of the girl next to me 😹 (Posted April 27th)

Fran Stevenson ‏@FranSellsTNProp tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner and Mountain West last night in Nashville...good show! (Posted April 27th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Still thinking about last night with Kevin Costner in Nashville. He opened a bottle of champagne in two seconds! (Posted April 27th)

Melissa ‏@mgs4eku tweeted: @modernwest Great show Friday night at the Rising Star Casino. (Posted April 27th)

Tennessean Music ‏@TNMusicNews tweeted: #GALLERY: Kevin Costner & the @modernwest perform at @wmarocks #nashville (Posted April 27th)

Anne Ross Caver commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West had a really good show last night in Nashville. He is such a gracious, kind, and humble man who certainly enjoys playing music...I like him even better now. Modern West is a talented group and we enjoyed the night lots and lots. (Posted April 27th)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

KC & MW played Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana...

Mark Comley commented: On the show Friday night with Kevin Costner and his band Modern West at Rising Star Casino! (Posted April 23rd)

Vicky Chalfant commented: Time to get packing heading out for the weekend gonna spend some quality time with my hubby going to rising sun and gonna meet Kevin Costner in person back stage passes can't wait be back on Sunday will post picks (Posted April 24th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Sound check Rising Sun Indiana. #kevincostner #rocknroll #kcmw #risingcasino #tour #indiana

Michael Rolfes ‏@vbnatlrefiam tweeted: I'm at Rising Star Casino Resort for Kevin Costner and Modern West (Rising Sun, IN) (Posted 6:01pm April 25th)

Mark Comley tweeted: Just performed for Kevin Costner! Nice guy, he said I was the best magician he had ever seen.............. today! (Posted 6:49pm April 25th)

Pictures by John Bunger:

Billie Hammond commented: Kevin Costner concert last night. What an amazing guy. He seems so nice and down to earth. Thanks to my friend Sherry who took me. We actually got to meet him and have our picture taken, I will share that when I get it.

Cassie Cappel commented: Couple more pictures of Kevin Costner from last night:

Mickey Waters commented: Our anniversary night out dinner and Kevin Costner Modern West Band concert. His daughter Lilly played also.

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Sometimes you gotta ring the Bell. After 5000 plus miles in 14 days it's the small things. @lilycostner @gilllandry @gillzmcskilz

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date Rising Star Casino Resort , Indiana April 25 by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 26, 2014 opening & guest : Lily Costner

Saturday, April 26, 2014

KC & MW played the Smoky Mountain Center for Performing Arts....

Interview: Kevin Costner & Modern West coming to Franklin by Brittney Parker 17 April 2014

Kevin Costner and Modern West by GreatMountainMusic Published on Apr 14, 2014 - Live in Franklin, North Carolina. April 24, 2014. Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts.

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts commented: Lights for the Kevin Costner & Modern West show have arrived. Their show is going to rock! (Posted April 22nd)

Janice Minette commented: On my way to see Kevin Costner and Modern West band at Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center in Franklin. So excited! Show starts at 7:30 if you're looking for something to do tonight. Pray I get to meet him! (Posted 4:42pm April 24th)

Christine Matney commented: Kevin Costner just went into building, shanqiue asked for pic with him for her birthday, that she drove a long time to get there, , hes doing sound check, and will be going back to bus, so she is waiting on him..!!!!........I hope she gets it, it would make her day, year,

Kristy Sheldon commented: Saw the actor Kevin Costner today outside of the Hampton inn as he was getting ready to leave for his concert at the Smokey Mountain Performing Arts Center. amazing!!!!!! (Posted 5:42pm April 24th)

Penney Boswell DiIenno Brown commented: Kevin Costner alert....he ate lunch at the Motor Company Grill and visited one of the pawn shops in town...heard he was a real nice guy too! Talked to everyone! Any other sightings to report? (Posted 5:49pm April 24th)

Motor Company Grill 86 W Main St, Franklin, North Carolina

Motor Company Grill commented: Just an afternoon visit from Kevin Costner! (Posted 2:18pm April 24th)

Becky Harkins Gibson commented: Oh you know- just lunch with Kevin Costner — with Tiffany Hurst at Motor Company Grill. (Posted 1:56pm April 24th)

Outdoor 76 commented: Look who stopped by today..... Kevin Costner & Modern West swung by to see what Outdoor 76 was all about!! (Posted 2:53pm April 24th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center, Franklin, NC. Ready to #rocknroll #kevincostner #modernwest #franklin #tour #northCarolina (Posted 5:51pm April 24th)

Tracy Gray Allard commented: Holy Sh**! I have died and gone to Kevin Costner heaven!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLY HUMBLE SHOWMAN OH AND HE CAN SING AND WHAT A GREAT A**!!!!!! (Posted 8:34pm April 24th)

Pictures by ssecreast90 - Samantha Secreast: #kevincostner and #modernwestband was such a good show in Franklin, N.C. (Posted April 24th)

Pictures by Johna Owens Rouse: Can Sing as well as he can Act!!!

