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Kevin is a fan of Kodiak Cakes of Park City, Utah...

See the four pictures and article: Utah company’s pancakes featured in new Kevin Costner film By Faith Heaton Jolley October 6th, 2014:

Kodiak Cakes website:

Toronto: Open Road in Talks to Acquire Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer's 'Black and White' (Exclusive) 09/25/2014 by Tatiana Siegel:

Kevin Costner's 'Black and White,' shot in NOLA, reportedly nears a distribution deal By Mike Scott, September 26, 2014:

Feature: Reel 'em in by Mal Karman September 25, 2014 Excerpt: Expect the unexpected from the 37th Mill Valley Film Festival ... the centerpiece, Black and White, which Kevin Costner produced and stars in, screens Oct. 8 at 7:30pm (and again on Oct. 10 at 2:45pm).

‘Black and White’: Toronto Review by Jordan Mintzer:

Shannon M. ‏@FL_Shannon tweeted: @octaviaspencer and #KevinCostner 'Black and White' - People Magazine 9.29.2014 issue. (Posted September 18th)

kindra Mann-Weber ‏@KMannMakeup tweeted: #TBT to last week at #TIFF oh hey Ms. octaviaspencer looking good in @peoplemagazine W/ #kevincostner (Posted September 18th)

Dan Paton ‏@DanPatonBooks tweeted: A little more gloating, that's me and Kevin Costner courtesy of @TheWrap (Posted September 25th)

Kevin Costner at Trump Tower Toronto by The Toronto Skyscraper Blog Published on Sep 11, 2014

Octavia Spencer can weather 'Black and White' clouds, shine elsewhere By Betsy Sharkey September 11, 2014 The chance to work with Costner, though, is what ultimately ensured her involvement. "He is a generous actor, a generous man. A hard worker too, he does everything — produce, direct, act, write. He sees to the details, even small ones. I consider myself a hyphenate too, and I want to learn it all, do it all." (At midweek, the film was still looking for a distribution deal, but Costner, one of the producers, has said he's intent on getting it into theaters by year's end.)

Kevin Costner on State of Race in ‘Black or White': Maybe I Just Don't Like You (Video) By Sharon Waxman on September 8, 2014

TheSignatureLibrary ‏@TheSigLibrary tweeted: #TIFF14 #KevinCostner #InStyleParty #BlackandWhite #CrashDavis #RayKinsella #EliotNess (Posted September 11th)

ScreenSlam ‏@ScreenSlam tweeted: Black and White: Kevin Costner Exclusive TIFF Premiere Interview:

Neil Young Talks 'Human Highway' And Set Janitor Kevin Costner At TIFF The Huffington Post Canada | By Sarah Kurchak September 11, 2014 Excerpt: vAfter thanking and praising all of the filmmakers and actors involved in the picture, Young wanted to take a moment to thank one particular member of the clean-up crew. "The guy who we were talking about taking care of the set... what was his job?" he asked his castmates on stage. "You mean Kevin Costner?" laughed actress Charlotte Stewart. "Yes," Young confirmed. "He was like our janitor or something." "He was on the set every day," Stewart added. "He learned everything he knew from Neil."

Kevin Costner shines in Mike Binder's disappointingly dull and safe-playing race relations drama. by Scott Foundas September 12, 2014

Mama Owen ‏@theonlymamaowen tweeted: Just saw Black and White starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer! Go and see this incredible movie! #TIFF14 #Toronto #moviebuff (Posted September 12th)

Richard Cioci ‏@Cioci47 tweeted: Just saw Black & White at #Tiff . way to go @octaviaspencer and #kevincostner , @verbitty and I loved it. (Posted September 12th)

Mirfat ‏@Mirfat_Mirvat tweeted: Kevin Costner in Black And White. Excellent movie -Tiff 2014 (Posted September 12th)


Photo Booth Fun at the Toronto International Film Festival: KEVIN COSTNER Meanwhile, Spencer's Black and White costar commands the spotlight in his own photo booth session.,,20851044_30214808,00.html#30212795

TIFF 2014 - Kevin Costner… by Marco Manna Photography:

#InTheLab ‏@TheLab_NYC tweeted: Kevin Costner talks to @ArthurKade about premiering 'Black and White' at #TIFF14 (Posted September 29th)

O2C ‏@agenceO2C tweeted: STARS & CARLTON MAGAZINE Denzel Washington, Goran Visnjic et Kevin Costner. Copyright MFPAFrank Rousseau

Picture by carlosbezz:

Janet Somerville ‏@janetsomerville tweeted: What interested me most about BLACK AND WHITE was that Kevin Costner's character was reading a Larry #McMurtry novel. #TIFF14

Picture by David Chu:

Sodastream Canada ‏@SodaStream_CA tweeted: Don't you wish @KevinCostner would sign your SodaStream? #TIFF14 @TheWrap (Posted September 16th)

TIFF 2014 | A Look Inside The Trump Hotel During TIFF September 10, 2014 Excerpt: Stars including Richard Gere, Salma Hayek, Kevin Costner, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tobey Maguire, Denzel Washington, and more have been popping in and out of the famous hotel, all dining, attending private functions, or enjoying The Wrap’s “Drinking with the Stars” hospitality suite and AMC’s “Supper Suite.”

TIFF 2014: Kevin Costner rides high with 'Black and White' Actor promises to do another Western at filmfest press conference By Mark Daniell September 07, 2014

Oscar Watch: First-Class Films From Aniston, Connelly, Costner, Gere Still Seek Distributors As Clock Running Out by Pete Hammond September 21, 2014:

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