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New ARQUEONAUTAS videos and pictures...

ARQUEONAUTAS Imagefilm Herbst/Winter Kollektion 2014 mit Kevin Costner by Arqueonautas Fashion Published July 28, 2014

Kevin Costner Interview on Movies ,Music ,Family & Fashion by ichiban akita Published July 7, 2014

Kevin Costner Interview on Fashion ,Music, Movies, New Projects & Life by ichiban akita Published July 19, 2014


Kevin with Daniel Brühl:

From the Berlin ARQUEONAUTAS concert:

Monday, July 28, 2014

More of 'Draft Day' out on Blu-ray September 2nd....

Chris Patterson ‏@deathangel07 tweeted: Got to have dinner with #KevinCostner from #DraftDayMovie. Great night. #actor #fun #Cleveland #tomo (Posted April 14th)

'Draft Day' picture:

Ivan Reitman on ‘Draft Day,’ Costner and How Comedy Has Changed by Todd Gilchrist April 14th, 2014:

Kevin Costner Compares ‘Draft Day’ To ‘Field Of Dreams’ 25 Years Later by Emily Longeretta April 14, 2014

Draft Day Stars Say The NFL Draft is Gut-Wrenching by Rotten Tomatoes Published on Apr 15, 2014 - Kevin Costner, Terry Crews, Jennifer Garner, Arian Foster, Josh Pence, and Tom Welling discuss their new film from director Ivan Reitman.

People and Parties by Jeffrey Slonim April 15, 2014 Excerpt: Denis Leary Says Draft Day Co-Star Kevin Costner Has a Good Arm: At the premiere of Draft Day, Kevin Costner said that “on camera IQ” is what makes Jennifer Garner so terrific in the picture. Costner loves football. “I’ve been watching football since the '60s. I’m not a fanatic,” he said. “But I do prefer to watch by myself.” Denis Leary, also in the film, described a situation where a kid suddenly tossed a football at them. “Costner stuck up his arm, caught it with one hand,” said Leary.

Q&A: Even before film, Kevin Costner thought highly of Browns By Rob Oller The Columbus Dispatch • Saturday April 12, 2014

Picture by sethcdoege: The closest I'll ever get to being in a movie... GM Kevin Costner checking out the Tech offense.… (Posted 2:10pm April 16th)

Premiere photos:

Kevin Costner does things his way by Bob Strauss April 8, 2014

FOX 4 News ‏@fox4kc tweeted: Find out why Kevin Costner, star of @DraftDayMovie, is such a sports junkie this week on @fox4kc! #DraftDay April 10, 2014 by Shawn Edwards (Posted April 7th)

Kevin Costner talks about his role in “Draft Day” by Trisha Bee April 11, 2014

Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner sit down with Brad Smith to talk about their new film Draft Day. The movie opens in theatres on Friday. April 11, 2014

Ben Anderson ‏@BenKFAN tweeted: The glamour life. #KevinCostner (Posted April 24th) (DRAFT DAY)

Paul Salfen ‏@paulsalfen tweeted: Great interview with the king of great sports movies #KevinCostner this weekend about #DraftDay for @DrewPearsonShow. (Posted April 1st)

Michael.Jankolovits - Costner on his role in 'Draft Day' - FOX Football Daily on Fox Sports 1

Corazón Films ‏@CorazonFilms tweeted: Un día, un hombre… una sola oportunidad para triunfar #DecisiónFinal con Kevin Costner y Jennifer Garner. En agosto. (Posted July 2nd)

Pris Audiovisuais ‏@prisfilmes tweeted: É já amanhã que vais poder ver "Draft Day - Dia D" nos cinemas! #DraftDay #KevinCostner #JenniferGarner (Posted July 2nd)

Daniela Dantas ‏@nizadantas tweeted: #kevincostner #jennifergarner #draftday #diad #cinema #antestreia #movie #filme #movietime #dolcevita… (Posted July 1st)

Larry Phillips ‏@Ohiopreplegends tweeted: @jsbrownsinsider Disagree. More positive reviews than not. 63% positive critics, 73% positive audience-Rotten Tomatos (Posted April 13th)

The Sports Girls ‏@beth_sportsgirl tweeted: #DraftDayMovie April 11th! @kevincostner thanks for the interview #TheInsideScore (Posted March 20th)

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Kevin's 'Draft Day' out on DVD September 2, 2014....

