Sunday, September 28, 2014

The latest from 'Criminal' filming in the UK...

Therese Duffy ‏@ThereseDuffy1 tweeted: @YvonneNewell celebrating his brothers bday! Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner were filming last wk behind where we live (Posted September 21st)

Amra Hurley ‏@amrahurley tweeted: #kevincostner #garyoldman filming outside our front door just an average Sunday! (Posted September 21st)

ClaireMorris ‏@clairevmorris tweeted: You know it's been a good day at work when you've shared it with, Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman! 🎥🎬❤️ #lovemyjob (Posted September 21st)

Susanne Courtney ‏@MrsSoose tweeted: This morning I was dispatched to try and find Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner who are filming at Blackbushe Airport. Did I succeed? (Posted September 22nd)

Zoe Ford ‏@ZoeFord1989 18h Saw Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman filming their new film yesterday. How exciting!! (Posted September 23rd)

Hartley Wintney ‏@hartleywintney tweeted: Just hanging out with my mate Kevin Costner at Blackbushe Airport #criminal #film #movie (Posted September 23rd) Kevin Costner & Ryan Reynolds movie, Criminal, filmed in Yateley By Paul Harper September 24, 2014

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: So I've just tweeted the director of the movie to say I'll buy him and Kev/Ryan coffee if they coma and say hi. Yep. That should work. (Posted September 23rd)

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: Ok, so have been told that they're filming Broadchurch at the John Nike Leisure centre. Anyone know anything? (Posted September 24th)

Susanne Courtney @MrsSoose tweeted: Thought I might try and crash the set after my *ahem* success yesterday. (Posted September 24th)

Chris Needham ‏@needham_chris tweeted: “@wvufish: @needham_chris kevin costner is in town filming a movie.” The Plot Thickens!!!! (Posted September 24th)

Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman on Blackbushe Airport set of Criminal By David Stubbings September 25, 2014

Help from Hollywood heavyweights By Princess Alice Hospice 24 September 2014 The film company behind Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Expendables’ has given us a surprise £2,000 donation.

'Man of Steel' Actress Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal' 9/26/2014 by Austin Siegemund-Broka The thriller's cast includes Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Alice Eve Man of Steel's Antje Traue is the latest to join Criminal, Traue will play a terrorist's henchwoman.

Hollywood stars shoot dramatic thriller film scenes in Yateley By Matt Strudwick September 26, 2014

Hal Stewart ‏@DJHalStewart tweeted: Yes I am VERY jealous of Natasha in Aldershot and yes that is Kevin Costner! (Posted September 26th)

Hollywood comes a-calling Posted by: Emma Finamore September 26, 2014 Brutalist architecture is clearly a theme this week, and it’s what got Croydon College picked as the filming location of none other than Kevin Costner’s new movie. The Hollywood star will be shooting here on Saturday afternoon, head down and see if you can get an A-list selfie!

Love Norbury ‏@LoveNorburySW16 tweeted: Kevin Costner will be in central Croydon's tomorrow filming scenes for a new movie on College Green! (Posted September 26th)

Helen Redfern ‏@NoseyHelen tweeted: What film is being filmed at @FairfieldHalls #croydon today? (Posted September 27th)

Jon Ellacott ‏@jon_ellacott tweeted: @NoseyHelen @FairfieldHalls Criminal with Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner (Posted September 27th)

Shaun Ramos ‏@kidd_freeze tweeted: Spent the day filming with Gary oldman and Kevin Costner. Going out tonight with @BlzVngrD and then doing it alllllll again tomorrow lol yeah man Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner as well (Posted September 27th)

Helen Redfern ‏@NoseyHelen tweeted: Saw a film being directed twice today. - it was only Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman... (Posted September 27th)

Dale Taylor ‏@Ironcoppers tweeted: What is going on in East Croydon. 2 choppers hovering over the station. (Posted September 27th)

Jon Ellacott ‏@jon_ellacott tweeted: I see filming has started on the new Tommy Lee Jones/Gary Oldman/Kevin Costner film 'Criminal' at the Fairfield Halls and College #Croydon (Posted September 27th)

Robert Stewart ‏@robstew666 tweeted: @Ironcoppers apparently kevin costner was filming (not joking!) (Posted September 27th)

Marie GC (Korner) ‏@mariegcphoto tweeted: Kevin Costner filming in Croydon tonight #gunshots are right at home! Haha. #filmmaking (Posted September 27th)

kylie davies ‏@kddavies tweeted: As if Kevin Costner is filming in croydon and I didn't know about it :( (Posted September 27th)

Nadine #TeamTimmons ‏@Nadine_MrsSpoon tweeted: Kevin Costner filming in Croydon this weekend. Movie props and crew everywhere no sign of the man himself though :( (Posted September 27th)

Nick Moran ‏@Moranfox tweeted: @benny008 @lukie3man You should both know that I am having a wonderful time with Kevin Costner. He is a super hunk (Posted September 27th)

Griff ‏@TheRealGriff tweeted: I've just met Kevin Costner at work. Just another day at the office.💃 #LoveMyJob (Posted September 28th)

Griff ‏@TheRealGriff tweeted: A film crew are based at my work for 2 weeks. Shooting a film with Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds! Exciting 😄 (Posted September 28th)

Dan Storey ‏@DapperDan tweeted: Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner filming outside of Croydon College... That's it, I'm done, I've seen it all now. (Posted September 28th)

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