Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kevin on flight to Chicago for 'Field Of Dreams' press release...

Elyse Matson commented: Chatted for a second with Kevin Costner on our flight to Chicago.
Me: "how ya doin?"
Kevin: "great, how about you?"
Me: "A little tired, but good"
Kevin: That's because you are such a party animal!"
Me: "oh yeah, that's me!" (Posted 5:43pm April 19th)

Jessica Estelle ‏@jessicaestelle tweeted: Was in First Class with Kevin Costner!!!! Ahh!!!! (Posted 5:29pm April 19th)

emily m. danforth ‏@emdanforth tweeted: Yesterday Kevin Costner was eating lunch at the table next to us. I've finlly sufficiently impressed my mom-in-law (by doing nothing). (Posted April 19th)

Picture by fodmoviesite: Field Of Dreams: Making sure the guys are ready for the cast reunion. #KevinCostner #DwierBrown

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