'Draft Day' Blu-ray Up for Pre-Order by Tom Landy:

Angela Dawson ‏@AngelaDawson1 tweeted: Kevin Costner Enters the ‘Draft’ (Posted April 8th)&bnsp;

Ashley E. May ‏@ashleymaytweets tweeted: Photos: ‘Draft Day’ with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner (Posted April 8th)

Yapert Film ‏@yapertfilm tweeted: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgarten at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Draft Day" in Westwood, California. (Posted April 8th)

Yahoo Movies ‏@YahooMovies tweeted: Kevin Costner, Tom Welling & @ArianFoster on why you don't have to be in the @NFL to feel the pressure of #DraftDay: (Posted April 8th)

Logan Coles ‏@seachangefilms tweeted: #DraftDay Premiere. Awesome night. When i got up i realized Kevin Costner had been sitting behind me… (Posted April 8th)

Kevin McCarthy ‏@KevinMcCarthyTV tweeted: If there was a movie draft, which Kevin Costner flick do u think would be the #1 pick? He tells me! (Video) (Posted April 8th) …

Alexis ‏@NFL_Honey tweeted: Kevin Costner commands 'Draft Day': Kevin Costner talks to USA TODAY Sports about his new film 'Draft Day.' (Posted April 8th)

CineMovie TV ‏@CineMovie tweeted: Draft Day’s Kevin Costner On Power of Movies & Racism - Acting and directing for Kevin Costner isn’t jus... (Posted April 8th)

The Sports Girls ‏@beth_sportsgirl Apr 8 This is one of the best blogs on the block!

Celeste Blehm ‏@bestiecelestie tweeted: Thee hottest movie poster. #drooling #draftday #movie #kevincostner #football #lovehim (Posted April 8th)

Local 2's Ruben Galvan sat down with Kevin Costner to talk about his movie, 'Draft Day.' April 10 2014
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

More Kinky, Kevin Costner Interview and just general silliness 4-12-2014 broadcast - The AnE show by the ANE Show Published on Apr 13, 2014 About Kevin and Draft Day strarting at 23:20 to 35:39

Article: Denis Leary feeds obsession in 'Draft Day' By Michael Ordoña | April 9, 2014   Excerpt: ...and one other thing: "I'm a huge Kevin Costner fan,"....Costner is "one of those guys men like, but who also has movies that women like, even though they're sports related. So we did a little tribute to him (on 'Rescue Me'), where the girls on the show and the guys in the firehouse were discussing what the best Kevin Costner movie of all time was." Costner is "one of those guys men like, but who also has movies that women like, even though they're sports related. So we did a little tribute to him (on 'Rescue Me'), where the girls on the show and the guys in the firehouse were discussing what the best Kevin Costner movie of all time was."

gossip TwitFix ‏@gossipTF tweeted: Garner's party date - Boston Globe (Posted April 8th)

Picture from March Press:

Variety ‏@Variety tweeted: Jennifer Garner, Kevin Costner Send Love to Cleveland at ‘Draft Day’ Premiere (Posted April 8th)

Annette Lawless commented: One of our producers was surprised when I told him I acted in a Kevin Costner film, Draft Day. Yep, it's true. Just one of a few... :) It had the best craft services of any film I've been on. Jennifer Garner was super nice. She bought a coffee cart for the actors & crew. (Posted June 15th)

Movies with Milan video:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Several pictures of Kevin....

Exclusive: Kevin Costner Goes On Tour With His Band to Get Closer to Fans! By Closer Staff July 18, 2014

Closer Weekly commented: Believe it or not, Kevin Costner has his own band! But is the Field of Dreams star poised for a major career change?

