Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More of Kevin filming 'Criminal' in the UK...

Vanessa Osborne ‏@vanessa_osborne tweeted: Ryan Reynolds,Gary Oldman,Tommy Lee Jones & Kevin Costner filming round the corner from my house. Makeup for morning dog walk I think! (Posted September 14th)

Nigel Vincent ‏@newsnigel tweeted: Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman in #Kingston tomorrow when filming continues for #Criminal in house on King's Rd nr Richmond Pk.. (Posted September 14th)

Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones among A-listers to film Hollywood blockbuster at Croydon College By Chris Baynes 16 September 2014

Hollywood stars to begin filming in Yateley By Pete Bryant September 16, 2014

Marion ‏@MarionPqt tweeted: Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds are shooting in Kingston. I must find them. (Posted September 16th)

kaylee sparks ‏@kayleesparks87 tweeted: Gary oldman, #ryanreynolds #kevincostner filming round the corner from me!! (Posted September 16th)

emma ‏@emma_malins tweeted: Correction, I've just been in close proximity with Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones 👀👏 (Posted September 16th)

Allie Gibbs ‏@alliegibbs94 tweeted: ryan reynolds, gary oldman and kevin costner are filming 5 minutes from my house in kingston, booking train home now (Posted September 16th)

Jane Beecham ‏@janebeecham tweeted: Can anyone confirm Kevin Costner Ryan reynolds Tommy Lee Jones Gary Oldman filming at Rye Harbour ??? @RyeINews @more_Rye (Posted September 16th)

Rye, East Sussex ‏@ryesussex tweeted: Spotted in Rye; Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones ... more filming? (Posted September 16th)

danagonzales ‏@danagonzales tweeted: Shot an incredible scene with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot today on "Criminal" it blew my mind.. It was that good #criminal #london (Posted September 16th)

Jane Beecham ‏@janebeecham tweeted: @XsimplyitalianX @RyeINews @more_Rye my friend just said "Kevin Costner in mermaid this afternoon while I was in hairdressers" (Posted September 16th)

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