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Vincent Midnight ‏@VincentMidnight 1h Final press check @mandileigh fall issue , #kevincostner #nancyodell #rockstarceo #hollywood (Posted August 25th)

Alaskan Assassin ‏@AlaskanAssassin tweeted: So my mom met #KevinCostner in Sitka #Alaska ! Random but awesome! (Posted August 24th)

Picture by sweetvintagehomeandgarden - Juanita Palais: Kevin giving his sweet speech about Timmy what an @amazing night with old friends and making new ones. (Posted August 22nd)

SunriseEntertainment ‏@SunriseWarren tweeted: TONIGHT someone wins this beautiful #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle autographed by #KevinCostner 👍😎⚡️ #warrenohio #ri... (Posted August 23rd)

See the article and pictures: Synergie: Jacques Lemans und Kevin Costner:

Mohammad ‏@MAl5aled tweeted: #kevincostner (Posted June 20th) (Jacqes Lemans) (Posted June 20th)

Picture: Weston resident attends screening with Kevin Costner Posted Aug. 23, 2014:

Picture by celticrose1217 - Celtic Rose

Taylor Love ‏@arriennemusic tweeted: Just shopping with my boo #kevincostner #münster (Posted August 8th)

Picture by franzinegott - Francesca Gottardo: So good! (Posted August 2nd)

Milan Bogdan ‏@bmilan91 tweeted; Ki veszi már ezt be, hogy KEVIN COSTNER a tengerpart mellett (!!!) KONZERV tonhalat eszik? (Posted August 3rd)

Picture by michaelguethphotography - Michael Gueth (Posted August 14, 2014

Anouska Hoogendoorn ‏@Anouska_ tweeted: WOW. Hoe grijzer, hoe knapper... ;) #KevinCostner (Posted August 15th)

Chris Gordon commented: With Mickey Pugh and Mikey Matthews in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Swing Vote set:

Mikey Matthews commented: That was a killer trip. Drinking shine in the hotel lobby after hanging out all day with Kevin Costner. Nobody believes I had to change the tire on that car with Mickey Pugh . Took almost 9 minutes, the king made fun of us all day. Good times!

Mikayla Hosch ‏@hoschmikayla tweeted: My mom just told me her co-workers grandson works at Theisens and had Kevin Costner in line at the checkouts. True story (Posted August 8th)

Kevin Costner arrives at the Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit premiere in Hollywood by Louis Petric Published June 24, 2014

Laurel Replogle ‏@miss_replogle tweeted: Someone is aging better than wine #kevincostner #handsome #finewine #3DaysToKill (Posted June 20th)

'3 Days To Kill' pictures:

Kevin Costner arrives at the 3 Days To Kill premiere at Arclight in Hollywood by Louis Petric Published June 24, 2014

Exclusive: Is Kevin Costner Just Like His Killer '3 Days' Character? by Entertainment Tonight Published on May 19, 2014 - Kevin Costner has 3 Days to Kill -- or be killed -- in his new action-thriller from director McG, and in this exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray bonus features, out Tuesday, he explains how he relates to his killer character...

Eagle Pictures ‏@Eagle_Pictures tweeted: #Parigi illumina #3DaysToKill con #kevincostner @DoveViaggi (Posted May 28th)

Kevin Costner Settles Lawsuit Over 'Robin Hood' Profits (Exclusive)

2013 Pig Bowl recipient completes transplant By Kathy Ursprung August 8, 2014:

Candidates Use Hollywood Sounds to Woo Voters By Caleb Jackson:

Paul Kimmage - Unfinished stone for an unfinished love - see excerpt about 'American Flyers':

Picture by iowa_girl1:

Gin Blossoms - Kevin Costner & Modern West - America's River Fest, June 14th, 2014 (Posted August 2nd)

Remedy / Remedy Rock commented: TBT- August 3, 2013 - It was awesome to meet Kevin Costner at the House Of Blues. We even got to see his band perform - Kevin Costner & Modern West (Posted May 1st)

Amanda Herrington ‏@AmandaBelle tweeted: Kevin Costner telling me there's no place like The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin. I'd believe anything that voice tells me. (Posted August 3rd)

sandra garcia ‏@marceloylaura tweeted: Natalia sanchez y marc clotet concierto Kevin costner (Posted August 3rd)

3 Up, 3 Down: Justin Turner recalls the time he played with Kevin Costner by Bob Harkins, August 2, 2014:

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