Pictures by Tanya Messer: Meeting Kevin Costner was quick, but awesome! SUPER NICE GUY! We talked baseball! Lol can't wait to share our pic....We are in Franklin at the Fine and Performing Arts Center....front row and back stage!!!! Details later...enjoying show now. I failed to mention he rubbed circles on my back the entire time?!? It was nice!

Teresa Harris Blackburn commented: At the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert in Franklin NC! (Posted April 24th)

Tavia Micuda Thomas commented: He was very cute and funny! And, he gave my friend his guitar pick (Posted April 24th)

Annie Westermann commented: Spending the evening with Kevin Costner and Hollywood! — at Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts. (Posted April 24th)

Darian Hayes commented: Well i got to see one of lorettas dreams come true tonight an the smile on her face when kevin costner came walking out was priceless (Posted 8:43pm April 24th)

Melinda Lee Massung commented: What FUN that was tonight!!! GREAT performance Kevin Costner & all!!! seeing him in person!!! GREAT show!!!

Daniel Sanders commented: Soooo At my work today KEVIN COSTNER!!! Comes in this morning and of course I was off soooo livid!! But had a great day anyway!!

Kaye Sebastyn commented: Sometimes you are put in the right place at the right time. Last night, Bill and I went to the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert down in Franklin at the Performing Arts Center. We went out to eat before the concert and were chatting with folks sitting around us. A nice man came up to us and said he was with Kevin on this tour and would like us to meet him after the concert. After giving us directions where to go after the concert, he came and met us and took us directly to Kevin Costner in the Green one else, just us. I thought I was dreaming. He is such a great guy and has a great band (and you thought he was only an actor!). Seriously, we were there for about 5 minutes just talking. He signed a CD we had and we had our picture taken with him. Wow. We still haven't come down!!!! Will try to post fuzzy pic later. (Posted April 25th)

Darlene Swofford commented: Kevin Costner and his band in Franklin tonight!! Great band! Fun time (Posted April 24th)

Pictures by freespirit66 - Fife:

Chris Wyatt commented: Kevin costner and modern west. (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 25, 2014 - Franklin, NC. April 24 opening & Guest : Lily Costner

Friday, April 25, 2014

KC & MW played North Charleston Performing Arts Center...

Interview: Is Modern West better than the average celebrity band? The Curious Case of Kevin Costner by Patrick Wall April 16, 2014

Interview: Kevin Costner & Modern West takes to the road to fine-tune their Americana, stopping in North Charleston along the way By T. Ballard Lesemann Special to The Post and Courier April 16, 2014

Shanique Keen ‏@kskeen92 tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner and Modern West concert tomorrow night in NC!!! Never been so excited!!!!!! ❤️ (Posted April 23rd)

Kevin Costner & MW @modernwest tweeted: North Charleston Performing Arts Center. @NChasColiseum #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #tour #modernwest

Denise Schaffer Swick commented: Date night! Sushi, drinks and Kevin Costner & Modern West...woohoo! — with Tim Swick. (Posted April 23rd)

June Stovall commented: Kevin Costner performance! With Sabalridge girls! Enjoying Kevin and the band! (Posted April 23rd)

Christine M Crosby commented: Kevin Costner- He really should have been a singer. I had a great time. With Susan Lopez (Posted April 23rd)

Christine M Crosby commented: Lily Costner. Opening for her dad. She was really really good. (Posted April 23rd)

Sherry Warren commented: Well I took the day off after going to see Kevin Costner and Modern West last night. They were really good and his daughter Lily was fabulous. He is very personable and the whole event was enjoyable. I'd do it again.

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Great time in Charleston last night. Who's coming out to see us at Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts in Franklin, NC tonight? (Posted 11:30am April 24th)

Glenda Carter commented: Was awesome. Very personable. Great actor, great entertainer.

