Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kevin hanging out in Sitka, Alaska, likely to fish...

Jordan Guthmann ‏@JGuthmann tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner at SeaTac. Tall dude. (Posted 9:56am August 15th)

Logan Peters @thelogan_ater77 tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner at the airport👌✈️ (Posted 6:05am August 15th)

Sean Poole ‏@SeanPoole tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner is on my flight as I just made deep eye contact with him, hah! (Posted 6:32am August 15th)

Highliner Coffee Co. commented: Alright Highliner Coffee Co. Fb. Friends....Kevin Costner is in Sitka. He's out and about w/the locals tonight. Y'all maintain ok!? Or not (Posted 10:39pm August 15th)

John Litten commented: I watched Kevin Costner walk through the Pioneer shaking hands and posing for pictures. He walked over to say hi and Deb took the photo while we were talking. He said he used to fish commercially in Eureka , California up to Newport. He's definitely a class act when it comes to his fans. — at Pioneer Bar Sitka Alaska. (Posted 10:40pm August 15th)

Highliner Coffee Co. commented: P.S....he's at the P-Bar right now! (Posted 10:41pm August 15th)

The Pioneer Bar, Sitka, Alaska:

Rhonda Stiles commented: He left there but told them he would be back. (Posted 10:48pm August 15th)

Charles Bingham commented: Just missed him at the Bayview Pub (Posted 11:16pm August 15th)

Bayview Pub, Sitka, Alaska:

Doreen Marics commented: Kevin Costner is at the pbar in Sitka tonight. Kinda cool but after working all day I'm too pooped to go check him out! (Posted 11:45pm August 15th)

Mark Young commented: Really Kevin Costner in sitka... (Posted 12:18am August 16th)

Roni S. Dever commented: I'm totally ready to see your pictures with Kevin Costner! WHY did we go home after the wine tasting?!?! AAAAHHH!! (Posted 12:45am August 16th)

Picture by instacheyenneb - Cathryn Cheyenne Bush: Dinner and a movie star #KevinCostner #ludvigs #dinnah #moviestar #thepostman (Posted August 16th)

Picture by toriatunes: So I kinda got to meet this really cool guy named Kevin Costner last night (Posted August 16th)

Picture by mwhames - Mary: Oh, you know. Just chillin' with Kevin Costner. In Sitka. He's so patient and gracious to all of us star-struck Sitkans. #channelclub (Posted August 16th)

Channel Club, Sitka, Alaska:

Meggles McPeggles ‏@PotentSarlacc tweeted: Last night, Kevin Costner moseyed through this town + drank beer my boyfriend made. As irrelevant celebrity connections go, that's not bad. (Posted August 16th)

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