Picture and article: RTL - wife Jenny Knäble remodeled for Kevin Costner by Jörg Ortmann

Goldie @mattgoldsmith22 tweeted: Just ate dinner in the same room as Kevin Costner (Posted 6:49pm July 23rd)

A couple of pictures from Rio Mare advertisement:

Laurens Plompen ‏@LaurensPlompen Jul 22 @_gunterlamoot_ inderdaad, en die kerel in de Rio Mare reclame lijkt een beetje op Kevin Costner!

Pictures by Cathy Martin of Dubuque, Iowa concert:

CAROLINE FRYAR ‏@SOUTHERNGIRL410 tweeted: Enjoyed @Kevin Costner/modern west@NChasColiseum 23 Apr 2014

Picture by Alain Lacharite:

Adin Heller ‏@vesper385 tweeted: RT @nycscout: My hometown multiplex is apparently very fond of Kevin Costner (Backdraft wouldn’t fit in the picture) (Posted June 14th)

Jeff Howe ‏@JeffHowe247 tweeted: Augie Garrido said he's gotten texts throughout the #CWS from good friend Kevin Costner. "He's all in on a daily basis," he said. #HookEm (Posted June 20th)

Picture from September 15, 2011 concert at La Cigale in Paris, France by Modern West Fan

Linda ‏@lindad70 tweeted: @fodmoviesite That's Kevin Costner playing catch. Sure wish I could have been closer! #WannaHaveACatch (Posted July 1st)

Pictures by elizabeth Benitz Uploaded May 18, 2014:

Picture by oliviaa39 - olivia: Mr. Kevin Costner + team Kim&Oli #kevincostner #hollywood #bodyguard #star #actor (Valencia) (Posted June 8th)

CALLERI: Movies on a plane, and Clint Eastwood's "Jersey Boys." By Michael Calleri, Niagara Gazette Excerpt: The choices on the Air France flight included "The LEGO Movie," Kevin Costner's "3 Days To Kill," the new version of "Endless Love," "Frozen," and a lot of recent releases, all of which I had seen. June 24, 2014

Is Kevin Costner Hollywood's most underrated movie star? By Simon Reynolds June 21, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kevin spends time at Big Cedar Lodge....

Zana Elmaasarani ‏@zanaelmaasarani tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS HERE and just got off his helicopter! I REPEAT HE IS IN THE BUILDING! (Posted 7:16pm July 21st)

Skyler Branham ‏@SkylerBranham Jul 21 Kevin Costner is here and I'm not allowed to take a picture! #fml (Posted 7:35pm July 21st)

Bingo Martin ‏@BingOh32 tweeted: Only at my job would Kevin Costner land in a helicopter 😃🚁 #TopOfTheRock (Posted 7:36pm July 21st)

Zana Elmaasarani @zanaelmaasarani tweeted: Overheard this from a guy to the helicopter pilot: "Tell Kevin (Costner) thank you for coming tonight" this is so unreal! #TopoftheRock (Posted 8:33pm July 21st)

zanaelmaasarani tweeted: One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited! #topoftherock

Big Cedar Lodge, 612 Devi's Pool Road, Ridgedale, Missouri:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'Black And White' World Premiere at Toronto Film Festival...

Toronto Film Festival Unveils Lineup NEW YORK — Jul 22, 2014 The Toronto International Film Festival unveiled a star-heavy lineup amid increased festival jockeying for the most plum premieres of Hollywood's fall season. Toronto's slate for Sept. 4-14....Among the highlights are: Mike Binder's "Black and White," a custody battle drama with Kevin Costner.

'Black And White' in TIFF list of Gala Presentations:

TIFF 2014: Excerpt: Last year's festival attracted 432,000 visitors and an array of stars, and this year promises to be no different....Complete list of galas announced: Black and White – directed by Mike Binder, U.S., world premiere.

Is Toronto Film Festival Losing Its Awards Mojo? By Tim Gray July 22, 2014 Excerpt: There are certainly plenty of tantalizing Toronto titles. The ones that sound (on paper) like strong awards contenders include “Black and White” (Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer in a custody battle)

Stars and Oscar Contenders Heading to the Toronto Film Festival This Year by Gwynne Watkins Excerpt: Black and White — A hot-button drama about racial tensions in a custody battle, this may be Kevin Costner and Olivia Spencer’s bid to re-enter the Oscar race.