Julie Garbarini Smith commented: Loved the concert. If Kevin Costner & Modern West is ever in your area, get tickets and go! You won't be disappointed. They are awesome! (Posted April 23rd)

Julie Garbarini Smith commented: Just getting ready for the big concert on the 23rd. Thought I'd change the profile pic. Obviously an old photo but, a treasured one. We met just long enough for this picture to be taken while he was shooting a movie several years ago. He kissed the top of my head and I've been smitten ever since. (Posted April 17th)

Darlene Brown Moore commented: Thanks for the great music and fun time last night in Charleston. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. It was our first time seeing you guys. You were great and helped take us to a place emotionally that we needed. Time away from the hectic schedule life can bring us. Thanks! Please come back. (Posted April 24th)

Honey Lindgren commented: Had a wonderful time tonight in North Charleston, SC!

Duchess Gummybuns ‏@omgLSP tweeted: lmao Kevin Costner & his band are playing now (Posted April 23rd)

Joe Rouse ‏@rousejoe tweeted: My little sis hanging with Kevin Costner & @modernwest last night after the show in Charleston, SC. Pretty badass.. (Posted April 24th)

Linds ‏@Spin_from_Linds tweeted: I'm tired because I stayed out late because I went to go see Kevin Costner and his band play. A good time. (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner and Modern West - N. Charleston SC by RockRGrrL56 Published on Apr 23, 2014 Clip of opening song from Kevin Costner & Modern West on April 23, 2014, North Charleston Performing Arts Center.

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 24, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 2014

KC & MW played WD Packard Hall in Warren, Ohio...

Raffle tickets for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that will be signed by film star Kevin Costner will be available at all shows. Costner and his band, Modern West, will come to Packard Music Hall on Tuesday. See more at:   -

Article: Concert at Packard Music Hall Costner removes the mystery with Modern West By John Benson April 17, 2014

Kevin Costner & MW @modernwest tweeted: See you at the W.D. Packard Music Hall tonight in Ohio! (Posted April 22nd)

River Rock at the Amp commented: They’re here! (Posted 12:29pm April 22nd)

Thomas Adair ‏@pain_train21 tweeted: Driving around Kevin Costner's band members in my jacked up CRV. Real classy (Posted April 22nd)

andrew Austalosh ‏@Andrew_Austi tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted 5:11pm April 22nd)

AnabellaPoland: "Im here to keep you alive, not help you shop" - Kevin Costner "The Bodyguard" #frasecelebre (Posted April 22nd)

Sarah Mendenhall commented: The next best thing to meeting Kevin Costner? Getting to shake his hand! Obviously! (Posted April 22nd)

Dominick Flarey commented: Kevin Costner live at Packard Music Hall tonite .......put on a great show !!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Rob Wasser commented: Getting ready to watch Kevin Costner and Modern West perform — with Dana Catoline-Wasser - Was a great show! (Posted April 22nd)

Bonnie Matuszwski commented: Kevin Costner Concert! — at W.D. Packard Music Hall. (Posted April 22nd

Marsha Riddle Bold commented: Love Kevin Costner! Can't wait to hear how the concert was. (Posted April 22nd)

Joey Och commented: Had a great time! (Posted April 22nd)

Adam J. Charles ‏@AdamCharles_10 tweeted: My mom is going crazy at this Kevin Costner thing hahaha but I love seeing her happy! (Posted April 22nd)

Picture and article: Costner brings star power to Warren April 22, 2014 By Andy Gray, Tribune Chronicle

Back At The Pack commented: THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Kevin Costner & Modern West show/ Benefit for Chookie Alberini last night! It was a blast! & THANK YOU to everyone who made the 1st season of the Back at the Pack Series such a success!!! Can't wait to see you all again next season!

Janice Giovanni Eynon commented: Attended a Kevin Costner and Modern West Benefit Concert last evening. He's still nice to look at and sings pretty well His daughter Lily was the opening act and she has a great voice. Fun time-dancing in the aisles. (Posted April 23rd)

Gale Curcio commented: Kevin Costner at The Birchmere - one of the coolest concerts ever! Stay tuned for article on the concert! (Posted April 23rd)

Donna Bixler Rodgers commented: What great time at the The Kevin Costner Concert at Packard Music Hall last night. Enjoyed it immensely. He's really very good looking! (Posted April 23rd)

Dominick Flarey commented: Kevin Costner live at Packard Music Hall tonite .......put on a great show !!!! (Posted April 23rd)

Sue Lawrence Adams commented: cousin was there! She had the meet and greet backstage pass! She got to kiss him!! She was so excited!!! Glad you had a good time! (Posted April 23rd)

Michele Marcello Puccetti commented: I am happy that I was there!!! (Posted April 23rd)


Dawn Koffel-Allison commented: What a great time!! Kevin walked into the crowd shaking hands before he went on stage, joked around with the crowd, sang a song with his daughter & as usual was very easy on the eyes!!!!!

