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KC & MW played Seneca Alleghany Casino...

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Hello Buffalo NY. The tour has started!! #rocknroll #kcmw #kevincostner #tour #tourbus #pbj

Pam Nichols commented: Heading to Salamaca today for a Kevin Costner concert and of course to do some gambling (Posted 7:23am April 12th)

Ken Ferry Jr. commented: 4/12 we are getting ready for Seneca-Allegany show number 14 for us and will see you in Warren Ohio #15. Hope to say hello in person if not Hello John Coinman and the rest of the band enjoy. this is our backyard. (Posted 11:19am April 12th)

Luke Bulla ‏@lukebulla tweeted: Playing a show w #KevinCostner and @modernwest tonight up in Seneca, NY! (Posted 2:43pm April 12th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West: Soundchecking in Seneca! (Posted 6:59pm April 12th)

Sue Kendorski Ferry commented: We're here! Seneca Allegany Casino! And so is everybody else! (Posted 2:25pm April 12th)

Lisa Wright Mackowski commented: A little gambling before seeing my man Kevin Costner! Hope I do not get arrested lol (Posted 3:57pm April 12th)

Blythe Holynski ‏@BlytheRegina tweeted: On our way to see Kevin Costner & his band @modernwest.... been waiting YEARS for them to be close enough to go!! #cantwait :) (Posted at 4:09pm April 12th)

Steph Crooks commented: Was just given free tickets to the casino to see Kevin Costner and his band tonight. Guess I now have plans for the night! (Posted 4:54pm April 12th)

Robin Yasurek commented: My sister is going too. (Posted 5:21pm April 12th)

Lisa Gow commented: My mom is going! (Posted 5:50pm April 12th)

Laura Austin Burdick commented: Heading to the casino to see Kevin Costner... Oh yeah! (Posted 5:40pm april 12th)

Dave Kessler commented: casino buffet then the kevin costner concert with Melissa Clark... (Posted 5:55pm April 12th)

Daniel Gullotti commented: Waiting to see Kevin Costner — with Sandy Hultin Gullotti at Seneca Allegany Casino. (Posted 6:51pm April 12th)

Cassie Fearing ‏@Cassfear33 tweeted: Kevin Costner concert with momma and nana!!! (Posted 6:59pm April 12th)

Jim Farr commented: At Kevin Costner concert... — at Seneca Allegany Event Center.

Laura Austin Burdick commented: Whew. Walked right by us! (Posted 4:50pm April 12th)

Laura Austin Burdick commented: Ladies....he's even better looking in person. (Posted 8:24pm April 12th)

Lea DiCenso ‏@LeaDiCenso tweeted: Enjoying Kevin Costner and his band @ Seneca Allegany!! (Posted 8:11pm April 12th)

Linda Agliardo Andrews commented: We are at the casino in Salamanca at a concert Kevin Costner he still looks great (Posted 8:18pm April 12th)

Michele McDonald ‏@mmcdonald5790 tweeted: Having the best time watching @modernwest Kevin Costner is a great entertainer!!! (Posted 8:28pm April 12th)

Pictures by Lisa Wright Mackowski: (Posted 8:35pm April 12th)

Kim Williams Bockhahn commented: Came to the casino for dinner an a little fun for my birthday and was just handed 2 tickets to see Kevin Costner from the 18th row! There still are nice people in the world. Mmmmmm -Happy birthday to me! (Posted 9:17pm April 12th)

Sue Kendorski Ferry commented: Yeahhh baby! (Posted 9:31pm April 12th)

Jimmy Crowley commented: Awesome show tonight. I almost shook Kevin's hand at the stage. LOL. Nya weh. (Posted 9:43pm April 12th)

Letha Pierce commented: Omg i seen kevin costner today at work he looks a little gray but still looks well you know (Posted 9:48pm April 12th)

Mary Lou Coleman commented: Excellent show at Seneca Allegany Thanks for a great night out. (Posted 10:30pm April 12th)

Lily Costner commented: Just finished the first of tour with Modern West in Salamanca, NY. Singing a duet with my father...... you couldn't wipe this smile off of my face if you tried. (Posted 10:57pm April 12th)

Pictures by abelles11 - Annabelle Mikols: ...just driving home from seeing @kevincostnermodernwest and they were fantastic (as was his daughter Lily keep your eyes and ears out for her)... (Posted 10:58pm April 12th)

Lily Costner commented: Thank you to Salamanca, NY for being so wonderfully attentive during my opening set for Modern West tonight. It was a pleasure. (Posted 11:03pm April 12th)

Cheryl Terwilliger commented: We loved the show guys!! Lots of love and blessings throughout your tour. (Posted 11:23pm April 12th)

Darren Tucci commented: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: just back from the hip happening Salamanca neck of the woods. I finally got to see Kevin Costner and his Modern West band at the Seneca Allegany Casino. One of her bucket list wishes was to see Kevin, and if lucky enough, actually meet him. Well, my love met Kevin Costner tonight and I couldn't be happier for her. Photo forthcoming. (Posted 11:47am April 12th)

Shirley Jimerson commented: What an awesome human being! The Show was FANTASTIC!! Seneca Allegany Casino-first stop on your road shows! LOVE the voice....and the interaction with us! (Posted 11:56pm April 12th)

Suzanne Randall commented: Let me see....ummmm what can I say about Kevin Costner?? HOLY HOTNESS!! He even made his entrance by walking down through the crowd! (Posted 12:36am April 12th)

Pictures by izzyaz13: #KevinCostner #KevinCostnerModernWest #Seneca #Casino (Posted 12:50am April 13th)

Lea DiCenso commented: Great show tonight @ Seneca Allegany! Your daughter Lily was delightful! You and Modern West rocked it - it was nice how you interacted with the crowd. I saw a preview screening of Draft Day last Tuesday and it is a really good movie. Best of luck with both! (Posted 1:55am April 13th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West concert photos by Donna Tyszko Berg:

Ruth Sallade commented: Had a date night with my Honey. We went to see Kevin Costner. He is not only an incredible actor, but an awesome singer as well!! — feeling excited. No, really, he is even better looking in person. John and I were sitting in the last row near an aisle and he walked down right next to us. I coulda, shoulda, reached out and latched on! (Posted 2:35am April 13th)

Picture by seriously_sarah - Sarah Spaulding: Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 13th)

Sue Crowley commented: Attended the concert at Seneca Allegany Casino last night. Great show!!! Kevin, you are awesome! (Posted April 13th)

Therese Parisi Stock commented: Had a great time at your show last night. So glad I was able to come out. You not only are a talented actor (one of my favorites) you sing well and I enjoyed your music. I had a lot fun. (Posted April 13th)

Bethany Norlin commented: What I looked like when I got within 2 feet of Kevin Costner last night haha - I got to pat him on the shoulder - so flippin' cool!!! He was at the casino last night with his band Modern West - he walked up through the aisle before they played and we had end seats - he shook hands and thanked everyone for coming it was THE COOLEST thing ever! I looked at Raub and was like OMG I TOUCHED KEVIN COSTNER HAHAHA! We laughed. I was pretty star struck haha! (Posted April 13th)

"LONG HOT NIGHT" - 4-12-2014 Seneca Allegany Casino - Kevin Costner & Modern West by Suziefloozie3 Published on Apr 13, 2014

103.5 WEZL welcomes Kevin Costner and Modern West are coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on April 23rd and we have your tickets! See link to enter until noon April 18, 2014:

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