Monday, April 28, 2014

More from the KC & MW April concert tour...

Taso Hountas Music & Editorial Photography: Who would have thought that two time Academy Award winner Kevin Costner was also an accomplished musician. Well he is, Kevin and his Band Modern West took over The Paramount last night. Call it Southern Rock, Cross between Country and Soft Rock what ever you want but all in attendance sure did enjoy his performance. The rules for this performance was only 2 songs not your typical 3, I really would have liked to photograph the third song as a few opportunities came up that would have been great to capture. I would go and catch his performance again next time he is in the NYC area and you should too.

Two pictures and review: Kevin Costner & Modern West at The Paramount by Bob Wilson On April 13th, 2014

Wayne Herrschaft Headlamp Digital Photography: Kevin Costner And Modern West April 13 · · Taken at The Paramount:

Video: Actor Kevin Costner stops in for a cheeseburger in downtown Roanoke By Brie Jackson April 16, 2014

City of Roanoke, Virginia - Communications commented: Kevin Costner with Officer Tim Donathan

City of Roanoke PD ‏@rpdsafercity tweeted: Thanks Kevin Costner @modernwest for hanging out w/ Ofc. Donathan this afternoon! #awesome #DraftDayMovie (Posted April 16th)

Brett Gross Gerald commented: Loved this moment & this photo (Posted April 16th)

Jim Johnson commented: Just so everyone knows, that's me on the right! (Posted April 17th)

Jim Johnson commented: Nettie and I went to see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West last night at the Roanoke Civic Center. We got to meet him as well. His daughter Lilly played and sang as well. Very nice event!

Jean Kitts commented: Thanks to my sweet daughter Cathy for our girls night out by treating me to a performance by Kevin Costner & Modern West last night at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theater. The show was absolutely over the top amazing and an added bonus was Kevin Costner's daughter Lily opening the show. She has the voice of an angel, the band rocked. and of course what can we say about Kevin Costner-talent, caring, smart, and very easy on the eye. Thanks, Cathy for a truly wonderful night!! (Posted April 17th)

Pictures: Actor Kevin Costner stops in for a cheeseburger in downtown Roanoke By Brie Jackson:

Article: Kevin Costner swings by Texas Tavern before Roanoke show By Tiffany Holland | The Roanoke Times

Michelle Shupe ‏@Shellshupe tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West @modernwest Roanoke ! You guys are awesome ! (Posted April 16th)

C. Ryan Shelton ‏@cryanshelton tweeted: "Before I go any further I want to thank ya'll for going to the movies all these years." - Kevin Costner @modernwest (Posted April 16th)

Kecia Conley ‏@keciadawn10 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER (Posted April 16th)

Kecia Conley ‏@keciadawn10 tweeted: Kevin Costner and his daughter Lily singing (Posted April 16th)

Elizabeth Slaski ‏@easlaski tweeted: I'm in the same room with Kevin Costner! This is freakin awesome! (Posted April 16th)

Vinny Brown ‏@K92Vinny tweeted: Kevin Costner'a concert about to kick off. (Posted April 16th)

Vinny Brown ‏@K92Vinny tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West (Posted April 16th)

Rhonda Lyon ‏@teachr4kidz tweeted: @modernwest Wonderful show @RnkCivicCenter tonight! Soulful music and wonderful daughter! Thank you! #kevincostner #kcmw #lilycostner (Posted April 16th)

Shannon Love ‏@sloveya831 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West! Great show!!!!! @modernwest loved it!Even with crazy lady in front of me taking pictures the whole time! (Posted April 16th)

Andrea Elrod ‏@acelrod06 tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER WAS IN ROANOKE!!! Ahh of course he couldn't have come the other 17 years I lived there! Haha (Posted April 16th)

Samantha Roberts ‏@NBC12Sam tweeted: I LOVE that Kevin Costner ate @ my favorite #Roanoke spot, @TexasTavern! Going to try it? Better know the lingo (Posted April 17th)

Welcome to Bedford ‏@BedfordInformer tweeted: Bedford resident meets Kevin Costner at Orvis: (Posted 8:46am April 17th)

Center in the Square commented: You never know who you are going to see hanging around outside Center in the Square... Hello, Kevin Costner! (Photo credit: Sandra Cregger) (Posted 9am April 17th)

Michelle SportsX ‏@SportSXMichelle tweeted: @BtheSportsGuy I saw Kevin Costner's daughter on stage with @TraceAdkins ~ She is so lovely and talented! (Posted April 17th)

Kristina S Smith ‏@PlanSmithLLC tweeted: Who knew Kevin Costner could sing?! (Posted April 17th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West - snapshots Tour Date Roanoke Civic Centre ,VA April 16 Published on Apr 17, 2014

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