Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More of Kevin filming 'Criminal' in the UK...

Lanelle Colebrook ‏@indiescribbles tweeted: #filmset #criminal #kevincostner #tommyleejones #garyoldman #ryanreynolds (Posted September 28th)

Picture by aislingknight - Aisling Knight: Filming #London #UK #Film #kevincostner #ryanreynolds #bigtime #location #camera #cinema #work #actress #actor #instadaily #thatsawrap (Posted September 28th)

Gareth Davies ‏@Gareth_Davies09 tweeted: Definitely something going on down at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, today. Could Kevin Costner et al be in town? (Posted September 29th)

See pictures and article: Hollywood A-listers arrive in Croydon to begin shooting blockbuster thriller by Chris Baynes September 29, 2014

KEVIN COSTNER FILM CREW SETTING UP AT FAIRFIELD HALLS 2014 By Croydonization Published September 29, 2014

Picture by slimmingworld_slimforlife: So this is the view from my work today. They are filming a blockbuster movie called Criminal with #RyanReynolds #KevinCostner and Tommy Lee Jones! emojiemoji #movie #filming #hollywood not so #slimmingworld #croydon

IS THIS KEVIN COSTNER IN CROYDON SHOP? Film Crew Seen at South Croydon Store By Croydonization Published on Sep 29, 2014 - A man matching Costner's description was seen entering the store via the back door. He was wearing a black T-shirt and can briefly be seen through the front window talking to somebody inside. This local shop is rumoured to feature in a scene in his upcoming movie.

Gal Gadot - גל גדות commented: Another project has come to an end.. It was a pure pleasure working with everyone, crew and cast. It's going to be an AMAZING movie , I have no doubt . Thank you Kevin for being such a fantastic partner. And thank you Ariel Vromen for giving me such a incredible opportunity to show a new side of me.. #criminal #movie#work #fun (Posted September 29th)

Gal Gadot - גל גדות commented: On set of "Criminal" Having fun with my friend Antje Traue... Look who popped in? Ryan Reynolds (Posted September 3rd)

Picture by sofiayu - Sofia: Once again a filming site under our office windows in #croydon. #Criminal starring #garyoldman #tommyleejones #ryanreynolds #kevinkostner #michaelpitt. (Posted September 29th)

Martyn BadWilf ‏@BadWilf tweeted: Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds are filming in Croydon today. Yes, that's right. Croydon. (Posted September 30th)

Pictures and article: 'Kevin Costner used my family business in Croydon for set of Hollywood thriller' By Gareth_Davies September 30, 2014

Pictures by Jason Baker:

Picture by djhillskill - James Hill: Man like Kevin Costner in Croydon! So cool #kevincostner

Andrew Thatcher ‏@AndyThatcherHR tweeted: So just seen Kevin Costner on High Street Croydon. Think I walked through their set. Oops Costner hidden by crew! (Posted September 30th)

Winford Bramwell ‏@bigwill7406 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner filming a movie outside my office. What are the chances eh? :) @ Khyber Croydon (Posted September 30th)

jackie brock ‏@jackie1music tweeted: Mr Kevin Costner waved (Posted September 30th)

Chris Randall ‏@C_P_Randall tweeted: I wonder what made Kevin Costner pick robbery & violent crime hotbed Croydon as the location of new film, Criminal? (Posted September 30th)

Gora Antikrish ‏@Antikrish tweeted: Kevin Costner was almost lucky enough to meet me today whilst he was filming in Croydon, but I was too busy doing my reports. (Posted September 30th)

GALLERY: Photos from Croydon set of Hollywood thriller starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds By Gareth_Davies | Posted: September 30, 2014

♡♡♡♡ ‏@KateyAnnxoxo tweeted: Holy crap Kevin Costner is in Croydon filming I think I might just faint (Posted September 30th)

Picture by Christa Campbell @xta777: Our director Ariel with #garyoldman #onset #criminal (Posted October 1st)

Picture and article: Kevin Costner films scenes for Hollywood blockbuster in family-run Croydon shop by Chris Baynes October 1, 2014

jackie brock ‏@jackie1music tweeted: @TheSunNewspaper good morning I have some good pictures of Kevin Costner filming in my home town Croydon if interested many thanks (Posted October 1st)

New Era Internet ‏@NewEraInternet tweeted: Amazing to think a Hollywood blockbuster is being filmed just around the corner from New Era's office! (Posted October 1st)

Picture by laurenlmckay - Lauren: Filming outside my work.. #kevincostner #filming #criminal #celebwatching #mercedes (Posted October 1st)

Neil Thomas ‏@NeilThomas21 tweeted: @PaulMillerShow did you stop of at blackbushe cafe as see the filming their? Kevin Costner and Ryan Reynolds new film - criminal? (Posted October 1st)

Simon Vallance ‏@makeupboyassist tweeted: OOMG!! Kevin Costner on the next table! OMFG!! He looks goooooood. (Posted October 1st)

daniel sandler @danielsandler tweeted: I am in a restaurant and Kevin Costner is on the next table . Pass it on !! (Posted October 1st)

daniel sandler ‏@danielsandler tweeted: Kevin Costner 's left. But he gave me and @makeupboyassist a lovely big smile . (Posted October 1st)

Amy ‏@amyvsyed tweeted: Kevin Costner at my gig tonight. Noooo pressure. (Kensington, London) (Posted October 1st)

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