Sunday, September 28, 2014

The latest from 'Criminal' filming in the UK...

Therese Duffy ‏@ThereseDuffy1 tweeted: @YvonneNewell celebrating his brothers bday! Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner were filming last wk behind where we live (Posted September 21st)

Amra Hurley ‏@amrahurley tweeted: #kevincostner #garyoldman filming outside our front door just an average Sunday! (Posted September 21st)

ClaireMorris ‏@clairevmorris tweeted: You know it's been a good day at work when you've shared it with, Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman! 🎥🎬❤️ #lovemyjob (Posted September 21st)

Susanne Courtney ‏@MrsSoose tweeted: This morning I was dispatched to try and find Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner who are filming at Blackbushe Airport. Did I succeed? (Posted September 22nd)

Zoe Ford ‏@ZoeFord1989 18h Saw Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman filming their new film yesterday. How exciting!! (Posted September 23rd)

Hartley Wintney ‏@hartleywintney tweeted: Just hanging out with my mate Kevin Costner at Blackbushe Airport #criminal #film #movie (Posted September 23rd) Kevin Costner & Ryan Reynolds movie, Criminal, filmed in Yateley By Paul Harper September 24, 2014

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: So I've just tweeted the director of the movie to say I'll buy him and Kev/Ryan coffee if they coma and say hi. Yep. That should work. (Posted September 23rd)

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: Ok, so have been told that they're filming Broadchurch at the John Nike Leisure centre. Anyone know anything? (Posted September 24th)

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: Thought I might try and crash the set after my *ahem* success yesterday. (Posted September 24th)

Chris Needham ‏@needham_chris tweeted: “@wvufish: @needham_chris kevin costner is in town filming a movie.” The Plot Thickens!!!! (Posted September 24th)

Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman on Blackbushe Airport set of Criminal By David Stubbings September 25, 2014

Help from Hollywood heavyweights By Princess Alice Hospice 24 September 2014 The film company behind Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Expendables’ has given us a surprise £2,000 donation.

'Man of Steel' Actress Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' 9/26/2014 by Austin Siegemund-Broka The thriller's cast includes Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Alice Eve Man of Steel's Antje Traue is the latest to join Criminal, Traue will play a terrorist's henchwoman.

Hollywood stars shoot dramatic thriller film scenes in Yateley By Matt Strudwick September 26, 2014

Hal Stewart ‏@DJHalStewart tweeted: Yes I am VERY jealous of Natasha in Aldershot and yes that is Kevin Costner! (Posted September 26th)

Hollywood comes a-calling Posted by: Emma Finamore September 26, 2014 Brutalist architecture is clearly a theme this week, and it’s what got Croydon College picked as the filming location of none other than Kevin Costner’s new movie. The Hollywood star will be shooting here on Saturday afternoon, head down and see if you can get an A-list selfie!

Love Norbury ‏@LoveNorburySW16 tweeted: Kevin Costner will be in central Croydon's tomorrow filming scenes for a new movie on College Green! (Posted September 26th)

Helen Redfern ‏@NoseyHelen tweeted: What film is being filmed at @FairfieldHalls #croydon today? (Posted September 27th)

Jon Ellacott ‏@jon_ellacott tweeted: @NoseyHelen @FairfieldHalls Criminal with Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner (Posted September 27th)

Shaun Ramos ‏@kidd_freeze tweeted: Spent the day filming with Gary oldman and Kevin Costner. Going out tonight with @BlzVngrD and then doing it alllllll again tomorrow lol yeah man Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner as well (Posted September 27th)

Helen Redfern ‏@NoseyHelen tweeted: Saw a film being directed twice today. - it was only Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman... (Posted September 27th)

Dale Taylor ‏@Ironcoppers tweeted: What is going on in East Croydon. 2 choppers hovering over the station. (Posted September 27th)

Jon Ellacott ‏@jon_ellacott tweeted: I see filming has started on the new Tommy Lee Jones/Gary Oldman/Kevin Costner film 'Criminal' at the Fairfield Halls and College #Croydon (Posted September 27th)

Robert Stewart ‏@robstew666 tweeted: @Ironcoppers apparently kevin costner was filming (not joking!) (Posted September 27th)

Marie GC (Korner) ‏@mariegcphoto tweeted: Kevin Costner filming in Croydon tonight #gunshots are right at home! Haha. #filmmaking (Posted September 27th)

kylie davies ‏@kddavies tweeted: As if Kevin Costner is filming in croydon and I didn't know about it :( (Posted September 27th)

Nadine #TeamTimmons ‏@Nadine_MrsSpoon tweeted: Kevin Costner filming in Croydon this weekend. Movie props and crew everywhere no sign of the man himself though :( (Posted September 27th)

Nick Moran ‏@Moranfox tweeted: @benny008 @lukie3man You should both know that I am having a wonderful time with Kevin Costner. He is a super hunk (Posted September 27th)

Griff ‏@TheRealGriff tweeted: I've just met Kevin Costner at work. Just another day at the office.💃 #LoveMyJob (Posted September 28th)

Griff ‏@TheRealGriff tweeted: A film crew are based at my work for 2 weeks. Shooting a film with Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds! Exciting 😄 (Posted September 28th)

Dan Storey ‏@DapperDan tweeted: Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner filming outside of Croydon College... That's it, I'm done, I've seen it all now. (Posted September 28th)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kevin to attend Rome Film Festival with 'Black And White'...

