Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The latest of Kevin filming 'Criminal' at Camber Sands...

Emily Harvale ‏@emilyharvale tweeted: Yateley, here I come! Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds. Yummy. (Posted September 17th)

1066 Holidays ‏@1066holidays tweeted: Film crew all camped at #Cambersands filming #Criminals starring Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner great #filmlocation (Posted September 17th)

Chelseabuns&longruns ‏@JacquiMaxted tweeted: Just discovered filming opposite me again on the beach #Criminals #KevinCostner & #RyanReynolds star spotting for me later :o) (Posted September 17th)

Robert Smith ‏@robertdgsmith tweeted: Came across the filming of 'Criminal' today at Camber Sands. Out next year. Kevin Costner around we're told. (Posted September 17th)

Claire Jacobs | SPP ‏@vampybear tweeted: Omg just been on a beach with Ryan Reynolds and Kevin costner whilst they were filming. Gutted I looked like shit! (Posted September 17th)

Beside The Sea ‏@Beside_The_Sea tweeted: Camber Sands in the movies again!... (Posted September 17th)

SXPHIA ‏@sophiadecaro tweeted: My little Lara filming on set with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot. Papped at 10 years old. Bruh #shemadeit SO PROUD (Posted September 17th)

Kevin Coast-ner! Hollywood legend hits the beach in Sussex as he shoots playful scenes with Gal Gadot for new film Criminal By Marc Jackson for MailOnline 17 September 2014

Kingston residents welcome the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Alice Eve for Hollywood blockbuster Criminal By Miranda Bryant September 17, 2014

Scott Adkins Joins Ryan Reynolds/Kevin Costner Thriller ‘Criminal’ By Alex Paul September 17, 2014 Excerpt: Shooting has begun in London and will be moving to the town of Yately next week. For those of you in the Yately area and want to grab a glimpse of the filming, you might want to head to the Blackbushe Airport on September 18th for some stunt rehearsals, with cameras rolling on the 22nd for car and helicopter chase scenes. The film will be released in 2015.

Suzie Cox ‏@Cox1Suzie tweeted: @standardnews @hairydel finished now! Kevin Costner and other big names been filming there next door to friend of mine.. (Posted September 17th)

Kira_Marie❤️TWD ‏@PitbullGirlUK tweeted: #KevinCostner & #RyanReynolds are going to be in @YourYateley filming! @modernwest I'm only about a 10min drive away ;) OMG! (Posted September 17th)

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