Monday, April 28, 2014

KC & MW played War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee...

Mix 92.9 commented: 7:10 THIS MORNING! The KEVIN COSTNER is on the Mix Morning Show! He is AWESOME! Listen to Mix 92.9! Kevin Costner joined The Mix Morning Show to talk movies, TV and music.

Tennessean Music ‏@TNMusicNews tweeted: Kevin Costner: Movie star, musician (playing @WMARocks Sat.) & future documentary filmmaker (Posted April 25th)

Guidance Photography ‏@GuidancePhoto tweeted: So my awesome news is confirmed! I will be shooting the gorgeous, talented, epic, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West this Saturday!!!! (Posted April 22nd)

Guidance Photography commented: I seriously didn't think this Kevin Costner assignment could get any better or more epic... but God has again surprised me with an even BIGGER blessing for Saturday! I'm not sure if I can share the details yet, but trust me, I definitely will!!!! (Posted 6:11pm April 24th)

Kevin Costner relishes role as leader of his band By Cindy Watts April 24, 2014[%271%27]

Kevin Costner wants to make music documentary by Cindy Watts

Kevin Costner is here! Like 15 feet away. — at 417 Union. (Posted 10:00am April 26th)

Laura Dee Harris Dickerson commented: Kevin Costner is in the house... (Posted 10:04am April 26th)

417 Union Classic American Dining, Nashville

Cheryl Kruse commented: Couldn't ask for a better day to be on the Blue Grass Parkway, heading to Nashville to see Kevin Costner and Modern West and hopefully Lily Costner too!! (Posted 1:57pm April 26th)

Josh Massey ‏@joshmassey1 tweeted: It's possible I just drove four hours - by myself - to see Kevin Costner in concert. Definitely possible. @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Nossi College of Art commented: Kevin Costner's in town, but not to film his next movie. He'll be on stage at War Memorial Auditorium for his show with Kevin Costner & Modern West, and we'll be there to photograph the show! (Posted 1:30pm April 26th)

Lori Hensarling ‏@LoriHensarling tweeted: Kevin Costner's bus! Woo hoo! @ War Memorial Auditorium

DannyMahlonUnderwood ‏@poetmahlon tweeted: Enjoying last couple of days of vacation in Nashville. Going to see Kevin Costner and his band tonight @ the War Memorial Auditorium. (Posted April 26th)

Jo Young-mason commented: Jerri Ann & I are at the Cracker Barrel in Clarksville. We are headed to Nashville to see Kevin Costner & his band Modern West tonight. So excited!! Posted 3:01pm April 26th)

Judd White commented: Soundcheck! Kevin Costner and Modern West - last show of the tour if your in Nashvegas come on down. 730pm — at War Memorial Auditorium. (Posted 4:44pm April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Look who I'm with tonight! #KevinCostner #wmarocks (Posted 5:24pm April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: Guess who showed up on our steps?? @iamkidpresident came to interview Kevin Costner! (Posted April 26th)

About the Kid President:

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: The War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville is a great music venue! Such a beautiful place! @wmarocks (Posted April 26th)

Kyle Harris ‏@jkyleharris tweeted: Kevin Costner and #kidpresident (Posted April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: Getting ready for Kevin Costner and @modernwest at 7:30! Who's joining us? (Posted April 26th)

Sharon Kent Davis commented: OH!!!! The Day is Finally Here...I am going to get ready now!! He is my Favorite Actor/Producer!! I will let you know later if he is one of my favorite singer!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted 2:45pm April 26th)

Jo Young-mason commented: Got to meet Kevin Costner back stage! He had his arm around my shoulder when the picture was taken!

Jerri Ann Jeffords Rule commented: Just met Kevin Costner in a meet and greet. Jo and I were in the right place at the right time!! Met a nice man who took us with him to the event. WOW what a treat! And what a nice guy is Kevin C. We are both blown away! (Posted 5:47pm April 26th)

Picture by crego313 - Cindy Rego: Lily Costner opening for her dad.. Good stuff... (Posted April 26th)

Picture by traci_stl - Tracy Hoff Tasky: The best birthday ever!! Thank you to Uncle Joe! (Posted April 26th)

Pictures by emelleoh - *Mary Lynne*: Lily Costner & Teddy Morgan killin' it opening for @kevincostnermodernwest at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville

Picture by adrouse85 - Andrew Rouse: Just got a shout out from the man hinself (Posted April 26th)

Picture by dreamchaser519: Met #KevinCostner today in #nashville. He was so nice. He is my favorite actor and I love his music. My favorite song of his is "Down In Nogales" (Posted April 26th)

Bonnie Bramlett commented: OMG just got back from Kevin Costner and his beautiful daughter Lilys show ! It was so wonderful. She sings like an angel! Bekka and I danced in the aisles along with the crowd as Kevin took us from one musical journey to the other. John Oates joined him on a song they had written together . I had a great time. Only got a hug and photo op time before the show with Kevin but that will last me a lifetime. Ahahahahah. Goodnight chall. Dreamtime. Dare I??? Hahahah you bet your butt........zzzzzzz (Posted 11:21pm April 26th)

Stacey Dyess Stone commented: I loved him before but oh my gosh I'm madly in love with Kevin Costner. His daughter was there all I can say is wow!

