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KC & MW play the Festival Jardins de Pedralbes...

Luke Bulla Fan Page commented: The backdrop for our show tonight in Barcelona, Spain with Modern West. (Posted 9:41am July 2nd)

AUDIO: Translated: The world. Kevin Costner: "Nobody wanted to 'Dances with Wolves" (02-07-14) One of the biggest Hollywood stars Kevin Costner has gone through the program. In Barcelona with his band, Modern West to perform at the Festival Gardens Pedralbes.

VIDEO: Kevin Costner will be playing with his band in Barcelona July 2, 2014 The actor and film director, Kevin Costner, has another hobby: music. He will play with his country-rock band, "Kevin Costner and the Modern West" in the Gardens festival Pedralbes in Barcelona.

VIDEO: El matí - Kevin Costner confirma a Catalunya Ràdio que dirigirà una sèrie de quatre nous wester by CatRadio Published July 2, 2014

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Barcelona preshow Kevin and John going over the set list. (Posted 2:51pm July 2nd)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Starting off this trip to Europe with a Rocker of a set in Barcelona tonight. #setlist #europe2014 #kcmw #rocknroll #kevincostner #barcelona #spain #festivalpedralbes #tour (Posted 11:32am July 2nd)

Spin-Off ‏@spinoffvlc tweeted: ¡Preparado para el concierto de Kevin Costner! Uno de mis ídolos de la infancia, antes como actor, y ahora como... (Posted 12:23pm July 2nd)

Music Concert ‏@iMusicConcert tweeted: Tonight I have the chance to discover Jardins Pedralbes....Kevin Costner #barcelona#kevincostner#festival#music. (Posted 12:49pm July 2nd)

Barnachic ‏@Barna_Chic tweeted: Deseando que empieze el concierto de #KevinCostner en @FPedralbes #Barcelona #gogogo #fpedralbes (Posted 12:54pm July 2nd)

xavier pla ‏@x_pla tweeted: Al Festival Jardins de Pedralbes. A punt de començar Kevin Costner & Modern West. Gràcies Antonio Del Moral Soriano (Posted 1:06pm July 2nd)

Picture by lydiaamo - Lydia: De Famosea y de VIP va la noche #KevinCostner #Posturea #Top (Posted 1:07pm July 2nd)

Eargasm ‏@eargasmweb tweeted: @modern_west de Kevin Costner en @fpedralbes, la noche empieza animada (Posted 1:11pm July 2nd)

Barcelonette ‏@barcelonette2 tweeted: Kevin Costner in concert señores!!! :)) #kevincostner #modernwest #barcelona @ Jardins Palau Reial (Posted 1:13pm July 2nd)

Rubén Vilagrand  ‏@RubenVilagrand tweeted: Hoy viendo a #KevinCostner en #Barcelona #JardinsPedralbes (Posted 1:13pm July 2nd)

Catalunya Informació ‏@Cati_Cultura tweeted: L'actor Kevin Costner també canta. Ho fa ara mateix amb la banda @modernwest al @FPedralbes (Posted 1:17pm July 2nd)

Picture by raquelbalencia: In the concert of my life! (Posted 1:20pm July 2nd)

Picture by kinuma - Nuria Vila: Disfrutant del concert del Kevin Costner als Jardins de Pedralbes (Posted 1:21pm July 2nd)

Esther Codina ‏@EstherPiu tweeted: Gratament sorpresa amb la música de #KevinCostner & @modernwest al Festival del Palau de Pedralbes. Molt en forma! (Posted 1:23pm July 2nd)

Gisela ‏@giselaoficial tweeted: Os suena!!! Es Kevin Costner! El de el guardaespaldas si!!!! (Posted 1:23pm July 2nd)

Ylenia Yunamond ‏@Yunamond tweeted: #KevinCostner in concert ^^ #Pedralbes #Festival (Posted 1:23pm July 2nd)

Video by anavillasol - Ana Villasol (Posted 1:27pm July 2nd)

