Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More of Kevin on SiriusXM for 'Draft Day'...

SiriusXM The Highway ‏@SXMTheHighway Al Skop chatting w/Kevin Costner @modernwest today at 3pm ET on @sxmthehighway. I get him before @jimmyfallon does tonight. Neener neener... (Posted April 11th)

SiriusXM The Highway commented: My wife says he's dreamy... Hanging with Kevin Costner now.. (Posted April 11th)

SiriusXM The Highway commented: A closer pic we took while the song played...glad you're digging it... (Posted April 11th)

Kevin Costner & MW @modernwest tweeted: Great time chatting w/ @alskop last week on @SXMTheHighway @SIRIUSXM (Posted April 15th)

Eric Rasmussen commented: Had the pleasure of meeting him as we went through security at the Nashville airport about 3 years ago. Very friendly to give me a few minutes of his time as we stood and chatted for a bit.

SiriusXM Prime Country commented: Kevin and Kim! (They are on a first name basis, you understand) (Kim Ashley) (Posted April 14th)

Sports Talk 570 ‏@SportsTalk570 tweeted: It's Sports Movie Monday! Today #DraftDay with Kevin Costner The Sports Reporters with @andypollin1 on @SportsTalk570 (Posted 7:57am April 21st)

Sporting News ‏@sportingnews tweeted: .@MichaelWacha is a big Kevin Costner fan. He also weighs in on MLB's best mascot and more: (Posted April 22nd)

Shane Vincent Owen ‏@shaneowen tweeted: Larry with Kevin Costner (Posted April 15th)

Picture by Larry Flick @LarryFlick: Had a GREAT chat about music with #KevinCostner about his way cool band @ModernWest. Tune in Monday to hear ALL!

Academy Award winning actor/director, Kevin Costner, chats with OUTQ's Larry Flick about his new forthcoming music project, as well as his commitment to doing his music his way.

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