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Kevin attends two press conferences in Rome....

Picture by lilycostner - Lily Costner: I think I've found it..... My power suit. Heading to Rome for the premiere of Black and White. A film I was so proud to play a small in. Directed by Mike Binder, starring my father and Octavia Spencer. Go see! (Posted October 22nd)

UNIVERSAL STUDIO at the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma "CINECHAT 2014" with KEVIN COSTNER (Mediaset Premium on DTT) and the Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma are organising the event "Cinechat" with KEVIN COSTNER....The "Cinechat" with Kevin Costner is scheduled Friday, 24 October at 16.00 in Sala Sinopoli. The meeting will be led by Mario Sesti and Jonah Nazzaro. To follow the screening of the movie Black and White. The appointment of CINECHAT airs later on the channel, along with a review of films dedicated to the actor.

Luca Svizzeretto ‏@lucasvizzeretto tweeted: #RomaFF9 #video #conferenzastampa con #KevinCostner per il film #BlackAndWhite

Lorenzo Viola ‏@lorenzoviolone tweeted: this evening I'm going again to the Rome Film Festival for watch: "Black & White" and the Kevin Costner panel :) (Posted October 24th)

elisa esposito ‏@ElyEspo tweeted: Kevin Costner al #RomaFF9: sono fortunato, sono un attore famoso ma ho anche una vita normale e piena di affetti

Giuseppe Fantasia ‏@GiFantasia tweeted: #KevinCostner è in gran forma ! Appena arrivato @romacinemafest #BlackandWhite #RomaFF9

Freequency ‏@Freequency_mag tweeted: Kevin Costner alla conferenza stampa più veloce del West... #RomaFF9

Giada Chicca Malkina ‏@GiadaChicca tweeted: #KevinCostner #RomaFF9 Conferenza stampa di Black and White ‏@redazionenc tweeted: #KevinCostner oggi ospite al #FestivalDiRoma!!!

Giada Chicca Malkina ‏@GiadaChicca tweeted: @SeeSoundit #KevinCostner alla conferenza stampa di Black and White :)

isa milk ‏@isaMilk9 tweeted: Mr. Kevin Costner, attore e produttore di Black and White , film presentato oggi al #RomaFF9

Andrea Girolami ‏@andrea_girolami tweeted: Kevin Costner al Festival di Roma presenta Black and White #KevinCostner ##BlackAndWhite #RomaFF9…

Frame ‏@FrameSeven7 tweeted: #RomaFF9 _ e oggi al festival è arrivato #KevinCostner. L'attore ha presentato il film #BlackandWhite.

Cinemamente @Cinemamente tweeted: #RomaFF9 – #KevinCostner arriva a #Roma per raccontare il suo film #blackandwhite

See the picture only:

prisca civitenga ‏@p_civitenga tweeted: #KevinCostner a #Roma !! Per il film #Black&White #RFF9 @DimSuonoRoma

Giuseppe Causarano ‏@Causarano88Ibla tweeted: La cara Alessia Grasso era all'incontro con la stampa di Kevin Costner al Festival di Roma! :) 40secondi

Kevin Costner attends the 'Black and White' Press Conference during the 9th Rome Film Festival on October 24, 2014 in Rome, Italy.

Inchiostronline ‏@Inchiostronline tweeted: Kevin Costner presenta il suo film "Black and white"

Stefania Buccinnà ‏@St3f4n1a87 tweeted: Ritardatario ma disponibile...bravo #KevinCostner #RFF9

diana. ‏@_diana87 tweeted: Kevin Costner at #RFF9 to present #BlackAndWhite movie

VIDEO: Kevin Costner: "Bianchi, neri, figli e gatti del Colosseo"

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Kevin Costner, la bellezza della vita sta nelle differenze... by Adnkronos Published October 24, 2014

See picture and translate article: Rome Film Fest: Kevin Costner, I am a husband and a Dad 'happy

Interview: RomaFF9 | Kevin Costner presenta alla stampa Black and White 24 Ottobre 2014 Scritto da Stefano Terracina

See pictures and translate article: Mom is at the Cinema: Kevin Costner, with beautiful soul By Ylenia Politano

Giada Chicca Malkina ‏@GiadaChicca tweeted: Kevin Costner: Translated: An excerpt from the press conference of Black and White held by Kevin Costner visiting Rome for the presentation of the film at the Film Festival in Rome.

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