Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kevin spends time at Big Cedar Lodge....

Zana Elmaasarani ‏@zanaelmaasarani tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER IS HERE and just got off his helicopter! I REPEAT HE IS IN THE BUILDING! (Posted 7:16pm July 21st)

Skyler Branham ‏@SkylerBranham Jul 21 Kevin Costner is here and I'm not allowed to take a picture! #fml (Posted 7:35pm July 21st)

Bingo Martin ‏@BingOh32 tweeted: Only at my job would Kevin Costner land in a helicopter 😃🚁 #TopOfTheRock (Posted 7:36pm July 21st)

Zana Elmaasarani @zanaelmaasarani tweeted: Overheard this from a guy to the helicopter pilot: "Tell Kevin (Costner) thank you for coming tonight" this is so unreal! #TopoftheRock (Posted 8:33pm July 21st)

zanaelmaasarani tweeted: One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited! #topoftherock

Big Cedar Lodge, 612 Devi's Pool Road, Ridgedale, Missouri:

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