Wednesday, April 23, 2014

KC & MW played Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois...

Costner’s band comes to Arcada stage By Kathy Cichon For Sun-Times Media April 15, 2014:

Ron Onesti commented: Whoa! Kevin Costner in the house! Larger than life, yet a humble and warm dude! His show at The Arcada tonite will be amazing...once again! Songs he wrote while on the sets of some of the most beloved movies in history. We have a few $49 ones left! Show is at 7:30 (Posted 1:44pm April 21st)

St. Charles, Illinois shared Arcada Theatre's photo: Tonight only at Arcada Theatre - Kevin Costner & Modern West!

Lenny Martens ‏@LennyMartens tweeted: @modernwest @ArcadaTheatre cannot wait until tonight!! Live at the Arcada, THE Kevin Costner and crew... (Posterd 10:50am April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Day off in St Charles, IL yesterday. The Band and Crew Tin Cup open. #kcmw #kevincostner #tincup #chicago #rocknroll (Posted 9:52am April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: We are looking forward to the @ArcadaTheatre tonight. #stcharles #illinois #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #tour (Posted 9:54am April 21st)

Kimberly Katz ‏@KimberlyKatz tweeted: I am thrilled and delighted to be attending Kevin Costner @modernwest concert at The beautiful Arcada Theatre here in Chicago tonight!! (Posted April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: I meet Kevin Costner again today ! (Posted April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: I think it's awesome that I'm meeting Kevin Costner on the Field of Dreams 25th anniversary ! (Posted April 19th)

Lenny Martens ‏@LennyMartens tweeted: @modernwest who's ready to rock with Kevin Costner tonight at the Arcada? I am!! (Posted 2:16pm April 21st)

shelby hightower ‏@cubbiehawksgirl tweeted: Headed out to see Kevin Costner & his band Modern West...Shelby is very excited! :) (Posted 2:54pm April 21st)

Alyssa Blews ‏@AlyssaBlews tweeted: Going to see Kevin Costner in concert tonight! (Posted 3:00pm April 21st)

Joey Epps ‏@joey_epps tweeted: #KevinCostner has his fans waiting in the rain in St. Charles IL. Right now and won't come out of his bus. Boo Kevin Costner!! #modernwest (Posted 4:27pm April 21st)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: Larry in the Drum Room. Back stage @Arcadatheatre. #larrycobb #rocknroll #kevincostner #modernwest #drummer #drums (Posted 6:39pm April 21st)

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: Met Kevin Costner for the fourth time tonight. I'm so lucky. Kevin Costner in person is breathtaking. (Posted 9:11pm April 21st)

Alyssa Blews ‏@AlyssaBlews tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS A DORK. I REPEAT KEVIN COSTNER IS A DORK. I absolutely can't believe how fantastic the concert was. (Posted 9:24pm April 21st)

Kimberly Katz ‏@KimberlyKatz tweeted: Kevin Costner and (Posted 10:00pm April 21st)

Picture by alyssab67: Kevin Costner in Saint Charles sort of makes me giggle!!! (Posted April 21st)

Picture by tracithorson - Traci Thorson: OMG!! #kevincostner modernwest (Posted April 21st)

Picture by tonystewartfan4life - Julie C: #kevincostner is still as Hott as ever! (Posted April 21st)

MovingToVegas tweeted: LOVE this pic !!!! Kevin Costner !!!!!! (Posted April 21st)

Pam Closek commented: Last night at the Arcadia was an amazing experience. Hope you liked the Fannie Mae. The people Warren Ohio are in for a treat. (Posted April 22nd)

Alex Cohen commented: Kevin & his talented and beautiful daughter Lily at The Arcada Theater with Modern West (Posted April 22nd)

Joe Kay commented: Great show at the Arcada Theater last night and it was nice to meet Kevin backstage. Thanks for the fun. (Posted April 22nd)

Dorothy Young commented: See who I got for my birthday!

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