Monday, October 20, 2014

'Criminal' films in Borough Market over the weekend...

Dragos Savulescu commented: On the set, with Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot - in London, United Kingdom (Posted October 13th)

dana_w_gonzales tweeted: (South East London) #criminal #london (Posted October 15th)

Gerald Dorrity ‏@GeraldMDorrity tweeted: Despite normally abhorring such status' I've a day on Ryan Reynolds/Gary Oldman/Kevin Costner's movie tomorrow! #idolsmuch!? (Posted October 18th)

Perry Curties @PerryCurties tweeted: Hollywood in my studio today: Gary Oldman just left, Tommy Lee Jones is next, and we finish with Robin Hood (Costner, not Crowe) tonight. (Posted October 18th)

Picture by stefaniadv_: Un gran figo! #kevincostner (Posted October 18th)

Michael Pitt Fans ‏@michaelpittfans tweeted: @WetOtter So awesome that you spotted Kevin Costner on set! :D He is the man. Have you spotted any other cast-members yet? :) (Posted October 19th)

Glenn Sumi ‏@glennsumi tweeted: Borough Mkt is usually closed on Sun but it *looks* open today because Kevin Costner, T Lee Jones and Gary Oldman are making a movie. (Posted October 19th)

Picture by laetiloreni - Laetitia Loreni: Moments like this is why I do my job! Amazing time with #kevincostner on set of #Criminal (Borough Market) (Posted October 19th)

Picture by misskissedi - misskissoffduty: Filming at Borough market today...will be a big movie... (Posted October 19th)

Picture by rix6nine - Ricky: Bumped into Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones around town today. Filming 'Criminal' Officially #StarStruck #BoroughMarket #legend #KevinCostner (Posted October 19th)

Ian Waterfall ‏@ian_waterfall tweeted: @kevincostner #missedagoodpaparazishot gutted!! just seen Costner filming at #BoroughMarket not quick enough on phone camera (Posted October 19th)

Walid ‏@Walllid tweeted: @soulboydaveybee and me spotted kevin Costner in borough market wearing a beanie and shades. (Posted October 19th)

david belcher ‏@soulboydaveybee tweeted: Just spotted Tommy Lee Jones in back of a cab filming Criminal in a back street near Borough Market. He was wriggling about a bit #spoiler (Posted October 19th)

Precious Muir ‏@PreciousMuir tweeted: It was pretty cool to walk around after lunch & see #KevinCostner filming a #movie in #LondonTown today ;-) (Posted October 19th)

davemulligan @davemulligan tweeted: Mission accomplished! #BoroughMarket (Posted October 19th)

Alex Hayes ‏@AlexandraDHayes tweeted: People we're loosing the light!! Please can we wrap now! I've been awake for a very long time and I would like to go home to my warm house! (Posted October 19th)

Alex Hayes ‏@AlexandraDHayes tweeted: @sparkyspark4 it's over! I'm home! Can't really complain though as I've been on set in the vicinity of Kevin Costner all day!!! (Posted October 19th)

Picture by arielvromen - Ariel Vromen: With the great talented #KevinCostner on the set of#Criminal. (Posted October 19th)

danagonzales ‏@danagonzales tweeted: Rehearsing a scene with Kevin Costner,Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman .. Epic #London #criminal (Posted October 20th)

Turnips ‏@TurnipsBorough tweeted: Lights, camera, Turnips! Interesting day at borough market yesterday with Kevin Costner & Tommy Lee Jones filming! (Posted October 20th)

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