Kevin Costner wins another MPAA appeal; 'Black and White' gets a PG-13 by Oliver Gettell June 27, 2014

'Community' Star Gillian Jacobs On 'Life Partners' And What It's Like To Kiss Adam Brody By Matthew Jacobs Excerpt: Which of those movies are you most excited about? What I think is a really special movie is “Black and White” with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, which Mike Binder directed. I got to see a screening of it, and I think Kevin and Octavia and Anthony Mackie and Bill Burr all give such beautiful performances in that movie. The little girl who plays Kevin Costner’s granddaughter is amazing, Gillian, and I think that movie turned out so well and I can’t wait for people to see it because it’s the most vulnerable and moving Kevin Costner performance I’m seen in a long time. page for 'Black And White':

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More of Kevin at the 'Field Of Dreams' Movie site...

Field Of Dreams Book Facebook Page: The Official Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary Souvenir Program Book captures the complete history of Field of Dreams with high quality photos and stories.

Costner records testimonial about filming in Iowa July 4, 2014 By O. Kay Henderson

Costner heads to ‘Field of Dreams’ for special anniversary By Bill Zwecker June 12, 2014

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest commented: Great time playing with the Ghost Players. @fodmoviesite #fieldofdreams (Posted June 18th)

Betsy Shepherd ‏@BetsyConnected tweeted: @DwierBrown @KevinCostner with Dwier's new book #IfYouBuildIt @fodmoviesite #25thAnniversaryFieldOfDreams (Posted April 23rd)

Betsy Shepherd ‏@BetsyConnected tweeted: With Kevin Costner and @DwierBrown on the actual 25th anniversary of #FieldofDreams (Posted April 23rd)

Field of Dreams owner says no pro baseball in 2014 May 17, 2014

25 years later, Field of Dreams stirs fans, debate Kyle Munson and Rodney White, The Des Moines register April 21, 2014

Kevin Costner makes local man’s dream come true by Jenna Morton, June 23, 2014

Des Moines Register ‏@DMRegister Jun 13 RTing with new link: In Iowa for #fieldofdreams reunion, Kevin Costner wonders, "Have I left a mark on Iowa?

Kyle Munson ‏@KyleMunson tweeted: So Kevin Costner's team (the Kinsellas) defeated Timothy Busfield's (the Disbelievers) 13-8 in #fieldofdreams celeb game. See u in 25 years! (Posted June 14th)

Kristen Smith ‏@KrisSmith6 tweeted: Just watching Kevin Costner & Bob Costas play baseball at the #FieldOfDreams 25th Anniversary… (Posted June 14th)

❤ K. Lemon ❤ ‏@Irbyak18 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner and other celebs @fodmoviesite today. #FieldOfDreams #fieldofdreams25years #kevincostner (Posted June 15th)

Jeff Medina ‏@medina_jeff tweeted: Kevin Costner at shortstop. #fieldofdreams (Posted June 14th)

Brian Lubanski ‏@Blubanski Jun 14 “@TelegraphHerald: Bob Costas, Kevin Costner and Timothy Busfield.

Brian Lubanski ‏@Blubanski Jun 14 Bob Costas, Kevin Costner and Timothy Busfield.

The Curve Changes Everything Film (60 Second Version) by Samsung USA Published May 19, 2014 (Kevin in 'Field Of Dreams' at 0:45)

'Field of Dreams' cast plan Father's Day reunion in Iowa by Kyle Munson April 7, 2014

Video: In a question and session on Friday, June 13, 2014, Kevin Costner defines Field of Dreams as uniquely American alongside fellow cast members of the movie.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Several items about Kevin...