Alcaraz Espriu ‏@EduardAlcaraz tweeted: Si Señores, el #KevinCostner músico también convence. Viviendo su concierto en #Barcelona @FPedralbes (Posted 1:28pm July 2nd)

Xavi Cussó ‏@xcusso tweeted: Cobrint el concert de Kevin Costner: no se si fent de cantant li fa un favor al cinema o fent d'actor a la música (Posted 1:31pm July 2nd)

Elsa Anka ‏@ElsaAnka tweeted: Delante de este señor y en este momento. Kevin Costner, ni más ni menos. Sin palabras... #Barcelona #concierto #Great (Posted 1:34pm July 2nd)

Picture by katharinanitzpon - Katharina Nitzpon (Posted 1:45pm July 2nd)

Àlex Muntané ‏@akamunta tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the house 2night (Posted 1:47pm July 2nd)

Mònica Capell ‏@mcap_sr3 tweeted: Pues resulta que #KevinCostner es un romántico...y sabe cantar.. #barcelona (Posted 1:58pm July 2nd)

Picture by gotarta - Guineu Dei Pirineu (Posted 2:03pm July 2nd)

Roser Vizmanos ‏@64BCN tweeted: Concert Kevin Costner. Però que guapoooo!!!! (Posted 2:03pm July 2nd)

Gisela ‏@giselaoficial tweeted: Dándolo todo!!! yolandallam con Kevin costner!!!! (Posted 2:30pm July 2nd)

Festival Pedralbes @FPedralbes tweeted: #KevinCostner & @modernwest enamorant #Barcelona i mai millor dit! bon actor i bon cantant.#fpedralbes (Posted 2:57pm July 2nd)

Alicia Torras ‏@AliciaTorras tweeted: Just Kevin Costner (Posted 3:02pm July 2nd)

Esther Codina ‏@EstherPiu tweeted: Brutal en Kevin! @modernwest #KevinCostner @FPedralbes (Posted 3:08pm July 2nd)

Picture by raquelbalencia: It should have lasted all night long! (Posted 3:13pm July 2nd)

Video by stylebybru - Marta y Maria Brú (Posted 3:15pm July 2nd)

Marta y Maria Brú ‏@StylebyBru tweeted: Otra noche con Kevin❤️ hoy en el @fpedralbes!! #kevincostner #fpedralbes (Posted 3:16pm July 2nd)

Ylenia Yunamond ‏@Yunamond tweeted: Kevin Costner en concierto ^^ #KevinCostner #Concert #Barcelona #Actor #Happy #Great #Perfect #Man… (Posted 3:20pm July 2nd)

Picture by kinuma - Nuria Vila (Posted 3:36pm July 2nd)

Barcelona Help ‏@BarcelonaHelp tweeted: Kevin Costner performing tonight at Festival Pedralbes #Barcelona (Posted 3:44pm July 2nd)

Picture by silasol: no words. just #love #KevinCostner (Posted 3:53pm July 2nd)

Picture by oukele.kissina - Kissina Oukele (Posted 4:17pm July 2nd)

Juvé & Camps ‏@juveycamps tweeted: Kevin Costner brinda con @juveycamps en el escenario de @FPedralbes con un público completamente entregado. (Posted 4:22pm July 2nd)

Picture by Mercè @mercenobody:

Picture by Karo Lyne @karo.lyne:

Picture by Jordi Botey - jordibotey:

Picture by mcpuchau - MC:

Picture and review: Kevin Costner dance with wolves - The singer and actor in Barcelona shows his rockier side before a packed audience of celebrities by Josep Sandoval

Picture and review: The actor who played a singer - In a willing recital, Kevin Costner showed her rock face on Pedralbes by Luis Hidalgo July 3, 2014

Picture and review: Kevin Costner, a seductive also at short distances Barcelona by Reuters

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Picture and review: Kevin Costner, rocker - The actor defended his role in a concert singing tone electric Pedralbes by George Bianciotto

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Barcelona - Tour Europe 2014 - snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published July 2, 2014

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