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More of KC & MW's Barcelona, Spain, concert...

Pictures from Barcelona by Judd White:

Judd White commented: Heading to Rome... — with Mark Botting at Barcelona Airport. (Posted 1:55am July 3rd)

Kirsty Mcvicar commented: Actually at a party with Kevin Costner eeeeek! Oh and Beppe Grillo. (Posted 12:57pm July 3rd)

Judd White commented: A little cocktail party for the boss. Ridic. Can actually say "when in Rome....." — at Hotel de Russie. (Posted 1:02pm July 3rd)

Article: Costner: "Music will never be my main source of income" Four years after their first concert in Spain, the actor is back with his band 'country' to perform at the festival by Javier Blánquez, Barcelona



Picture and podcast: Translated: "Having successfully facilitates life in Hollywood" The actor, director and producer of Dances with Wolves is in Barcelona for his other artistic side, the musician. Due to the action of the group, Modern West, Festival Gardens Pedralbes Kevin Costner granted us this interview in which he talks about his musical passion, his film career and the strange thing in common they have many of the films he has done.

Pictures by Teresa Bigata, posted by Adriana Tomás Rodó:

Picture by Meria Martin:

Picture by Montserrat Martinez Gonzalez:

Picture by El Bar Fm:


Picture by yolafont - Yolanda Font:

Picture and video:

Picture by Monica Hoscheid:

Picture by cuadrodemando - Alfonso:

Picture by thomaspatrignani - Thomas Patrignani:

Interview: Kevin Costner, singer and actor: "I do not think an actor should cultivate an aura of mystery by Jordi Bianciotto July 2, 2014:

Kevin Costner's rock n' roll in Barcelona by EFE INTERNATIONAL Published July 3, 2014

Kevin Costner cautivó al cantar en Barcelona by DIARIO ELUNIVERSO Published July 3, 2014

La faceta de músico de Kevin Costner en Barcelona El actor, director y también cantante Kevin Costner ha actuado en el Festival de Pedralbes delante de un público mayormente femenino

Pictures by noemolly:

Picture by roservizmanos:

Picture by annapahissa - Anna:

Picture by soniacazorin - Sonia Castan Azorin:

Picture by gatitaloca - Rosa Gamazo-Robbins:

Pictures by nillyguino - Anna:

Picture by eneri384 - irene:

Pictures by Mercè - @mercenobody:

Picture by Maria Jose:

Pictures by Maite Rodriguez:

Pictures by Teresa Bigata:

Blog and pictures:

Marta II*II ‏@MartaDui tweeted: Es conserva mooooolt bé. Gràcies Barcelona!!! #kevinCostner

Concierto de Kevin Costner en Barcelona. by NosTubeYo Published July 4, 2014

Concierto de Kevin Costner en Barcelona by La Vanguardia Published July 4, 2014

Otra noche con Kevin❤️ hoy en el fpedralbes!! #kevincostner by Shady Girl Published July 4, 2014

Mapi Pascual ‏@mapisima tweeted: Good concert kevincostnermodernwest #Barcelona #Spain #kevincostner #john #music

Videos by Teresa Bigata:¬if_t=notify_me

Mas Noticias ‏@ZQPNoticias tweeted: Kevin Costner cambia de rubro

El matí de CatRàdio @maticatradio tweeted: Kevin Costner:"Em conformo amb que la música que faig li agradi a la meva mare" @Romagosamarta

Mireia Xandri‎ commented: Thanks for your concert in Barcelona! i enjoyed a lot!!!

Kevin Costner & Modern West Live by FestivalPedralbes Published on May 28, 2014 - Miércoles 02 de Julio 2014 Kevin Costner & Modern West actuará en el Festival Jardins de Pedralbes.

Video: Banda de Kevin Costner chama atenção em Barcelona - Ator e cantor norte-americano se apresentou no Festival Jardines de Pedralbes IS THIS THE EFE VIDEO?,7511223.html

El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio Marta Romagosa en un moment de l'entrevista amb el músic i actor Kevin Costner... Traducció gentilesa de Jon de Errazti

Natàlia Salvadó ‏@NatliaTali tweeted: Volia compartir aqts fotos del concert del passat dijous del "Kevin Costner"! Guapissim, impresionant…

Picture and video: Kevin Costner, un seductor también en las distancias cortas

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