Sunday, July 6, 2014

KC & MW play the Global Independence Day Celebration...

Picture by Judd White posted July 3rd:

Claire Winkler ‏@claire_dahlin tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing a concert in Orvieto for the 4th tonight, & he's here, just wandering around loose

La Frency commented: Scatto rubato.... (Click stolen etc..) (Posted July 4th)

Photo gallery and article: Kevin Costner on holiday in Orvieto selfie and walks

Forummusicvillage Rome commented: Wall of Fame !!! to be continued ... Kevin Costner & Modern West

Forum Music Village commented: with Kevin Costner & Modern West at Forum Music Village.

Pictures by La Frency:

Pictures by mirellamazzola Mirella Mazzola:

Picture by pleasanttour:

Picture by busaboutcamille - camille heintz: Just bumped into the man himself in #Orvieto!

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Happy 4th everybody as we load in at Duomo di Orvieto. What an amazing venue

Picture by Judd White:

Pictures and video by matighera: Kevin Costner in concert! Orvieto4Ever!!!

Picture by mattiamosconi - Mattia Mosconi:

Picture by Chiara Rustichelli chi_1688:

Martina Tuberti‎ commented: Thanks Kevin 😊 I look tonight your show 😊 come on😊

Picture by Scott McCloy:

Video by La Frency:

vincenzo capretto ‏@vincecpt tweeted: Guest star at #orvieto4ever #Kevin #Costner #Orvieto magic night (Posted 12:56pm July 4th)

Music Concert ‏@iMusicConcert tweeted: Kevin Costner saluta Orvieto #Orvieto4Ever #orvieto #concert #KevinCostner (Posted 1:05pm July 4th)

Linda Douglass ‏@lindouglass tweeted: The beautiful city of Orvieto celebrates the 4th of July: Kevin Costner sings in front of the ancient Duomo. #Italia! (Posted 1:14pm July 4th)

Frank Giustra ‏@Frank_Giustra tweeted: Kevin Costner performing in a Duomo in Orvieto...home of @domenica_fiore #fiore group (Posted 2:11pm July 4th)

gnarly rae jepson ‏@nickstickB tweeted Tonight I watched Kevin Costner play in his band, with a symphony, on the steps of a 700 year old cathedral, in Italy. How cool is that (Posted 3:57pm July 4th)

Picture by benedettasangiovanni - Benedetta Sangiovanni:

Picture by _ari__anna__ Arianna Brunelli:

CountryFLL Radio ‏@CountryFLL tweeted: #heaven #kevincostner #kaceymusgraves #love #o4e

Pictures and video by Kevin Costner italian fans club:

Photos by In Orvieto:

Ambasciata U.S.A. ‏@AmbasciataUSA tweeted: #AmbPhillips a #Orvieto4Ever per il #4luglioUSA con @KaceyMusgraves e KevinCostner @modernwest

Picture and article: "Dances with Wolves" Orvieto dancing with all the 4th of July:

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