Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More of 'Black And White' at TIFF 2014....

More pictures of Kevin from TIFF 2014:

KevinSmith ‏@ThatKevinSmith tweeted: I call this "When Kevs Collide!" Or "Robin Hood/L'il John." Or "Look how easy it was to save Pa Kent from a Twister!"

PHOTO: Amar’e Stoudemire meets a heavily bearded Kevin Costner Written by: Ananth Pandian

Dandy Magazine commented: Kevin Costner aime DANDY (Posted September 9th)

Linda ‏@linnylinc tweeted: @ETCanada #SpottedAtTIFF14 Kevin Costner from the Bell blue carpet

VIDEO # 22: The Stars of 'Black and White' Dish on Their "Delicate" Movie "Make no mistake, this isn't a message movie," says Kevin Costner. "I think a message will be drawn out of it, but it comes out of it in the best way."

Good Review: Review: Black and White (TIFF 2014) Sep. 9, 2014 by: Chris Bumbray

A Glut of Good Film at Toronto’s Cinema Circus Bodes Well for NYC’s Fall Movie Season By Rex Reed September 10, 2014 Excerpt: The same kudos apply to Kevin Costner’s change of pace in the intelligent, touching and riveting Black and White, as a tough but tender alcoholic New Orleans attorney fighting a fierce court battle for custody of his mixed-race granddaughter against the child’s African-American grandmother, played by the garrulous, colorful Octavia Spencer. Hiding festering, racist prejudices under feelings of rage, helplessness and grief for his dead wife and daughter while struggling to appear mature and responsible, Mr. Costner gives a fully balanced performance that surpasses anything he’s done before.

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