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Many items of interest about Kevin Costner...

Brian Salter ‏@BKSaltman tweeted: Favorite Kevin Costner photo. (Posted April 15th)

Michael Lucy ‏@MmichaelLlucy tweeted: Kevin Costner Still Alive, According To Confusing Press Release I Just Got (Posted October 27th)

The 2014 Graduation Speech I’ll Never Give By Chris Brockman June 4, 2014 Excerpt: I sat four feet away from Academy Award winner Kevin Costner as he told a story about one afternoon when he was on his way leaving the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank...see story at link:

Godfrey Hall heads to the fairytale castle of Leuchtenburg to uncover the secret link between its porcelain and Kevin Costner By Western Gazette - North Dorset | Posted: October 12, 2014 Excerpt: 2007 was a critical year for the museum as it was going to be auctioned, however through the hard work of those dedicated to its preservation it was saved and today generates an energy and vibrancy not often found in museums, an energy which stretched across the Atlantic Ocean leading to a recent gift of porcelain from the Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner.

Duane Lammers, Bison Walker – best chicken ever October 12, 2014 By Ned White

Picture # 7 at website:

Charles Mulligan ‏@chasmulligan3 tweeted: @adamcarolla @AdamCarollaShow Kevin Costner in his first film, Night Shift

Chris O'Rourke ‏@chrisorourke tweeted: Apparently @altonbrown looks exactly like Kevin Costner according to @Netflix #goodeats (Posted October 13th)

cool ‏@MARIAC00L tweeted: my dentist has Kevin Costner pictures all over his office... (Posted October 16th)

Field of Dreams: 25th anniversary means more visitors Lauren DeWitt Aug 30, 2014

Local costume designer makes it big in the movies By Kris Wartelle August 30, 2014 Excerpt: Today, (Claire) Breaux can name dozens of A-list stars she has outfitted, including Kevin Costner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Octavia Spencer. “Kevin Costner is very professional,” she said. “He has so much experience. He knows every facet of the film-making business. He knows how to look at a call sheet, a list of scenes. He is a true pro and he taught me a lot. It was amazing working with him.”


Life More: Global Warming Photos Virginia Island THE TWILIGHT OF TANGIER: What It's Like To Live On An Island That's Disappearing Because Of Global Warming by Christian Storm September 10, 2014 Excerpt: In the 19th century, Tangier became home to annual Methodist tent meetings, and the island has been a stronghold of religion ever since. The island shuts down every Sunday morning, and once denied Hollywood filmmakers permission to shoot the PG-13 Kevin Costner movie “Message in a Bottle” there because of the script’s mentions of swearing, sex, and drinking.

HDNet Movies ‏@HDNetMovies tweeted: #BehindtheScenes #KevinCostner #DancesWithWolves

From CinamaCon 2014: GOING PRO: He's done this before – credited as a director in 2003's Open Range, 1997's The Postman and 1990's Dances with Wolves, for which he won an Oscar – so it's not surprising that Kevin Costner looks right at home with the lights, camera and action.,,20801160_30126261,00.html

The Disney Jungle Cruise Narration:

LeMondedeNoA ‏@BrooklynNoA tweeted: Photo du jour : Kevin Costner (Posted September 24th)

Jennifer Boatwright ‏@justjen79 tweeted: #tbt to when Kevin Costner and I were in love. #robinhood #ifyoubuildittheywillcome #bulldurham… (Posted September 25th)

Picture by davidvaughn5150 - David Vaughn "Stay Frosty": My pixie & movie star! #2009 #kevincostner (Posted September 23, 2014)

Dove reunion provides shared experience with old friends By David Sikes Sep 28, 2014 Excerpt: David Marion Wilkinson is a novelist, screen writer, historian and former writer in residence at Sul Ross State University. David’s first novel, “Not Between Brothers,” won all sorts of prestigious literary awards and someday could become a historical Texas miniseries if Kevin Costner would exercise his option to create it.

Den Of Geek ‏@denofgeek tweeted: Factoid of the day: Warren Beatty and Kevin Costner were both offered the lead in Dave, before Kevin Kline took the role. (Posted September 29th)

Michael McGovern ‏@MichaelMcg02 tweeted: If you ever think you can't, just remember my 6th grade computer/8th grade gym teacher was in a movie with Kevin Costner. (Posted September 30th)

O2C ‏@agenceO2C tweeted: STARS & CARLTON MAGAZINE Denzel Washington, Goran Visnjic et Kevin Costner. Copyright MFPAFrank Rousseau (Posted October 1st)

ian t. ‏@iamian tweeted: Hello, Las Vegas. I am in you. Thanks for having Kevin Costner watch me bathe. (Posted October 12th)

Picture by darevalor - Diana Arévalo Reyes: #KevinCostner #Colirio #Trafico #Caracas (Posted August 29th)

Kevin Costner, who noted that he doesn’t participate in the decorating at home, said that he’d enjoyed a terrific guest room at DuJour publisher Jason Binn’s house in Southampton the night before. "They gave me the choice of three rooms, and I picked the coziest and slept great. To stay in someone’s house is the perfect offer of friendship."

First Luxe ‏@firstluxe tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER POSE POUR LE MAGAZINE FIRSTLUXE SIGNATURE (Posted march 31st)

CULTURAL BLOG ‏@Cultura_blog tweeted: Actividad para hoy! Comparte con nosotros tu peli favorita de Kevin Costner #MipeliKevinCostner (Posted August 19th)

Little League ‏@LittleLeague tweeted: A look back at the year Kevin Costner came to the #LLWS! Can you tell what year it was? #tbt

MeggieMeg ‏@MeganLinville tweeted: #tbt to that time I had a 15 minute conversation with Kevin Costner #kevincostner - in Nashville about 7 years ago (Posted October 30th)

Remember This Scene: 'Waterworld' box office bombs, defense of bad movies, famous movie flops, Film and TV, Kevin Costner, Kevin Reynolds, Remember This Scene, The Deacon, The Mariner, Waterworld By Jeremy Fuster | October 28, 2014

Jason D ‏@jasondphoto tweeted: Kevin Costner #KevinKostner #Tiff14 #Toronto #JasonDphoto (Posted September 17th)

Noman Ali ‏@ThatGuyNoman tweeted: Kevin Costner is apparently the go-to face for Italian flavor. Wait, what? #spottedindubai (Posted October 26th)

Greg Stainer ‏@GregStainer tweeted: @hollaphonic Kevin Costner and a tin of tuna (Posted October 27th)

Mervat Ameen ‏@Le_Me_R tweeted: Because those Kevin Costner tuna ads were not creepy enough, they installed this across the street! (Posted October 28th)

Sarah ‏@sarahchristine tweeted: Dances With Tuna: a Kevin Costner joint. (Posted October 28th)

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