Picture by chrisl_99: Just a selfie with #kevincostner

oibushyyxx commented: This was a while back..! Me, Kevin Costner and my cousin Calum wearing the golf gear..😄 #tbt #filmstar #kevincostner #golf

David Earl ‏@DavidEarlLive tweeted: JUST OVERHEARD: @DaveHynekVideo said he waived once at Kevin Costner. And Kevin waived back. #TheMoreYouKnow #RoadToOmaha (Posted June 1st)

Picture by kimmybreen - Kim Breen My dearest daughter & Kevin Costner share a lunchtime moment today @tiatosm #tiato #kevincostner #santamonica #fun #family #fav #restaurant #lunch #theplacetobe #picoftheday #ootd #lifeisgood (Posted June 5th)

Picture by 2_dk_ - Dawe Kaczor: Schaldming

Picture with Kevin, Annette Lafayette and friend at Nashville War Memorial concert.

Rich Cruse Photo ‏@CrusePhoto tweeted: Kevin Costner was at the 1994 @IronmanTri while filming WaterWorld. He met winner @IronmanLIVEgreg after! #Ironman (Posted July 2nd)

Torre La Cerniola nello spot Rio Mare by Torre La Cerniola Published on Jun 6, 2014 - Lo spot delle Insalatissime Rio Mare, con Kevin Costner, girato ad Erchie di Maiori (SA), con sullo sfondo Torre La Cerniola (

Residents Of Paris Granted A Temporary Reprieve From Fears Of Death By Drowning by Dimon Dimonah· Published on Jun 5, 2014 - Yes with both Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner in town to promote

Rob Koebel Kevin Costner Interview, Bob Crane Murder Story by Robert Koebel Published on May 28, 2014 (Kevin at 14:12) (for Open Range)

Zimmer's life in baseball was well worth celebrating By Martin Fennelly June 8, 2014 Excerpt: “He talked to movie stars. He talked to rock stars. He didn't even know who they were. Movie stars would seek him out. He would call me and say 'I was sitting here with some nice guy with silver hair, some guy named Newman …” Paul Newman! Kevin Costner became a friend. He didn't even know who he was.

It's greener pastures for Cisco these days June 10, 2014 By Russ Mitchell -- Managing Editor

Picture by samkas_world - Samkas: #kevincostner #aspen #handsome (Posted 5:10pm May 15th)

Kevin Costner and me from ...

Frank Ducey commented: How about that Kevin Costner responded to me about a photo I posted. He said he really liked the photo and thanked me for the compliment I gave him and his daughter. (Posted 6:23pm May 13th)

VIDEO: ESPN Added Jon Hamm, Ice Cube, Hope Solo And Others For An 'I Believe' Remix by Ashley Burns 06-11-14

GALA.DE MEIN Magazine brief

Kevin Costner & Modern West with Lily Costner - Let Me Be The One - Warren Ohio by rockgirlsteffi Published on May 4, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kevin interview by Bob Costas on MLB Network...

MLB Network ‏@MLBNetwork tweeted: "There’s a little bit of a Mecca here." Watch Kevin Costner talk w/ Costas in Field of Dreams: 25 Years Later at 8pE! (Posted 4:45pm July 17th)

MLB Network's Bob Costas interviews award-winning actor Kevin Costner about his role in one of the most beloved baseball films in "Field of Dreams": Twenty-Five Years Later. Filmed last month on the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa at the 25th anniversary celebration of the film's release, Costner recounts stories of the making of the film in this one-hour special. Also featured are Costner's "Field of Dreams" co-stars Timothy Busfield (Mark) and Dwier Brown (John Kinsella), with whom Costner recreates their famous catch in the final scene of the film. "Field of Dreams": Twenty-Five Years Later premieres on July 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Looks like it will be re-aired this weekend. Schedule here:

Monday, July 14, 2014

New movie for Kevin: 'Criminal'...

Exclusive by Borys Kit: Gary Oldman joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' and will be directed by Ariel Vromen. The movie "centers on a dead CIA operative's memories, secrets and skills that are implanted into a dangerous prison inmate in hopes that he will stop a diabolical plot." Oldman would play a CIA chief. No word yet on what part Kevin will play.

Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) page for 'Criminal'"

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More of Kevin from Berlin, Monaco and Italy...

Rudolf Schenker ‏@rudolfschenker tweeted: Two days ago in Berlin. #KevinCostner knows a lot about music. Great time...

ARQUEONAUTAS commented: Kevin Costner up close! In the framework of which has panoramic fashion fair our partner Kevin Costner Tuesday evening with his band "Modern West" given a private concert.