Mike McCloud commented: Singing or performing on screen, Kevin Costner is a class act!

Picture by sarahlynnmorris: Kevin Costner nbd with my beautiful friend

John Oates commented: Here's a pic from last night sitting in with Kevin Costner & Modern West at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. Kevin recorded "Stand Strong" and he invited me to do it with them. I'm sharing the mic with Teddy Morgan who co wrote and produced the song on the new album. (Posted April 27th)

Christopher Shawn Mayberry commented: Me and Kevin Costner. Met Kevin Costner and his daughter last night they are a great group of people — feeling excited. (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest feeling the music tonight in Nashville. Tonight was electric! Please come back soon! (Posted April 26th)

Cindy Collins ‏@cndcollins tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West tonight (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Kevin Costner invited us out of our seats to come up front! Such a nice guy! Great Dad to Lily Costner who opened! @wmrarocks @modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: My favorite picture of Kevin Costner tonight in NashvilleTN @wmarocks @modernwest Well maybe. (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Ok so Kevin Costner poured me (& hundreds of others) a glass of champagne at the end! @wmarocks @modernwest #KCostner (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: One of the best concerts EVER and I've been to a lot! Such a nice guy! @wmarocks @modernwest #KevinCostner (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: @EmElleOh @NashvilleMusic3 @modernwest I was there!! Great concert in Nashville ! (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: @wmarocks Thank you so much for following me! (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Great show tonight by Kevin Costner & @modernwest in Nashville! I shook KC's hand, got his setlist & got John's pick! (Posted April 26th)

Jacci Rodgers ‏@JacciRodgers tweeted: Kevin and Lilly Costner. Great show! #modernwest (Posted April 26th)

Mary Lynne ‏@EmElleOh tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West!!!! (Posted April 26th)

Karen Pulfer Focht ‏@Karenfocht tweeted: If you had a split sec 2 decide 2 ask Kevin Costner 4 a kiss or pose for a selfie with him, what would you do? (Posted April 26th)

Erica Hoyt ‏@ericahoyt tweeted: 🔫 Kevin Costner and The Modern West is happening. It happened. (Posted April 26th)

WarMemorialNashville ‏@wmarocks tweeted: What a show from Kevin Costner and @modernwest! Thanks for sharing your music (Posted April 26th)

Kyle Harris ‏@jkyleharris tweeted: Kevin Costner and John Oates jamming #yesthatkevincostner #hallandoates (Posted April 26th)

chelsey johnson ‏@chelseyrjohnson tweeted: Kevin Costner has a band! Thanks @roefrazer for the date night! #stillhot #tincup (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: What a great concert in #Nashville with @modernwest Kevin Costner! (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Kevin Costner show us your backside! YES! @wmarocks! (Posted April 26th)

Richa Nashville ‏@RichaNashville tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West, stories & songs... (Posted April 26th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: OMG ! Kevin Costner is delicious!! #Nashville #surprisinglyreallygood (Posted April 26th)

Ashley McClellan ‏@SmashleyMac tweeted: "The supremes" as we were called. Kevin Costner love him!!!!! (Posted April 26th)

michael ‏@Michael_McLean tweeted: Kevin Costner poured my mom a glass of champagne last night. (Posted April 27th)

Brittany ‏@bhart_xo tweeted: Kinda glad that I met Kevin Costner last night, if only my dad grabbed the right hand for him to shake instead of the girl next to me 😹 (Posted April 27th)

Fran Stevenson ‏@FranSellsTNProp tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner and Mountain West last night in Nashville...good show! (Posted April 27th)

Fran Carpenter ‏@willowfrantn tweeted: Still thinking about last night with Kevin Costner in Nashville. He opened a bottle of champagne in two seconds! (Posted April 27th)

Melissa ‏@mgs4eku tweeted: @modernwest Great show Friday night at the Rising Star Casino. (Posted April 27th)

Tennessean Music ‏@TNMusicNews tweeted: #GALLERY: Kevin Costner & the @modernwest perform at @wmarocks #nashville (Posted April 27th)

Anne Ross Caver commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West had a really good show last night in Nashville. He is such a gracious, kind, and humble man who certainly enjoys playing music...I like him even better now. Modern West is a talented group and we enjoyed the night lots and lots. (Posted April 27th)

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