Kathleen Vallejos ‏@Kat_Vallejos tweeted: Best song tonight "Love Is Everywhere" by Kevin Costner & @modernwest Thanks for your time & the photo! (Posted April 22nd)

Pictures by Brian Lumley Photography:!3gallery/c1adp

Megan Kalasky ‏@mmkalasky tweeted: Awesome concert... and Kevin Costner walked less than 15 feet from us lol (Posted April 22nd)

Chris ‏@chris_the_kraut tweeted: Kevin Costner is in Warren tonight...yep @ Packard Music Hall (Posted April 22nd)

SunriseEntertainment ‏@SunriseWarren tweeted: THANK YOU all who came to Kevin Costner & Modern West show/ Chookie Benefit THANK YOU all who made 1st season of Back at the Pack a success! (Posted April 23rd)

jenni ‏@jenncrash tweeted: Best concert ever..bout died when kevin costner looked at me and waved thanks @modernwest I had such a blast!! (Posted April 22nd)

Kevin Costner & MW @modernest: This fiddle player cast a mighty shadow. Last night in Warren, OH #kevincostner #kcmw #rocknroll #fiddle #shadow (Posted April 23rd)

Pictures by rockgirlsteffi: This photo has been 22 (!!!) years in the making. I FINALLY met my childhood crush Kevin Costner! I still can't believe this happened tonight. (Posted April 22nd)

Picture by jasonstp: #KevinCostner last night after signing my copy of #DancesWithWolves in Warren, Ohio.

Pictures by Sue Kendorski Ferry:

elvira ‏@elviemarie1 tweeted: omg im at taco bell and kevin costner is here omfg ahhhhhh. @modernwest ✨✨omg kevin costner just winked at me in the drive thru in taco bell (Posted 12:20am April 23rd)

Picture by twina528 - Candi Thomas: My mom and her #bodyguard lol Naw, it's just #kevincostner at #tacobell of all places! She got a free meal yall lol

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Love is everywhere by Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2014 W.D. Packard Music Hall, Warren Ohio 4/22/2014

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Never losing you by Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2014 W.D. Packard Music Hall, Warren Ohio 4/22/2014

"NEVER LOSING YOU" Kevin Costner & Modern West. 4-22-2014. Packard Music Hall, Warren Ohio by Suziefloozie3 Published on Apr 23, 2014 - Kevin Costner & Modern West sing a new song, "Never Losing You." Very nice intimate song.

Kevin Costner & Modern West. Warren Ohio. 4-22-2014. Leaving the stage. by Suziefloozie3 Published on Apr 23, 2014 Kevin Costner & Modern West. Warren Ohio. 4-22-2014. Packard Music Hall. Wrapping up the show, getting ready to leave the stage

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date Packard Music Hall ,Warren OH April 22 by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 23, 2014 - opening & Guest : Lily Costner ( with Gill Landry)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KC & MW played Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois...

Costner’s band comes to Arcada stage By Kathy Cichon For Sun-Times Media April 15, 2014:

Ron Onesti commented: Whoa! Kevin Costner in the house! Larger than life, yet a humble and warm dude! His show at The Arcada tonite will be amazing...once again! Songs he wrote while on the sets of some of the most beloved movies in history. We have a few $49 ones left! Show is at 7:30 (Posted 1:44pm April 21st)

St. Charles, Illinois shared Arcada Theatre's photo: Tonight only at Arcada Theatre - Kevin Costner & Modern West!

Lenny Martens ‏@LennyMartens tweeted: @modernwest @ArcadaTheatre cannot wait until tonight!! Live at the Arcada, THE Kevin Costner and crew... (Posterd 10:50am April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Day off in St Charles, IL yesterday. The Band and Crew Tin Cup open. #kcmw #kevincostner #tincup #chicago #rocknroll (Posted 9:52am April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: We are looking forward to the @ArcadaTheatre tonight. #stcharles #illinois #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #tour (Posted 9:54am April 21st)

Kimberly Katz ‏@KimberlyKatz tweeted: I am thrilled and delighted to be attending Kevin Costner @modernwest concert at The beautiful Arcada Theatre here in Chicago tonight!! (Posted April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: I meet Kevin Costner again today ! (Posted April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: I think it's awesome that I'm meeting Kevin Costner on the Field of Dreams 25th anniversary ! (Posted April 19th)