The titles of the first five English-language films: Time Out of Mind by Oren Moverman, Trash by Stephen Daldry, Love, Rosie by Christian Ditter, Black and White by Mike Binder, Stonehearst Asylum by Brad Anderson September 16, 2014:

Rome Film Fest: Alice in the city ', the eleventh edition with Kevin Costner September 24, 2014 Excerpt: 'Black and White', directed by Mike Binder with a cast composed by Oscar Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. The film, which will be 'distributed in Italy by Good Films, explores the tensions caused by racial differences. To accompany the film will arrive in Rome 'Kevin Costner who will' protagonist, in the Sala Sinopoli, a Master Class with the festival audience.

The Rome Film Festival runs from October 16th - 25th. The full lineup of the Rome Film Festival will be announced on Monday, September 29th

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

'Black And White' centerpiece film at Mill Valley Film Festival...

Hilary Swank, Laura Dern to be feted at Mill Valley Film Festival by Paul Liberatore September 9, 2014 Excerpt: Midway through the festival on Oct. 8, director Mike Binder will attend a "centerpiece" screening of "Black and White," a racial drama starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer.

Mill Valley FilmFest ‏@MVFilmfest tweeted: Don't miss the #Centerpiece of this years #MVFF37, #BlackandWhite directed by #MikeBinder starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer (Posted September 9th)

Mill Valley Film Festival:

Friday, September 19, 2014

A little more of Kevin filming 'Criminal' in the UK...

Kevin Costner e Gal Gadot sul set di Criminal:

Kevin Costner spotted shooting new film Criminal in Camber Sands:

Criminal’s Costner in Camber By Tony McLaughlin September 19, 2014

Julie Evans ‏@KatLover18 tweeted: Kevin costner with kel. (Posted September 18th)

Gary Oldman Fans ‏@GO4Everyone tweeted: The third film, Criminal, a $45m action thriller starring Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner, was originally set in New York. (Posted September 18th)

Nazia Dewji ‏@Nazia_Comet tweeted: So this wk I came face 2 face with Kevin Costner filming in Kingston & didn't recognise him for 5mins! So much for sneaking on to a film set (Posted September 18th)

David Lindsell ‏@SWLondonwebed tweeted: So our reporter @nazia_dewji met Kevin Costner this week by accident (Posted September 18th)

Picture by lamittafrangieh - Lamitta: Me and Kevin Costner (Posted September 19th) (Mayfair)

Mayfair area of London:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The latest of Kevin filming 'Criminal' at Camber Sands...

Emily Harvale ‏@emilyharvale tweeted: Yateley, here I come! Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds. Yummy. (Posted September 17th)

1066 Holidays ‏@1066holidays tweeted: Film crew all camped at #Cambersands filming #Criminals starring Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner great #filmlocation (Posted September 17th)

Chelseabuns&longruns ‏@JacquiMaxted tweeted: Just discovered filming opposite me again on the beach #Criminals #KevinCostner & #RyanReynolds star spotting for me later :o) (Posted September 17th)

Robert Smith ‏@robertdgsmith tweeted: Came across the filming of 'Criminal' today at Camber Sands. Out next year. Kevin Costner around we're told. (Posted September 17th)

Claire Jacobs | SPP ‏@vampybear tweeted: Omg just been on a beach with Ryan Reynolds and Kevin costner whilst they were filming. Gutted I looked like shit! (Posted September 17th)

Beside The Sea ‏@Beside_The_Sea tweeted: Camber Sands in the movies again!... (Posted September 17th)

SXPHIA ‏@sophiadecaro tweeted: My little Lara filming on set with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot. Papped at 10 years old. Bruh #shemadeit SO PROUD (Posted September 17th)

Kevin Coast-ner! Hollywood legend hits the beach in Sussex as he shoots playful scenes with Gal Gadot for new film Criminal By Marc Jackson for MailOnline 17 September 2014

Kingston residents welcome the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Alice Eve for Hollywood blockbuster Criminal By Miranda Bryant September 17, 2014

Scott Adkins Joins Ryan Reynolds/Kevin Costner Thriller ‘Criminal’ By Alex Paul September 17, 2014 Excerpt: Shooting has begun in London and will be moving to the town of Yately next week. For those of you in the Yately area and want to grab a glimpse of the filming, you might want to head to the Blackbushe Airport on September 18th for some stunt rehearsals, with cameras rolling on the 22nd for car and helicopter chase scenes. The film will be released in 2015.

Suzie Cox ‏@Cox1Suzie tweeted: @standardnews @hairydel finished now! Kevin Costner and other big names been filming there next door to friend of mine.. (Posted September 17th)

Kira_Marie❤️TWD ‏@PitbullGirlUK tweeted: #KevinCostner & #RyanReynolds are going to be in @YourYateley filming! @modernwest I'm only about a 10min drive away ;) OMG! (Posted September 17th)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More of Kevin filming 'Criminal' in the UK...

