Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kevin plays catch at the Field Of Dreams movie site...

Dubuque Airport commented: Kevin Costner arriving at DBQ Airport last night for Field of Dreams 25th anniversary.

Picture by aprileveholtan - April Holtan: Kevin Costner downtown Dubuque, Iowa. (Posted 6:34pm June 12th)

See the pictures and article entitled: Costner takes the field By MacKenzie Elmer June 13, 2014:

Picture by kateko1215 - Kate: Rolled up on the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa today...Turns out it is the 25th anniversary fo the movie and Kevin Costner was there throwing a ball around and doing interviews! Talk about luck! (Posted June 13th)

Picture by caitwilliams22 - cait williams: Oh hey kevin cosnar (Posted June 13th)

Picture by groundmullet - Dustin Mallet: This person #kevincostner (Posted June 13th)

Picture by mmsands07 - Missy Sands: Don't worry, guys. I found Kevin. (Posted June 13th)

Picture by ellerbachj - Jen Ellerach: #KevinCostner #fieldofdreams (Posted June 13th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Kevin and Bob at the Field of Dreams. (Posted June 13th)

Picture by iowa_girl1 - Iowa Girl: #KevinCostner & family enjoying a nostalgic moment on the porch at the #FieldOfDreams movie site tonight. (Posted June 13th)

Picture by iowa_girl1 - Iowa Girl: #KevinCostner played catch with everyone who brought a glove to the #FieldOfDreams movie site today. (Posted June 13th)

Picture by rossjn - Ross: "Is this heaven?" / "It's Iowa". #fieldofdreams25

Alex Timmerman commented: Play catch with Kevin costner. Check Way down to earth. So was dwier borwn. Costner just wanted to play some catch with everyone. (Posted 2:27pm June 13th)

I PLAYED CATCH WITH KEVIN COSTNER!! by itsallaboutroy Published June 13, 2014

25th Anniversary of Field of Dreams by Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier Published June 13, 2014

Dave Ulrich commented: OMG !!!!! I just had a catch with Kevin Costner on the Field Or Dreams. Video will be posted later tonight (Posted 2:37pm June 13th)

Jacque Rahe commented: Kevin Costner has a discussion between pitches with Field of Dreams owner Denise Stillman. Get ready Dyersville (Posted 2:24pm June 13th)

Kevin Costner visits Field of Dreams for movie’s 25th anniversary June 13, 2014 by Jenna Morton

Costner, Costas visit Field of Dreams to mark 25th anniversary by Becca Habegger Published June 13, 2014

Field of Dreams Movie Site commented: It's on ... "Today" is live and taping. (Posted 3:30pm June 13th)

Jacque Rahe commented: Back stage at Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary party !! (Posted 6:43pm June 13th

Kevin Costner Q&A at the 25th Anniversary of Field of Dreams by Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

Alex Timmerman commented: Nothing beats watching field of dreams on the field of dreams....Costner and brown are watching too (Posted 7:09pm June 13th)

Picture by iowa_girl1 - Iowa Girl: 8000 people watched the movie on the field #Dyersville #Iowa

Sonya Carey commented: We just sat 17 people down the row from Kevin Costner and his wife and children...watching Field Of Dreams, in Field Of Dreams.. It was Spectacular, to put it mildly. Once of a lifetime opportunities..I love taking advantage of finding and doing these awesome yet unique things..this is how I make the ordinary extraordinary!!! What an amazing night!!!!! (Pictures coming after we get home) (Posted 11:51pm June 13th)

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