Sunday, July 20, 2014

More of Kevin at the 'Field Of Dreams' Movie site...

Field Of Dreams Book Facebook Page: The Official Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary Souvenir Program Book captures the complete history of Field of Dreams with high quality photos and stories.

Costner records testimonial about filming in Iowa July 4, 2014 By O. Kay Henderson

Costner heads to ‘Field of Dreams’ for special anniversary By Bill Zwecker June 12, 2014

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest commented: Great time playing with the Ghost Players. @fodmoviesite #fieldofdreams (Posted June 18th)

Betsy Shepherd ‏@BetsyConnected tweeted: @DwierBrown @KevinCostner with Dwier's new book #IfYouBuildIt @fodmoviesite #25thAnniversaryFieldOfDreams (Posted April 23rd)

Betsy Shepherd ‏@BetsyConnected tweeted: With Kevin Costner and @DwierBrown on the actual 25th anniversary of #FieldofDreams (Posted April 23rd)

Field of Dreams owner says no pro baseball in 2014 May 17, 2014

25 years later, Field of Dreams stirs fans, debate Kyle Munson and Rodney White, The Des Moines register April 21, 2014

Kevin Costner makes local man’s dream come true by Jenna Morton, June 23, 2014

Des Moines Register ‏@DMRegister Jun 13 RTing with new link: In Iowa for #fieldofdreams reunion, Kevin Costner wonders, "Have I left a mark on Iowa?

Kyle Munson ‏@KyleMunson tweeted: So Kevin Costner's team (the Kinsellas) defeated Timothy Busfield's (the Disbelievers) 13-8 in #fieldofdreams celeb game. See u in 25 years! (Posted June 14th)

Kristen Smith ‏@KrisSmith6 tweeted: Just watching Kevin Costner & Bob Costas play baseball at the #FieldOfDreams 25th Anniversary… (Posted June 14th)

❤ K. Lemon ❤ ‏@Irbyak18 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner and other celebs @fodmoviesite today. #FieldOfDreams #fieldofdreams25years #kevincostner (Posted June 15th)

Jeff Medina ‏@medina_jeff tweeted: Kevin Costner at shortstop. #fieldofdreams (Posted June 14th)

Brian Lubanski ‏@Blubanski Jun 14 “@TelegraphHerald: Bob Costas, Kevin Costner and Timothy Busfield.

Brian Lubanski ‏@Blubanski Jun 14 Bob Costas, Kevin Costner and Timothy Busfield.

The Curve Changes Everything Film (60 Second Version) by Samsung USA Published May 19, 2014 (Kevin in 'Field Of Dreams' at 0:45)

'Field of Dreams' cast plan Father's Day reunion in Iowa by Kyle Munson April 7, 2014

Video: In a question and session on Friday, June 13, 2014, Kevin Costner defines Field of Dreams as uniquely American alongside fellow cast members of the movie.

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