Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kevin in downtown Nashville and more concert items...

Lynda Taylor Glascock commented: Just saw Kevin Costner! He's still cute but couldn't snag a picture! We were at Jeni's ice cream at 12th south. He was walking to the Frothy Monkey. Saw him again standing in line there. (Posted 9:25am April 27th)

Elizabeth Deininger Edmundson commented: OMG! Kevin Costner just past me on the sidewalk at Jeni's Ice Cream in Nashville. (Posted 9:25am April 27th)

Donald Page ‏@donaldppage tweeted: Just asked Kevin Costner if he was Kevin Costner and he was, in fact, Kevin Costner. #Nashville (Posted 9:28am April 27th)

Mike Morgan ‏@mmorgan5 tweeted: Just said hello to Kevin Costner so there's that haha (Posted 11:32am April 27th)

Paige ‏@pfunk1211 tweeted: Kevin Costner sighting at VV Nashvegas! #bulldurham #fortheloveofthegame (Posted 11:34am April 27th)

Holly Barwick ‏@buddy_holly13 tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner just held the door for me. I guess that's cool? #TypicalNashville (Posted 12:01pm April 27th)

Jeremy Thurston commented: Me and Gary Maness just meet Kevin It was pretty in the elevator of the hotel we stayed at.... (Posted 12:09pm April 27th))

Ashley Rowland commented: Cory and I just stood shoulder to shoulder with Kevin Costner in a one room boutique in Nashville. I've got my coolness for the year. It was just him and his daughter. I thought it may have been inappropriate to jump on his back. He was just casually trying to blend in. It was just a few people in the boutique. I didn't want to impose lol (Posted 11:32am April 27th)

Julie Caliel Boney commented: So I have to find out from my sons twitter account that my crush since 1988 Kevin Costner & Modern West is in Vineyard Vines while he is working there today ! I thought I raised that boy better. (Posted 11:59am April 27th)

Vineyard Vines:

Guidance Photography ‏@GuidancePhoto tweeted: Big news, my images from the Kevin Costner Modern West concert will be on page A2 tomorrow in the Tennessean Paper! #concert #Nashville (Posted April 27th)

Picture by hmwirth13 - Heather Wirth: you know...just Keivn Costner & I at Frothy Monkey (Nashville) (Posted April 28th)

Frothy Monkey website:

Pictures and concert review: Kevin Costner & Modern West Rock The Paramount Huntington, NY 4-13-14 with Lily Costner Posted By CrypticRock April 29, 2014

Pictures by William Toti: The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia:

Kevin Costner & Modern West snapshots Tour Date The Birchmere, April 17 by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 20, 2014 - Alexandria (Virginia) opening & Guest : Lily Costner

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