Vanessa Osborne ‏@vanessa_osborne tweeted: Ryan Reynolds,Gary Oldman,Tommy Lee Jones & Kevin Costner filming round the corner from my house. Makeup for morning dog walk I think! (Posted September 14th)

Nigel Vincent ‏@newsnigel tweeted: Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman in #Kingston tomorrow when filming continues for #Criminal in house on King's Rd nr Richmond Pk.. (Posted September 14th)

Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones among A-listers to film Hollywood blockbuster at Croydon College By Chris Baynes 16 September 2014

Hollywood stars to begin filming in Yateley By Pete Bryant September 16, 2014

Marion ‏@MarionPqt tweeted: Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds are shooting in Kingston. I must find them. (Posted September 16th)

kaylee sparks ‏@kayleesparks87 tweeted: Gary oldman, #ryanreynolds #kevincostner filming round the corner from me!! (Posted September 16th)

emma ‏@emma_malins tweeted: Correction, I've just been in close proximity with Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones 👀👏 (Posted September 16th)

Allie Gibbs ‏@alliegibbs94 tweeted: ryan reynolds, gary oldman and kevin costner are filming 5 minutes from my house in kingston, booking train home now (Posted September 16th)

Jane Beecham ‏@janebeecham tweeted: Can anyone confirm Kevin Costner Ryan reynolds Tommy Lee Jones Gary Oldman filming at Rye Harbour ??? @RyeINews @more_Rye (Posted September 16th)

Rye, East Sussex ‏@ryesussex tweeted: Spotted in Rye; Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones ... more filming? (Posted September 16th)

danagonzales ‏@danagonzales tweeted: Shot an incredible scene with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot today on "Criminal" it blew my mind.. It was that good #criminal #london (Posted September 16th)

Jane Beecham ‏@janebeecham tweeted: @XsimplyitalianX @RyeINews @more_Rye my friend just said "Kevin Costner in mermaid this afternoon while I was in hairdressers" (Posted September 16th)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Kevin filming 'Criminal' with new look...

Picture by noritamy - Noritamy Contemporary Jewelry: Took a break to visit the set of @arielvromen Movie Criminal starring #galgadot #kevincostner #garyoldman and more...thanks for having me (Posted September 15th)

Alice Eve keeping it casual while shooting scenes with Kevin Costner on the set of their upcoming movie 'Criminal' on Monday, (September 15) in London, England.

Emma ‏@EmsQuin tweeted: So Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman are filming 2 mins away from my house!!! I'm all casual about that... :-O (Posted September 15th)

hucklecat ‏@hucklecat123 tweeted: #RyanReynolds #TommyLeeJones #KevinCostner & #GaryOldman filming in London but I only see sulky security in highviz jackets. It's #Criminal (Posted September 15th)

Martin Ford at Richmond Park commented: Shoot day 10 on criminal. Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Alice Eve join us on set today (Posted September 15th)

Security tight for filming of thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in Kingston by Nazia Dewji September 15, 2014

joe de souza ‏@tokenblack03 @PaulSilburn Today, Kevin Costner is joining Gary in Norbiton. So are Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Life imitating ads. (Posted September 15th)
Norbiton Railway Station:

Filming for upcoming movie 'Criminal' in East London - Friday 5th September 2014

Amit ✌️ ‏@PeerlessKid tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming a movie literally down the road from me but I don't really know who he is so I'm not leaving my house to go see 😁 (Posted September 11th)

David Jones ‏@the_joneses tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming just up the road!! Just saying... (Posted September 11th)

Sophie ‏@sophie243 tweeted: Can't get to the top of the street as Ryan Gosling & Kevin Costner are apparently making a movie!!! Everywhere cordoned off! (Posted September 11th)

Elizabeth Bushman ‏@elizaaabethjane tweeted: Kevin Costner is at jakes (Posted September 11th)

Jakes, 79 Berwick St, London:

Pedro ‏@cheesyalias tweeted: @Awexome1 cost me a shirt and a two-four but looks like I met Kevin Costner (Posted September 12th)

Tracey Spurr ‏@TraceySpurr tweeted: Costner and Reynolds coming to Yateley! This airfield is becoming a fav for movie filming! (Posted September 12th)

Colin Ive ‏@ColinIve 11h #YateleyHour September @YateleyMagazine Good edition, again, R u planning and interview with Kevin Costner filming at Blackbushe? :-) (Posted September 15th)

Blackbushe Airport:

Hollywood A-listers to film new blockbuster at Croydon College By Croydon Advertiser | Posted: September 12, 2014 Filming will start at the end of this month and will conclude in November.

Toronto: Quiet Market Expected as Big Titles Remain Scarce 09/05/2014 by Pamela McClintock, Scott Roxborough Excerpt: NuImage/Millennium are said to be shopping Criminal, starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Alice Eve and Tommy Lee Jones.

Kevin Costner to Star in Sci-Fi Tinged Thriller ‘Criminal’ May 20th, 2014 by Russ Fischer

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More of 'Black And White' at TIFF 2014....

More pictures of Kevin from TIFF 2014:

KevinSmith ‏@ThatKevinSmith tweeted: I call this "When Kevs Collide!" Or "Robin Hood/L'il John." Or "Look how easy it was to save Pa Kent from a Twister!"

