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More from the Field Of Dreams event weekend...

See the video and pictures from the Today Show: 25 years later, Kevin Costner and co-stars remember 'Field of Dreams' by Erin Quinlan TODAY contributor

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See the picture and article: 25 Years Later, Kevin Costner and Co-Stars Remember 'Field of Dreams' June 19, 2014:

Field of Dreams 25th anniversary photo gallery:

Picture from Friday evening:

Renate Panian Burington commented: My two favorite guys at the Field of Dreams movie site. Hubby just got done playing ball on the famous field and Kevin Costner was getting ready to play in the celebrity game.

Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary Celebration in Iowa - Contributors: Renate Panian Burington (owner) and Robin Burington

Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary-Photos 1 By Marcia Frost June 15, 2014

ABC7 News commented: IF YOU BUILD IT... Kevin Costner joined thousands of people at the remote midwest locale where the "Field of Dreams" was filmed for the 25th anniversary of the iconic baseball movie.

Picture by Jeff Lenhart: Poster for the Official 'Field Of Dreams' 25th Anniversary Souvenir Book $20

Jeff Lenhart commented: "The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa." ~~Ray Kinsella (Posted June 13th)

Jeff Lenhart commented: "Shoeless Joe Jackson comes to Iowa" #ifyoubuildit #fieldofdreams #shoelessjoe #raykinsella (Posted June 13th)

Matt Morgan commented: Was out in New Jersey and when asked where I was from and said Iowa, the response was tied back to the movie '' Field of Dreams '' nothing else about Iowa, just the movie..I just replied yah that's us... (Posted June 15th)

Becca Habegger Kwwl commented: Dwier Brown, the actor who played the father of Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams, playfully kisses a fan at the film's 25th anniversary celebration. The woman, Brown said, is the first person who worked at the movie site's souvenir stand. (Posted June 13th)

Becca Habegger Kwwl commented: Thousands of baseball- & movie-lovers have flocked to the Field of Dreams movie site for the film's 25th anniversary event!

Becca Habegger Kwwl commented: In case you're wondering, Bob Costas is really nice....AND he can levitate baseballs. (Posted June 13th)

See the video, pictures and article: Cast, fans gather again at Field of Dreams:

See the video and article: Kevin Costner in Dyersville for Field of Dreams 25th anniversary By Lauren Dewitt June 13, 2014

Becca Habegger Kwwl commented: Check out my interview with NBC Sports' Bob Costas (Mr. Olympics himself!) and video I shot of actor Kevin Costner at the Field of Dreams 25th anniversary celebration at the movie site in Dyersville! (Posted June 14th)

Celebrating 25 Years at 'Field of Dreams' Site by Associated Press Published June 14, 2014

Picture by Birgit Schulze:

Picture by Kellie Jo Krumwiede:

Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary Celebration by Renate Burington Published June 16, 2014

Kevin Costner and Dwier Brown at Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary in Iowa by Quad City Journal· Published June 15, 2014

Field of Dreams's 25th Anniversary: 7 Fun Facts by Jeryl Brunner June 16, 2014

Video: "Field of Dreams" Provides Closure By Morgan Ottier June19, 2014
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