Saturday, April 26, 2014

KC & MW played the Smoky Mountain Center for Performing Arts....

Interview: Kevin Costner & Modern West coming to Franklin by Brittney Parker 17 April 2014

Kevin Costner and Modern West by GreatMountainMusic Published on Apr 14, 2014 - Live in Franklin, North Carolina. April 24, 2014. Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts.

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts commented: Lights for the Kevin Costner & Modern West show have arrived. Their show is going to rock! (Posted April 22nd)

Janice Minette commented: On my way to see Kevin Costner and Modern West band at Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center in Franklin. So excited! Show starts at 7:30 if you're looking for something to do tonight. Pray I get to meet him! (Posted 4:42pm April 24th)

Christine Matney commented: Kevin Costner just went into building, shanqiue asked for pic with him for her birthday, that she drove a long time to get there, , hes doing sound check, and will be going back to bus, so she is waiting on him..!!!!........I hope she gets it, it would make her day, year,

Kristy Sheldon commented: Saw the actor Kevin Costner today outside of the Hampton inn as he was getting ready to leave for his concert at the Smokey Mountain Performing Arts Center. amazing!!!!!! (Posted 5:42pm April 24th)

Penney Boswell DiIenno Brown commented: Kevin Costner alert....he ate lunch at the Motor Company Grill and visited one of the pawn shops in town...heard he was a real nice guy too! Talked to everyone! Any other sightings to report? (Posted 5:49pm April 24th)

Motor Company Grill 86 W Main St, Franklin, North Carolina

Motor Company Grill commented: Just an afternoon visit from Kevin Costner! (Posted 2:18pm April 24th)

Becky Harkins Gibson commented: Oh you know- just lunch with Kevin Costner — with Tiffany Hurst at Motor Company Grill. (Posted 1:56pm April 24th)

Outdoor 76 commented: Look who stopped by today..... Kevin Costner & Modern West swung by to see what Outdoor 76 was all about!! (Posted 2:53pm April 24th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center, Franklin, NC. Ready to #rocknroll #kevincostner #modernwest #franklin #tour #northCarolina (Posted 5:51pm April 24th)

Tracy Gray Allard commented: Holy Sh**! I have died and gone to Kevin Costner heaven!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLY HUMBLE SHOWMAN OH AND HE CAN SING AND WHAT A GREAT A**!!!!!! (Posted 8:34pm April 24th)

Pictures by ssecreast90 - Samantha Secreast: #kevincostner and #modernwestband was such a good show in Franklin, N.C. (Posted April 24th)

Pictures by Johna Owens Rouse: Can Sing as well as he can Act!!!

Pictures by Tanya Messer: Meeting Kevin Costner was quick, but awesome! SUPER NICE GUY! We talked baseball! Lol can't wait to share our pic....We are in Franklin at the Fine and Performing Arts Center....front row and back stage!!!! Details later...enjoying show now. I failed to mention he rubbed circles on my back the entire time?!? It was nice!

Teresa Harris Blackburn commented: At the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert in Franklin NC! (Posted April 24th)

Tavia Micuda Thomas commented: He was very cute and funny! And, he gave my friend his guitar pick (Posted April 24th)

Annie Westermann commented: Spending the evening with Kevin Costner and Hollywood! — at Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts. (Posted April 24th)

Darian Hayes commented: Well i got to see one of lorettas dreams come true tonight an the smile on her face when kevin costner came walking out was priceless (Posted 8:43pm April 24th)

Melinda Lee Massung commented: What FUN that was tonight!!! GREAT performance Kevin Costner & all!!! seeing him in person!!! GREAT show!!!

Daniel Sanders commented: Soooo At my work today KEVIN COSTNER!!! Comes in this morning and of course I was off soooo livid!! But had a great day anyway!!

Kaye Sebastyn commented: Sometimes you are put in the right place at the right time. Last night, Bill and I went to the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert down in Franklin at the Performing Arts Center. We went out to eat before the concert and were chatting with folks sitting around us. A nice man came up to us and said he was with Kevin on this tour and would like us to meet him after the concert. After giving us directions where to go after the concert, he came and met us and took us directly to Kevin Costner in the Green one else, just us. I thought I was dreaming. He is such a great guy and has a great band (and you thought he was only an actor!). Seriously, we were there for about 5 minutes just talking. He signed a CD we had and we had our picture taken with him. Wow. We still haven't come down!!!! Will try to post fuzzy pic later. (Posted April 25th)

Darlene Swofford commented: Kevin Costner and his band in Franklin tonight!! Great band! Fun time (Posted April 24th)

Pictures by freespirit66 - Fife:

Chris Wyatt commented: Kevin costner and modern west. (Posted April 24th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 25, 2014 - Franklin, NC. April 24 opening & Guest : Lily Costner

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