Picture by schoscholade - Niklas: What a night

Picture by juliangroell - Julian Groell: Dances with Wolves

Picture by grendelham - Ilja Grendel:

Picture by Ivory J - _ivory_j:

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Great time in Berlin, thanks for having us!

Director, actor and environment activist Kevin Costner poses at the booth of the Arqueonautas label at the fashion fair Panorama during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, Juli 9, 2014. The spring/summer collections for 2015 are presented at the Berlin Fashion Week from July 8 to July 11, 2014;_ylt=AwrSyCQrpMFTCVMAMb7RtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTB1ZmZxMXNuBHBvcwMxBHNlYwNpbWFnZQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--

Picture sites:|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest,_Kevin/Pictures/[0]=&al=1&srcIn=&from_date=&to_date=&keywords=Costner&search_method=1&cid[0]=&cid[1]=&rnd=124G237o

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: The Director behind the camera. #vintage #35mm #vintage35mm #arq #montecito #makingmovies #celluloid #arqueonautas #director #jacqueslemans

Picture by dimaggiosempreinviaggio - Maurizio DiMaggio:

Sporting Summer Festival Monte-Carlo SBM photos:

Picture: Day 4 On Day 4 we got to open for Kevin Costner, which was a trip. After soundcheck, the man himself and some of his crew came over and chatted with us for a few minutes. It was very surreal, but he seemed like a genuinely nice dude and many of his band members were from Nashville! by djphillips

Pictures by Celine Kocher:

Pictures by Valérie Debure:

Picture by Luca Orlandi:

Picture from Stockholm, Sweden, concert on September 22, 2011:

Armaddebrignac Champagne website where the picture was found:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

More of KC & MW's Barcelona, Spain, concert...

Pictures from Barcelona by Judd White:

Judd White commented: Heading to Rome... — with Mark Botting at Barcelona Airport. (Posted 1:55am July 3rd)

Kirsty Mcvicar commented: Actually at a party with Kevin Costner eeeeek! Oh and Beppe Grillo. (Posted 12:57pm July 3rd)

Judd White commented: A little cocktail party for the boss. Ridic. Can actually say "when in Rome....." — at Hotel de Russie. (Posted 1:02pm July 3rd)

Article: Costner: "Music will never be my main source of income" Four years after their first concert in Spain, the actor is back with his band 'country' to perform at the festival by Javier Blánquez, Barcelona



Picture and podcast: Translated: "Having successfully facilitates life in Hollywood" The actor, director and producer of Dances with Wolves is in Barcelona for his other artistic side, the musician. Due to the action of the group, Modern West, Festival Gardens Pedralbes Kevin Costner granted us this interview in which he talks about his musical passion, his film career and the strange thing in common they have many of the films he has done.

Pictures by Teresa Bigata, posted by Adriana Tomás Rodó:

Picture by Meria Martin:

Picture by Montserrat Martinez Gonzalez:

Picture by El Bar Fm:


Picture by yolafont - Yolanda Font:

Picture and video:

Picture by Monica Hoscheid:

Picture by cuadrodemando - Alfonso:

Picture by thomaspatrignani - Thomas Patrignani:

Interview: Kevin Costner, singer and actor: "I do not think an actor should cultivate an aura of mystery by Jordi Bianciotto July 2, 2014:

Kevin Costner's rock n' roll in Barcelona by EFE INTERNATIONAL Published July 3, 2014

Kevin Costner cautivó al cantar en Barcelona by DIARIO ELUNIVERSO Published July 3, 2014

La faceta de músico de Kevin Costner en Barcelona El actor, director y también cantante Kevin Costner ha actuado en el Festival de Pedralbes delante de un público mayormente femenino

Pictures by noemolly:

Picture by roservizmanos:

Picture by annapahissa - Anna:

Picture by soniacazorin - Sonia Castan Azorin:

Picture by gatitaloca - Rosa Gamazo-Robbins:

Pictures by nillyguino - Anna:

Picture by eneri384 - irene:

Pictures by Mercè - @mercenobody:

Picture by Maria Jose:

