Saturday, October 4, 2014

Promo poster for 'Criminal' released as filming continues...

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer ‏@Siobhan_ODwyer tweeted: I've just found out that Kevin Costner & I are finally going to be in the same place at the same time. The rest of today is cancelled. (Posted October 2nd)

Scott Ottaway ‏@ScottOttaway tweeted: Kevin Costner is next door to us filming a new movie (Posted October 2nd)

Ayesha ‏@ayeshasaurus tweeted: Told my mum Kevin Costner is in Croydon so she stopped eating and went "get your coat on" (Posted October 2nd)

Spread Eagle Theatre ‏@spreadeaglecroy tweeted: #KevinCostnerInCroydon Just to report that @kevincostner has not been spotted in @spreadeaglecroy #Croydon yet today (Posted October 2nd)

Sam ‏@SJSsolutions tweeted: @becsj76 You need to be stalking Croydon Kevin Costner also around! 😉 (Posted October 2nd)

Alicia Riddell ‏@Aliciarid tweeted: Cannot believe my dad met KEVIN COSTNER yesterday !! 😮🎉 #alwaysminglingwiththefamous (Posted October 2nd)

Picture by therealjmoylan - James Moylan: #kevincostner #thebodyguard (Posted October 2nd)

Laura D ‏@LLD123 tweeted: So I'm at work whilst the other half is out with Kevin Costner for the day! Damn him! Lol. (Posted October 3rd)

Nadine #TeamTimmons ‏@Nadine_MrsSpoon tweeted: @SuperJenH @tkaltenbach12 @Ddub_Soldier_1 you too im gonna go try meet Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner who are filming 10 mins from home (Posted October 3rd)

dharcaz ‏@dharcaz tweeted: Kevin bleedin Costner filming down the road from my work in Croydon, and where was I today. Brighton !!!! (Posted October 3rd)

Fanatic ‏@Fanatic04986107 tweeted: Promo poster for CRIMINAL with Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman, Alice Eve, Tommy Lee Jones... (Posted October 3rd)

Picture by nixpurerawk - Nix Cooper: I bet he did. He's a general shop afficionado that Kev. #kevincostner #croydonadvertiser (Posted October 3rd)

AERIAL VIEW OF KEVIN COSTNER FILM SET IN CROYDON (1 Oct 2014) by Croydonization Published on Oct 1, 2014

FIREFIGHTER COSTUMES ON SET OF CROYDON KEVIN COSTNER MOVIE (30 Sep 2014) by Croydonization Published on Sep 30, 2014 A fire engine and a trailer full of firefighter costumes was seen on set today outside the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.

Keef ‏@keithbawden tweeted: STOP THE PRESS... Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman are filming in Croydon. Totally going stalking #Croydon #Robinhoodindahouse (Posted October 4th)

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