PHOTO: Amar’e Stoudemire meets a heavily bearded Kevin Costner Written by: Ananth Pandian

Dandy Magazine commented: Kevin Costner aime DANDY (Posted September 9th)

Linda ‏@linnylinc tweeted: @ETCanada #SpottedAtTIFF14 Kevin Costner from the Bell blue carpet

VIDEO # 22: The Stars of 'Black and White' Dish on Their "Delicate" Movie "Make no mistake, this isn't a message movie," says Kevin Costner. "I think a message will be drawn out of it, but it comes out of it in the best way."

Good Review: Review: Black and White (TIFF 2014) Sep. 9, 2014 by: Chris Bumbray

A Glut of Good Film at Toronto’s Cinema Circus Bodes Well for NYC’s Fall Movie Season By Rex Reed September 10, 2014 Excerpt: The same kudos apply to Kevin Costner’s change of pace in the intelligent, touching and riveting Black and White, as a tough but tender alcoholic New Orleans attorney fighting a fierce court battle for custody of his mixed-race granddaughter against the child’s African-American grandmother, played by the garrulous, colorful Octavia Spencer. Hiding festering, racist prejudices under feelings of rage, helplessness and grief for his dead wife and daughter while struggling to appear mature and responsible, Mr. Costner gives a fully balanced performance that surpasses anything he’s done before.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kevin starts filming 'Criminal' in London...

See the pictures: Ryan Reynolds Rocks Hot Scuffy Look For 'Criminal' by JustJared: Ryan Reynolds keeps it serious while shooting scenes for his upcoming movie Criminal on Sunday (September 7) in London, England. The next day, the 37-year-old Canadian actor was joined on the set by his co-star Kevin Costner, who just wrapped up promotion of his new film Black & White at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

RemmieW. ‏@remxwilliams tweeted: Kevin Costner your movie set is fucking with my life 😡

S H E L L I E ‏@SohoBarbiee tweeted: Just casually watching Kevin Costner & Tommy Lee Jones filming outsider office. Just another crazy Monday! (Posted September 8th)

Robin French ‏@Robin_Essex tweeted: #TommyLeeJones #KevinCostner and #GaryOldman filmin outside my building for new film #Criminal might see if I can make a guest appearance!! (Posted September 8th)

Kieu-Anh Tran ‏@KieuAnhTran tweeted: Apparently Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Ryan Reynolds are filming in #Hackney today! (Posted September 8th)

Wayne Taylor ‏@Wayne2010Taylor tweeted: Out filming today on 'Criminal' with Kevin Costner n Gary Oldham. (Posted September 8th)

DealHubFX ‏@DealHubFX tweeted: Kevin Costner,Gary Oldman & Ryan Reynolds filming outside DH offices...'pretending' to be an 'extra' requires id. But only if they ask..... (Posted September 8th)

Georgina Knight ‏@GinaKnight_x tweeted: Film set update: Kevin Costner is now outside 😱😍 ahhhhhhhhhh (Posted September 8th)

Chriss Prowler ‏@Prowler_666 tweeted: Kevin costner and ryan reynolds are filming around appold street today, reynolds has a beard and is hot apparently

Emma-Ashley Liles ‏@EmmaAshley tweeted: The street I work on is closed today as they are filming a movie. I can see Kevin Costner from the window. (Posted September 8th)

Grace ‏@seastruck tweeted: Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner are currently filming right outside my work. #life (Posted September 8th)

Carla Battisti ‏@carla_battisti tweeted: #KevinCostner outside @7digital_UK London office chilling between takes for upcoming thriller #Criminal (Posted September 8th)

Picture by jiunone - Jiunone: kevin costner shooting a new film in London (Posted September 8th)

Gunnar Larsén ‏@ettskott tweeted: We had Kevin Costner filming outside our office today. Who filmed outside yours? (Posted September 8th)

Andrea Craig ‏@MrsNoBags tweeted: Kings Rd North Kingston shut from today until the 16th September between Queens Rd and Park Rd junction for filming (Posted September 8th)

Picture by drc_geek: OMG!!! Look at how close he came to my office building. I die!!! #ryanreynolds #filming #finsburysquare

Picture by issam003 - Issam Eid: With Kevin Costner! #kevincostner #issameid #london #uk #british #unitedkingdom #tagsforlike #tagsforlikes #picoftheday #followme #follow #instalondon #instapic #instaphoto #celebrity #celeb #celebrities #hollywood #star #movie (Posted September 9th) (Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, London)

Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, London Hotel:

Aric Gilinsky @AGilinsky tweeted: I have two friends on Facebook. One is the biggest Kevin Costner fan of all time, and the other has Kevin Costner coming round to her house. (Posted September 9th)

DealHubFX ‏@DealHubFX tweeted: Kevin Costner,Gary Oldman & Ryan Reynolds filming outside DH offices on the 8th Sept.Car chases & stunt action sequences,a typical Monday... (Posted August 19th)

Deal Hub London: 15 Appold Street:

UK Casting News ‏@UKCastingNews tweeted: 'Criminal', a CIA thriller starring Kevin Costner, is shooting in the UK in September. (Posted July 30th) Visit for more info:

Chelsea @ughChelsea tweeted: My cousin is going to drive Kevin Costner when he comes to town!!!! (Posted August 17th)

Film New Orleans:

He's no smooth Criminal! Ryan Reynolds sports a scruffy beard on set of new thriller filming in London By Shyam Dodge for MailOnline September 7, 2014

Rugged Ryan Reynolds shows off his action skills as he shoots motorbike scenes for new movie Criminal By Frances Kindon September 8, 2014

More pictures of Ryan Reynolds filming.

Alice Eve Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' 08/07/2014 by Rebecca Ford, Borys Kit

Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' (Exclusive) 8/12/2014 by Borys Kit Gadot will play Reynolds' wife.

Monday, September 8, 2014

More of Kevin and 'Black And White' at TIFF 2014...

Pictures from Saturday evening and Sunday day:

Picture #18:

Pictures #21 and #24:

Karen Payne ‏@karenannepayne tweeted: @ETCanada Kevin Costner #SpottedAtTIFF14 #TIFF14

Lawrence O. Fajardo ‏@LOFphotography tweeted: Salma Hayek and Kevin Costner @TIFF_NET @windsorarms #Toronto

Pictures: TIFF Day 3: Stars at InStyle party at Windsor Arms Hotel #54 thru #57

Kathy Patterson commented: Had a fantastic, amazing vacation to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival...

MR. WILL WONG ‏@mrwillw tweeted: #KevinCostner at #TIFF14 for #BlackandWhite.

HFPA & InStyle's 2014 TIFF Celebration Arrivals:!/event/OjyMb/can-hfpa-instyles-2014-tiff-celebration-arrivals-2014-toronto-international-film-festival-2014-09-06

Picture by janettetuulia:

Picture by logik416 - Neo Logik: #stolenfromafrica fam #MphoKoaho W/ #kevincostner at the #blackandwhite film premiere at #tiff2014

Picture by nickriebel - Nicholas Mark Riebel: My mom and grandma love this man. Had to take a pic for them! @tinariebel

Didier Cano ‏@DiCano05 tweeted: Kevin Costner: Hago películas para la gente, no para mí

Alicia Weir ‏@STYLINGAWEIR tweeted: Dapper Kevin Costner @modernwest on @TIFF_NET Red Carpet Premier

Picture by graemeoneil: #kevincostner makes me laugh apparently. HARD. #ETCanadaTIFF

Pictures: Photo Coverage: On the TIFF Red Carpet for BLACK & WHITE:

Picture by marcmalkin: Yup, that is #kevincostner at @instyle #hfpa party (having fun with filters)

Picture by bryantp019 - Bryant Pearson: Me and Kevin Costner last night at one of the festivities I attended at #tiff. Awesome time last night at the premiere of Black and White.

Picture by hedonismbysisi - hedonISM by sisi: #HFPA & #InStyle2014 #TIFFCelebration #Arrivals

Picture by hihlya: Just saw Kevin Costner @Roy Thompson Hall, lol...feel like paparazzi

Picture by sonocristine: Kevin. #tiff #septembertune #redcarpet #festival #celebrity #kevincostner #workandleasure

Picture by ashleycasson - ashley casson: Toronto film festival is fun #tiff2014 #octaviaspencer #kevincostner

Picture by erikabounce - B.Erika: Black and white world premiereemoji Great movie!!Great job kevin costner!!! #vsco#tiff#blackandwhite#kevincostner

Picture by themintagency: The man of the hour #KevinCostner arrives at the #BlackandWhite after party @nespresso #TIFF14

FASHION Magazine ‏@FashionCanada tweeted: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer were crazy charming at the #BlackAndWhite after party

Picture by thegoodson_to - The Good Son: Absolute pleasure having Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and the cast of Black and White for dinner at The Good Son this Saturday!

Yenny Nun ‏@yennynun tweeted: En #Toronto celebrando el estreno de #Blackandwhite producida y protagonizada por #KevinCostner

Destini Nicole ‏@NicoleLMallory tweeted: Kevin Costner at the premiere of Black and White #TIFF14

Pictures and article: TIFF 2014: Octavia Spencer & Kevin Costner are crazy charming at Black and White party Posted by: Souzan Michael September 7, 2014

See the picture:

News/ 2014 Toronto Film Festival: Benedict Cumberbatch, Naomi Watts, Channing Tatum Party at InStyle by Marc Malkin InStyle's annual Toronto Film Festival party with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was the place to be last night. The late night soirée—doors didn't open until 10 p.m.—took place at the Windsor Arms Hotel....Also in attendance were...Kevin Costner

TIFF: Black and White tackles grey area of blended families - TIFF film starring Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer was inspired by the intra-familial race experience of its director, Mike Binder By: Jane Gerster September 7, 2014

Video: 'Black And White' Red Carpet

VIDEO: Costner film Black and White debuts at Toronto Festival

VIDEO: Red Carpet Diary: #KevinCostner shows his appreciation for TIFF at the premiere of #BlackAndWhite #TIFF14

Video by hrhfatima - Fatima: I like to think I made Kevin Costner a little more cheery by greeting him. he was a little intimidating lol

Picture by moviemarlene:

Picture by jeffvespa - Jeff Vespa: Kevin Costner in the studio for the movie Black and White #tiff14

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Olivia Spencer talk 'Black And White' with with Access' Scott "Movie" Mantz at TIFF. Why was it a big risk to make the movie?

VIDEO: Sean Leathong spoke to Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer who were promoting their film “Black and White.” He also spoke to the writer and director of the film, Mike Binder.

Kevin Costner holds court (and Octavia Spencer goes barefoot) at the after-party for Black and White

Toronto: 'Black and White' Could Propel Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer Into Oscar Race 9/7/2014 by Scott Feinberg

Pictures and article: Toronto: Kevin Costner , Jake Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman And A Very Hot Chris Rock Heat Up Busy Fest Weekend by Pete Hammond September 7, 2014

Destini Nicole ‏@NicoleLMallory tweeted: @MidwestMMaven It was amazing! I saw Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, and Chris Rock. Got a few shots of them from afar. (Posted September 8th)

HBenK ‏@bensmith1312 tweeted: Kevin Costner and I had an awkward elevator exchange cause he's staying at my hotel. (Posted September 7th)

Picture from after party: Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer Fight It Out in ‘Black and White’ By Steve Pond September 6, 2014

Kevin Costner Didn't See the Potential Racial Controversy of ‘Black and White’ (Video) episode of “Drinking With the Stars” from Toronto with TheWrap's CEO and Editor in Chief Sharon Waxman.

Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer Make a Surprisingly Great Team by Vanity Fair Published on Sep 8, 2014


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kevin attends 'Black And White' Press Conference...

Black and White Press Conference - September 7, 2014 - A live Q&A with the people behind Black and White, starting at 10am.

TIFF @TIFF_NET tweeted: BLACK AND WHITE is a platform for having this conversation, says Kevin Costner.

AJ Calloway ‏@AJCalloway tweeted: #KevinCostner at #TIFF for his film #BlackandWhite so many great films in one place!

TIFF @TIFF_NET tweeted: I make movies for people, I don't make them for myself, says Kevin Costner.

In Pictures: TIFF Day 4: Al Pacino, Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain

'Black And White' Press Conference - 2014 Toronto Film Festival - Sunday, September 7, 2014 pictures:|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest

Picture by 27mason: #KevinCostner #FilmFest #BlackandWhite #TIFF2014 #PressConference

abbey unyi ‏@abbeyleighunyi tweeted: my aunt talked to kevin costner today and I am so mad because he is sooooo hot #moveovergeorgeclooney (Posted September 7th)

CP24 ‏@CP24 tweeted: WATCH LIVE: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer discussing 'Black and White' at TIFF now

CTV Toronto ‏@CTVToronto tweeted: LIVE NOW: Kevin Costner, @octaviaspencer discuss ‘Black and White’ at #TIFF14

Picture by thewrap - TheWrap: Another look behind-the-camera! @kevincostnermodernwest of 'Black and White' catches up with @TheWrap on-site at #TIFF14. Presented by #AMCSupperSuite

Julie Hinds ‏@juliehinds tweeted: Big crowd for screening of "Black and White" by metro Detroit's own Mike Binder. Cast includes Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. #TIFF14

Leslie Jones ‏@Lesdoggg tweeted: Met my dream man Kevin Costner &he is tall &fucking dreamy. And smelled incredible. So sweet. #whatuknowboutbodyguard

Kevin Costner attends the Guess Portrait Studio during 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

See the picture, video and article: TIFF 2014: Eight things you don’t need to know about Black and White (and four things you do) Adam McDowell | September 7, 2014

See the picture and article: Translated: Black and White is the question of racism in the United States by Michel COMTE - Agence France-Presse

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

'Black And White' World Premiere at Toronto Film Festival...

Heather Hamilton ‏@tjzmommy tweeted: Kevin Costner is on my sister’s flight from NYC. Coming to #TIFF (Posted 2:50pm September 5th)

Two pictures: Living the high life! Cara Delevingne and Kate Beckinsale touch down in Toronto to descend upon the city's Film Festival By Karen Mizoguchi Excerpt: On Friday evening, Kevin Costner landed at the same airport where Delevingne and Beckinsale was previously seen arriving. Sporting scruffy facial hair, the actor also found the time to greet his admirers and signe autographs. The 59-year-old was dressed in a collared black shirt with a pair of denim jeans and styled with dark shades.

Kim Holcomb ‏@kimholcomb tweeted: Just joked around with Kevin Costner in an elevator. So. Pretty average Saturday.

Moni ‏@IamnotHawaiian tweeted: Met Kevin Costner today! @modernwest nice guy & so handsome..really handsome!! #tiff #blackandwhite #bodyguard2 LOL

David Stanwell ‏@davestanwell tweeted: #TIFF has begun press day for #BlackandWhite #KevinCostner & octaviaspencer #hairbydave #makeup…

CheleBelleSays ‏@CheleBelleSays tweeted: Photo: Vanity Fair 2014 TIFF Portraits: Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner, Black and White

Quintessentially ‏@QCANADA tweeted: Tonight at Roy Thomson Hall- Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, and the cast of The Riot Club! #TIFF14 #QRedCarpet

Octavia Spencer + Kevin Costner Talk 'Black and White' We're still buzzing about our interview with Kevin Costner and Olivia Spencer at the ET Canada's 2014 TIFF Lounge.!813e9868689574d2dd0c873ea207d19a!e6c0dcffe5b3c155d71e611e1fe9a8f0!f1559c8a9f1d1c84476199691d690123

Picture by realtv2014 - GOSSIP QUEEN: Kevin Costner at #THRTIFF lounge at @brassaii just hours before the premiere of #BlackandWhite

Picture by behindtheseenproductions - Behind the Scenes: Kevin Costner in Toronto for TIFF (2014)

Enzo ‏@enzorant tweeted: Look who strolled into brassaii during our lunch service! Kevin Costner,..

Kevin Sweet ‏@sweetonarts tweeted: Malgré ciel menaçant il y a foule pour le tapis rouge de "Black & White" avec Kevin Costner. #rc_arts #onrc #tifrc

Kevin Sweet ‏@sweetonarts tweeted: La presse attend Kevin Costner et Octavia Spencer sur le tapis rouge de "Black & White" #tiffrc #rc_arts #onrc

Graeme O'Neil ‏@GraemeONeil tweeted: Waiting for Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and @AnthonyMackie on #TIFF14 red carpet! #ETCanadaTIFF #BlackAndWhite

Morley Nirenberg ‏@MorleyNirenberg tweeted: #KevinCostner has just arrived at the #BlackandWhite red carpet. The crowd is going wild. #etalkTIFF

Jenia ‏@jschubox tweeted: Walked out of our screening of #StVincent right onto a Kevin Costner red carpet. I love TIFF.

Video by pepperfrost - Charmaine°: Day 3 Part 1 #TIFF2014 #BillBurr #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie

Black and White: Kevin Costner TIFF Movie Premiere Gala Arrival by ScreenSlam Published September 6, 2014

manda || 33 days ‏@_AmandaGee tweeted: One of my favourite actors ever #KevinCostner #BlackAndWhite #TIFF14

Kristyn Taras ‏@KTaras22 tweeted: Kevin Costner though... #TIFF2014

Marta Cichocka ‏@penisstagegirl tweeted: Kevin Costner at #TIFF14

Brassaii ‏@brassaii tweeted: Black and White movie actress Jillian Estell (with a cast on her leg, poor thing!) got a big hug from Kevin Costner when she arrived

James W ‏@sir_peaches tweeted: Kevin Costner!! #tiff14 #bluecarpet

Nick Nunes ‏@NickNCanada tweeted: Kevin Costner's here for the premiere of' Black and White' at #TIFF14 ! Fans going wild on the #bluecarpet !

Lucy Gao ‏@LucyGao tweeted: Kevin Costner at the #bluecarpet! :) #tiff

Maria Baudo ‏@BaudoMaria tweeted: Kevin Costner! 😍#TIFF2014

Madeline Giaquinto ‏@MaddyGiaquinto tweeted: Kevin Costner at the "Black and White" premiere #TIFF14

Linda ‏@linnylinc tweeted: Kevin Costner at #TIFF14

Trina Stewart ‏@Trina_Stewart tweeted: Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet of Black & White Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet of Black & White #TIFF14

Picture by elianaakl - Eliana: Day 3 ... with Mister Kevin Costner #bluecarpet #tiff14

TheLabNYC commented: From #TIFF2014, #InTheLab at the premiere of "Black and White" with Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Anthony Mackie & Bill Burr. Plenty more to come from #InTheLab in Toronto so stay tuned

Arthur Kade commented: I'll put up better pictures tonight, but here is my 1 on 1 with the amazing Kevin Costner!

Arthur Kade ‏@ArthurKade tweeted: Kevin Costner is the nicest guy and great interview!

Picture by etcanada - ET Canada: The myth, the man, THAT beard! #KevinCostner takes the red carpet for the #BlackAndWhite premiere! #ETCanadaTIFF

Picture by Graeme O'Neil:

Picture by logik416 - Neo Logik: Theatre bout to get packed for the Premiere of #blackandwhite at #tiff

Picture by lorealpariscan - L'Oréal Paris Canada: Oh #KevinCostner. how we love your beard!

Picture by mrsdaniellegraham - Danielle Graham: The legend. #KevinCostner! #BlackAndWhite #etalkTIFF @etalkctv

Picture by leslieping - Leslie Ping: #kevincostner #tiff14

Picture by etalkctv: #KevinCostner & #OctaviaSpencer chat with @MrsDanielleGraham before the TIFF premiere of 'Black & White'! #etalkTIFF

Stephano ‏@learmos tweeted: Mr. Kevin Costner.

Stephano ‏@learmos tweeted: Snuck a picture of @DanielleGraham interviewing Kevin Costner for @etalkCTV. #TIFF14 #redcarpet #Toronto

VIDEO: Kevin Costner at TIFF: CBC's Jelena Adzic catches up with Kevin Costner and the stars of Black and White on the red carpet in Toronto

*newzcard ‏@newzcard tweeted: Kevin Costner sporting one hellova beard at the "Black And White" Premiere - 2014 Toronto Film Festival!/event/jYIhh/can-black-and-white-premiere-arrivals-2014-toronto-international-film-festival-2014-09-06!/card/OC4fvY/producer-and-actor-kevin-costner-and-christine-baumgartner-attend-the-black-and-white-premiere-during%28OC4fvY%29!/card/lIGz81/actor-kevin-costner-attends-the-black-and-white-premiere-during-the-2014-toronto-international-film%28lIGz81%29

Michelle Lowe ‏@mish17 tweeted: Kevin Costner #TIFF2014

Susie @Suziekew tweeted: Made it to the premiere of Black and White with Kevin Costner by the skin of our teeth!

'Black And White' Premiere arrivals:;_ylt=AwrTWfwKcgtU20cA4ufQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTBvY3E2Y21wBHNlYwNpbWFnZQRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?ei=UTF-8&p=Kevin+Costner&fr=yfp-t-701&sort=time§ion=photo|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest

john carucci ‏@jacarucci tweeted: Kevin Costner talks to reporters on red carpet premiere for 'Black and White' at #TIFF14 @apentertainment

Picture by keeparmin - Arman Bahreini: #KevinCostner at #tiff

Picture by lacoste87 - Nicole LaCoste: Spotted #KevinCostner rocking the red carpet with that beard #TIFF2014 #BlackAndWhite

Paula W ツ ‏@WassUpEH tweeted: @ETCanada Kevin Costner could don a Duck Dynasty beard and still melt hearts :) ❤ #ETCanadaTIFF

dianne schwalm ‏@DianneSchwalm tweeted: Ready for Kevin Costner's party for Black and White, TIFF 2014, looking good!

Entertainment City @EntCity tweeted: #KevinCostner is steering the #blackandwhite ship, but first stops to see @bradcsmith #tiff14

Video: TIFF 2014: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer discuss ‘Black & White’ Brad Smith speaks with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer on the red carpet for Black and White at Roy Thomson Hall during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Chris Bythewood ‏@Cbyt tweeted: #BlackOrWhite fka #BlackAndWhite - #TIFF14. Great film, great premiere, see it soon. #KevinCostner #MikeBinder #OctaviaSpencer amazing cast

Rob Hines ‏@ROBatCDC tweeted: TIFF report-just saw Black and White-4 1/2 stars out of five. Entire cast was superb-Kevin Costner at his best.

Gordon Quaiattini ‏@GordQ tweeted: Just back from #TIFF gala premiere of #BlackandWhite starring Kevin Costner @modernwest & @octaviaspencer -brilliant acting & wonderful film

Sigh-mer ‏@sprincipio tweeted: #TIFF14 World premiere of #blackandwhite. #KevinCostner #OctaviaSpencer at their best #funny #mademeweep

Usmaan Mujtaba ‏@UsmaanMujtaba tweeted: When Kevin Costner speaks, everyone listens. Let's get #BlackandWhite started at #TIFF14.

rwallclarke tweeted: Roy Thompson Hall Toronto Kevin Costner in #blackandwhite. #tiff14 #kevincostner

Picture by ryanfigjam:

Hari Balaraman ‏@balarapolis tweeted: #blackandwhite. a t our de force featuring #kevincostner amazing film! #tiff

Marie ‏@MarieMJS tweeted: Kevin Costner is looking very dude tonight

Sarah Davison ‏@sardavison tweeted: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer & cast at the Black and White gala! #TIFF14

Sarah Davison ‏@sardavison tweeted: So star struck! Hi Kevin Costner! #TIFF14

Sandro Iaboni ‏@SandroIaboni tweeted: Great afternoon watching #blackandwhite with Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer at #TIFF14 A must see film! @TIFF_14

Toronto Entero ‏@ToEntero tweeted: Kevin Costner de visita en en #Tiff14 aporte de nuestros colaboradores @olaguerchacon @ClaudiaSisco

The Mint Agency ‏@TheMintAgency tweeted: The man of the hour #KevinCostner arrives at the #BlackandWhite after party nespresso #TIFF14

Glen Baxter ‏@GlenBaxterTO tweeted: @WestbarTO is thrilled to host Kevin Costner tonight #BlackandWhite #TIFF14 #TIFF #Toronto @SteveDoussis #kingwest

West Bar, Toronto:

Derick Chetty ‏@DerickChetty tweeted: Now that's branding; #nespresso logo on the drinks at party for Kevin Costner movie #BlackandWhite #west

Suzie ‏@suzie_michael tweeted: literally everyone here is talking about how much their mom loves Kevin Costner ❤️❤️❤️ #TIFF14

Derick Chetty ‏@DerickChetty tweeted: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer at the #nespresso party #west for #BlackandWhite

Picture by she_sco - Sheila E.L. Scott: #TIFF 2014 accidental celeb sightings on our #saturdate. #kevincostner #salmahayek

Marc Malkin ‏@marcmalkin tweeted: More @InStyle #SalmaHayek #kevincostner @LauraDern #Jonstewart #TIFF #etiff #TIFF14

Natasha Koifman ‏@natashankpr tweeted: Kevin Costner at @Montecito_TO having drinks with #IvanReitman! #TIFF14

Brooklyn Michaels ‏@BKDTW tweeted: Saw #BlackandWhite at #TIFF14 today. What an amazing film! Oh, and #KevinCostner is gorgeous!

Picture by prinzesnancy13 - Nancy B: #tiff #torontointernationalfilmfestival #tiff2014 #kevincostner #starsearching #celebritywatch

Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner star in BLACK AND WHITE at TIFF 2014 By Red Carpet Diary Published September 6, 2014