Pictures by Maite Rodriguez:

Pictures by Teresa Bigata:

Blog and pictures:

Marta II*II ‏@MartaDui tweeted: Es conserva mooooolt bé. Gràcies Barcelona!!! #kevinCostner

Concierto de Kevin Costner en Barcelona. by NosTubeYo Published July 4, 2014

Concierto de Kevin Costner en Barcelona by La Vanguardia Published July 4, 2014

Otra noche con Kevin❤️ hoy en el fpedralbes!! #kevincostner by Shady Girl Published July 4, 2014

Mapi Pascual ‏@mapisima tweeted: Good concert kevincostnermodernwest #Barcelona #Spain #kevincostner #john #music

Videos by Teresa Bigata:¬if_t=notify_me

Mas Noticias ‏@ZQPNoticias tweeted: Kevin Costner cambia de rubro

El matí de CatRàdio @maticatradio tweeted: Kevin Costner:"Em conformo amb que la música que faig li agradi a la meva mare" @Romagosamarta

Mireia Xandri‎ commented: Thanks for your concert in Barcelona! i enjoyed a lot!!!

Kevin Costner & Modern West Live by FestivalPedralbes Published on May 28, 2014 - Miércoles 02 de Julio 2014 Kevin Costner & Modern West actuará en el Festival Jardins de Pedralbes.

Video: Banda de Kevin Costner chama atenção em Barcelona - Ator e cantor norte-americano se apresentou no Festival Jardines de Pedralbes IS THIS THE EFE VIDEO?,7511223.html

El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio Marta Romagosa en un moment de l'entrevista amb el músic i actor Kevin Costner... Traducció gentilesa de Jon de Errazti

Natàlia Salvadó ‏@NatliaTali tweeted: Volia compartir aqts fotos del concert del passat dijous del "Kevin Costner"! Guapissim, impresionant…

Picture and video: Kevin Costner, un seductor también en las distancias cortas

Friday, July 11, 2014

More from Kevin's time in Orvieto, Italy...

Picture and video by micheleangiuli - Michele Angiuli


Picture by Isa Clausen @isaclausen:

Video by Daniele Perali:

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Country Music by Andrea Gragnaniello Published July 5, 2014

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Orvieto4Ever -Tour Europe 2014 snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published on July 5, 2014

Kevin Costner & Modern West @Orvieto4Ever snaphots Tour Europe 2014 by ichiban2592007 Published on July 5, 2014

Picture and interview: Costner Rock - The American actor is in Italy as a musician, will perform tonight at Orvieto.

Picture by projectiproductions - Project Productions: @darinapav the president of #isichiaglobalfestival #2014 #honoring #KevinCostner in #Rome #darinapavlova

About the Ischia Award:

Picture by valentinavivaldi_ - valentina:

Picture by gisselacord9 - Gisselarodo:


KC&MW 4 July 2014-D'uomo d'Orvieto, Italy by Crimilde polpy:

Cale Glendening commented: Spent 4th of July at Duomo di Orvieto with an 80 piece orchestra. They played compositions from Schindler's List, Brave Heart, Dances With Wolves, Star Wars & Gladiator. Collaborations with Kevin Costner & Modern West & Kacey Musgraves. (Posted July 4th)

Pictures by Silvia Cocconi:

Pictures by Monia Forlucci:

Picture and Video by gisselacord91 - Gisselarodo:

Fabio Lanni ‏@FabioKen32 tweeted: Sul palco dell' Orvieto4Ever con #kevincostner e #tonyrenis

Clarissa Burt commented: Hangin' with Kevin Costner in Rome.....ISCHIA GLOBAL FILM & MUSIC FEST - Friends Club

La Bottiglieria ‏@LBottiglieria tweeted: Kevin Costner alla Bottiglieria (Posted July 9th)

Paolo Vivaldi con Kevin Costner & Modern West - Orvieto4Ever 2014 part 1 by Paolo Vivaldi Published July 10, 2014

Paolo Vivaldi con Kevin Costner & Modern West - Orvieto4Ever 2014 part 2 by Paolo Vivaldi Published July 10, 2014