Friday, October 24, 2014

Kevin's day of filming before traveling to Rome...

English Gentleman ‏@iamhornygaz tweeted: North West, England @totalfilm @empiremagazine Kevin Costner on Sunday in London Filming......... (Posted October 22nd)

シャーン ‏@Sian_Lynch tweeted: Lily Cole walked past me earlier. And Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner were in the building next to me last week. I love where my Uni is 😏 (Posted October 22nd)

Faye Leanne ‏@FayeLeannex tweeted: Ryan Reynolds & Kevin Costner filming outside my work 👍😍 (Posted October 23rd)

Ellen Kaye ‏@EllenIsabella tweeted: Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman have made an appearance now too. NO WORK BEING DONE TODAY (Poplar, London) (Posted October 23rd)

OpenmindMH ‏@OpenMindMH tweeted: "ACTION!" Filming outside @nfpSynergy today. East London setting for new blockbuster. Question of the day is "Will Kevin Costner turn up"? (Posted October 23rd)

Holly Archer ‏@ArcherHolly tweeted: Nothing like a bit of #RyanReynolds and #KevinCostner filming next to your office. Dull Thursday just got good! (Posted October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: Excitement amongst the female office staff as we believe Kevin Costner has turned up for filming outside. (Posted October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: Kevin Costner #Gooner (Posted October 23rd)

lmgiq ‏@lmgiq tweeted: #lmgiq Hanging out with Kevin Costner and his drone on the set of #Criminal being filmed outside our office. (Posted (October 23rd)

Andy Kelly ‏@Gooner_AK tweeted: And here is a video of #Arsenal fan Kevin Costner in action today - Kevin Costner's new film "Criminal" is being filmed in Whites Row, London, E1 today (Posted October 23rd)

Simon ‏@JelleySimon tweeted: Kevin Costner hanging off a carpark smashing a drone. Standard for a thursday (Posted October 23rd)

Claire Dikecoglu ‏@claireyfairy1 tweeted: @frogli Oh interesting. Criminal has loads of big stars. Apparently Kevin Costner is filming there today based on a quick search! (Posted October 23rd)

Andrew Sutherland ‏@BigAndySuths tweeted: Heard Kevin Costner was filming opposite my work. Went looking for him, couldn't find him. And that was that. Back to my desk. (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by jonnydfitness - Jonny Fitness: Cheers for Waterworld Kevin @kevincostner filming 'Criminal' outside the front door this morning. #kevincostner #ryanreynolds @billybeck3 #criminal (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by sebasdcp - The Mavericks: Filming "Criminal" outside of my house #ryanreynolds #kevincostner #vscocam (Posted October 23rd)

Picture by riofredrika - Rio Debolla: He a Boss #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

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