Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kevin enjoys Alaska fishing trip...

Picture by gillzmcskilz - Mark Gillard: Day 1 warm ups! (Sitka, Alaska) (Posted August 17th)

Kathy Jones ‏@Chefkathyj tweeted: Was honored to prepare food for Kevin Costner tonight. #UNTOUCHABLES #JFK #tincup #lifeisgood (Posted 11:32pm August 17th)

Westmark Sitka Hotel:

Brooke Donnelly-Daar ‏@BrookeDaar tweeted: Kevin Costner was in Sitka Alaska this weekend !!! Super cool. (Posted August 18th)

Elias Erickson ‏@Elias_Erickson_ tweeted: Who wants to stalk Kevin Costner with me tomorrow? My brother use to clean the charter he's on so I know where to find him! (Posted August 18th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Downtime before I start my next movie "criminal" with a little fishing. #alaska #sitka #arqueonautas #arqueonautasworldwide #fishingtrip (Posted 10:46am August 20th)

Terri Burr: My niece Cheryl Jordan has a special guest at her B&B in Sitka, Alaska!!! (Posted August 20th)

The Otter Cove Bed and Breakfast website:
>P> Jon Hazel commented: So, I'm sitting on the plane with Kevin Costner. Dude has blonde hair. (Posted 10:34am August 19th) (Near Sitka, Alaska)

Josh Kerwin @JoshAtXbox tweeted: Burbank airport granted a very serious Kevin Costner encounter yesterday and bit more jovial @Ralphie_May sighting today. Great range, BUR (Posted August 20th)

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