Thursday, April 17, 2014

KC & MW played Roanoke Civic Ctr., Roanoke, Virginia...

Interview: Kevin Costner says Modern West is in no way a vanity project - The actor, director and producer resurrects a longtime passion — performing with his Americana-leaning band. by Tad Dickens Apr 15, 2014:

AUDIO: Tad Dickens interviews Kevin Costner:

April Strowbridge commented: WOW ... This time tomorrow night I will be hanging out with Kevin Costner!!!!! (Posted April 15th)

Ryan Albanese ‏@ch3ckerfred tweeted: #draftday was fantastic! Can't wait to see Kevin Costner's band, @modernwest, tomorrow night at the @RnkCivicCenter (Posted April 15th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Great night in Maryland last night. See you in Roanoke, Virginia tonight! (Posted 10:04am April 16th)

Chris Gaubatz ‏@chrisgaubatz tweeted: Takin' my mum to see Kevin Costner tonight @ the Roanoke civic center:-) #Peace (Posted April 16th)

City Magazine commented: Congratulations to Paige Plaskon on winning the tickets to see Kevin Costner and Modern West tonight at the Roanoke Civic Center! (Posted April 16th)

Texas Tavern commented: Guess who just ate lunch at the Texas Tavern? Kevin Costner, that's who! For those of you who are wondering, he had a large cheeseburger (with hotdog chile on it) and a lemonade. (Posted 11:48am April 16th)

Cindy Lowery commented: On my way to see Kevin Costner with friends — at Virginia Hwy I-81. (Posted 11:56am April 16th)

Ananda Rochita ‏@AnandaRochita tweeted: Kevin Costner was at Texas Tavern in #roanoke @wsls. He bought a hamburger and a hotdog! (Posted 12:19pm April 16th)

kate ‏@k8wal_ tweeted: getting our exercise🏃on Kevin Costner patrol in DT Roanoke with @AnandaRochita @fands57 and @twitterlessmichella (Posted 12:21pm April 16th)

Russell Elyard ‏@chug574 tweeted: Hey @kevincostner welcome to @City_of_Roanoke (Posted 12:43pm April 16th)

WSLS 10 commented: Keep your eyes open downtown. Kevin Costner is walking around today. So far spotted at Orvis and Texas Tavern. (Posted 12:40pm April 16th)

WSLS 10 commented: Here he is at the tavern!

connie mowbray ‏@ConnieMowbray tweeted: @kevincostner thanks so much for the pic today. XO #HappyWednesday (Posted 12:30pm April 16th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Wandering the streets of Downtown Roanoke. #texastavern #roanoke #tour #kevincostner #rocknroll #kcmw (Posted 12:51pm April 16th)

Tyler Keefer ‏@PTKeefer tweeted: I wonder if Costner will still be cruising around downtown after 5. Really want him to autograph my favorite movie: Waterworld #Costnerwatch (Posted 1:08 pm April 16th)

Macon County News commented: Sneak Peek of tomorrow's paper! This week's articles include: LWV commissioner candidate forum, Interview with Kevin Costner, A look at school attendance, an update on the Board of Elections, and much more! (Posted April 16th)

Anna ‏@theklutz20 tweeted: ...And everyone goes a little crazy bc Kevin Costner is walking downtown. (Posted 2:15pm April 16th)

Shannon Love ‏@sloveya831 tweeted: Gettin excited for Kevin Costner and that Wild West band of his!!!! Wooo hoo!! Roanoke here we come!!! (Posted 3:53pm April 16th)

Carmike Cinema 10 Tanglewood Mall commented: Come hang out with your Tanglewood Carmike crew at the Kevin Costner Modern West concert tonight and register to win free movie tickets to!!! (Posted April 16th)

Picture by robinkp - Robin K. Phillips: #wishiwasthere

Huck's Beer Buzz ‏@hucksbeerbuzz tweeted: At Blue 5 #stone event. Heard #kevincostner is in town. He should stop by and I'll buy him a beer! (Posted 5:02pm April 16th)

Meghan Mast ‏@megmast89 tweeted: On my way to get food and then see Kevin Costner and his band play! With my bff Sarah (Posted 5:05pm April 16th)

Cindy Lowery commented: Getting ready to go back stage to see Kevin Costner — at Roanoke Civic Center. (Posted 5:26pm April 16th)

Kecia Conley commented: Heading to see Kevin Costner sing tonight with my favorite Whitney Stinson!! Can't wait for some girl time (Posted 4:17pm April 16th)

Gus Chacknes Costner and I are supposed to hangout at bdubs tonight (Posted 4:34pm April 16th)

Dedee Smith Millican tweeted: I'll be there, too, Kecia!!!! Maybe I'll see you. Have fun!! (Posted 4:44pm April 16th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Get ready, Roanoke, VA! (Posted 7:01pm April 16th)

Picture by Roanoke Civic Center - RnkCivicCenter: He's here!! Kevin Costner and Modern West y'all!!!

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: About to go on stage at Roanoke Virginia civic center (Posted 8:19pm April 16th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Can you see the family resemblance? #lilycostner

Picture by kate1927 - Kate Stackpole: #kevincostner #nobiggie (Posted 9:13pm April 16th)

Picture by gbrumfield1 - G-Money: My Fraternity Brother, Kevin Costner tearin' it up on stage! #TooFly #DeltaChi (Posted 9:52pm April 16th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Roanoke civic center setlist. (Posted 10:48pm April 16th)

Pictures by Ellicotville Times:

Kevin Costner eats at Texas Tavern by Dan Casey | The Roanoke Times April 17, 2014:

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Thank you Roanoke. #kcmw #kevincostner #rocknroll #roanoke #virginia

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