Lenny Martens ‏@LennyMartens tweeted: @modernwest who's ready to rock with Kevin Costner tonight at the Arcada? I am!! (Posted 2:16pm April 21st)

shelby hightower ‏@cubbiehawksgirl tweeted: Headed out to see Kevin Costner & his band Modern West...Shelby is very excited! :) (Posted 2:54pm April 21st)

Alyssa Blews ‏@AlyssaBlews tweeted: Going to see Kevin Costner in concert tonight! (Posted 3:00pm April 21st)

Joey Epps ‏@joey_epps tweeted: #KevinCostner has his fans waiting in the rain in St. Charles IL. Right now and won't come out of his bus. Boo Kevin Costner!! #modernwest (Posted 4:27pm April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Larry in the Drum Room. Back stage @Arcadatheatre. #larrycobb #rocknroll #kevincostner #modernwest #drummer #drums (Posted 6:39pm April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: Met Kevin Costner for the fourth time tonight. I'm so lucky. Kevin Costner in person is breathtaking. (Posted 9:11pm April 21st)

Alyssa Blews ‏@AlyssaBlews tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS A DORK. I REPEAT KEVIN COSTNER IS A DORK. I absolutely can't believe how fantastic the concert was. (Posted 9:24pm April 21st)

Kimberly Katz ‏@KimberlyKatz tweeted: Kevin Costner and (Posted 10:00pm April 21st)

Picture by alyssab67: Kevin Costner in Saint Charles sort of makes me giggle!!! (Posted April 21st)

Picture by tracithorson - Traci Thorson: OMG!! #kevincostner modernwest (Posted April 21st)

Picture by tonystewartfan4life - Julie C: #kevincostner is still as Hott as ever! (Posted April 21st)

MovingToVegas tweeted: LOVE this pic !!!! Kevin Costner !!!!!! (Posted April 21st)

Pam Closek commented: Last night at the Arcadia was an amazing experience. Hope you liked the Fannie Mae. The people Warren Ohio are in for a treat. (Posted April 22nd)

Alex Cohen commented: Kevin & his talented and beautiful daughter Lily at The Arcada Theater with Modern West (Posted April 22nd)

Joe Kay commented: Great show at the Arcada Theater last night and it was nice to meet Kevin backstage. Thanks for the fun. (Posted April 22nd)

Dorothy Young commented: See who I got for my birthday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kevin on flight to Chicago for 'Field Of Dreams' press release...

Elyse Matson commented: Chatted for a second with Kevin Costner on our flight to Chicago.
Me: "how ya doin?"
Kevin: "great, how about you?"
Me: "A little tired, but good"
Kevin: That's because you are such a party animal!"
Me: "oh yeah, that's me!" (Posted 5:43pm April 19th)

Jessica Estelle ‏@jessicaestelle tweeted: Was in First Class with Kevin Costner!!!! Ahh!!!! (Posted 5:29pm April 19th)

emily m. danforth ‏@emdanforth tweeted: Yesterday Kevin Costner was eating lunch at the table next to us. I've finlly sufficiently impressed my mom-in-law (by doing nothing). (Posted April 19th)

Picture by fodmoviesite: Field Of Dreams: Making sure the guys are ready for the cast reunion. #KevinCostner #DwierBrown

Kevin to attend 'Field Of Dreams' Fathers Day event...

VIDEO: Field of Dreams Press Conference Video Clip from Media House:

Field of Dreams Press Conference Video Clip from Media House on Vimeo.

Article: Kevin Costner to lead 'Field of Dreams' Father's Day by Kyle Munson April 21, 2014:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, others returning to Field of Dreams in June Written by Becca Habegger, April 21, 2014:
KWWL - Eastern Iowa Breaking News, Weather, Closings

Article: 'Field of Dreams' cast will have a Father's Day reunion for film's 25th anniversary By Mike Oz | Big League Stew April 21, 2014:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams cast to reunite in Iowa April 21, 2014, by Megan Noe April 21, 2014:

Article: A lasting legacy: 'Field of Dreams' - It's been a quarter-century now, and the movie's message is still resonating By Jim Caple | April 21, 2014:

Article: 'Field of Dreams' gave Iowa credibility in film world by Kyle Munson April 20, 2014:

America's River Festival commented: Have you heard? Kevin Costner & Modern West will be performing at America's River Festival in Dubuque on Saturday, June 14 as part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Field of Dreams Movie Site!

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: "Magical Movie, Disputed Diamond"

'Allstar Ballpark Heaven' website:

Article: Debate still simmers over 'Field of Dreams' site April 21, 2014:

Article: 'Field of Dreams' upcoming events and visitor information The Register April 19, 2014: