Friday, September 5, 2014

More about 'Draft Day' out on DVD...

Interview: Filmmaker Ivan Reitman on Draft Day & Exclusive Deleted Scene Source: Edward Douglas August 29, 2014:

'Draft Day' deleted scene: See how Jennifer Garner's football exec made it in a man's world By Jeff Labrecque on Sep 1, 2014:

Draft Day: Ivan Reitman on Sports & Female Ghostbusters by Fred Topel September 2, 2014:

Thanks To Rental Availability, 'Draft Day' and 'Blended" Vault to Top Of ITunes VOD/EST Top 15 Chart by Jim Amos September 1, 2014 Excerpt: Kevin Costner's "Draft Day", not exactly a barn-burner in theatres, has risen from #8 last week all the way to the top spot...

Ivan Reitman Talks DRAFT DAY Blu-ray/DVD, Working with Kevin Costner, Negative Effects of DVD Extras, GHOSTBUSTERS 3 and More by Christina Radish September 2, 2014:

Interview–'Draft Day' Director Ivan Reitman: Hollywood 'Fearful' of PC Outrage By Christian Toto Excerpt: Draft Day certainly suits Reitman’s leading man, an actor gaining gravitas after a long run on the A-list. “He’s just a naturally intelligent actor, and person, by nature … he’s learned a lot and directed a number of times,” says Reitman.

Recharged by ‘Draft Day,’ Ivan Reitman Remains ‘Positive’ About ‘Ghostbusters 3′ by Scott Huver September 3, 2014:

Ivan Reitman on 'Draft Day,' Costner and How Comedy Has Changed By Todd Gilchrist April 14, 2014:

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