Sunday, October 12, 2014

The latest from filming 'Criminal' in the UK...

Georgie Lomax @Lomax1G tweeted: Well thought there was a hostage situation in purley... Nearly called the police.. Just driven back past and seen them filming! (Posted October 5th)

Lee Ward ‏@lee86cpfc tweeted: @Lomax1G apparently Kevin Costner is filming in Croydon it could be linked to that ?. Would've been funny police turning up though 😂 (Posted October 5th)

amaurynolasco: An American, an Israeli and a Puertorrican walk into a bar..... LOL.😄😂😄. Good times at work between takes with my director @arielvromen and another one of the greats, #KevinCostner. #shooting #criminal 🎥 #blessed #love #myjob #london #builditandtheywillcome #classic (Posted October 5th)

babycow productions ‏@babycowLtd tweeted: #UNCLE series 2 is now in production! Here's the view from our office - #KevinCostner and… (Posted October 5th)

cintaÄrsenal ‏@CintaArsenal tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner in Croydon this morning. (Posted October 6th)

Andrew Thatcher ‏@andythatcher1 tweeted: @olv Criminal shooting today at Croydon College Kevin Costner etc (Posted October 6th)

Picture by alina.const - alina: #criminal #movie #kevincostner #uk #croydon #rain #umbrella (Posted October 6th)

Loading... ‏@JoshNelons tweeted: My Dad has gone to work in Wales to setup a plane for a new film called 'Criminal' starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and GARY OLDMAN :D (Posted October 7th)

Surrey Life magazine ‏@SurreyLife tweeted: Friend of Surrey Life nonchalantly strolled passed Kevin Costner, who's filming in Croydon, this morning. Any film set experiences? (Posted October 7th)

Andrew Dickinson ‏@greencroydon tweeted: Croydon High Street Radio shop owner with new best mate Kevin Costner-bless! (Posted October 7th)

The Actors File ‏@The_Actors_File tweeted: ENORMOUSLY proud and excited to announce that JAMES RICHARD MARSHALL will be #filming #CRIMINAL this month with Kevin Costner! (Posted October 8th)

Manni ‏@ManniIsMyName tweeted: The library is going to be closed for the saturday, and it will star Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones. (Posted October 9th)

Patrick Eade ‏@bfbspatrick tweeted: Looks like we might have Kevin Costner on this Sunday's "Forces Life" from Keep you posted! (Posted October 9th)

Milaad ‏@Milaadi tweeted: @vromen ryan reynolds, kevin costner, gary oldham will be filming in SOAS. Only right that we score the soundtrack. Awesome (Posted October 10th)

Priyanga Burford ‏@priyangaburford tweeted: @vromen looking forward to my little bit with Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and you tomorrow. #Criminal (Posted October 11th)

Gemma Niacin ‏@gemmarx73 tweeted: I hate when there are bigger names than my on my plane. Thanks a lot Kevin Costner and Dennis Quaid. (Posted October 11th)

Ariel Vromen commented: On the set of Criminal with Gary Oldman, Michael Pitt and Kevin Costner feeling blessed! (Posted October 11th)

victoria martin ‏@tor_a tweeted: Lots of people running in & out of car park. They must be filming Kevin Costner/Ryan Reynolds new film today. Sadly no view of them yet. (Posted October 11th)

Carleen ‏@JustCarleen tweeted: There's filming going on right outside my house. So far we've spotted Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner😳.A bit of hollywood coming to SE (Posted October 12th)

Hollywood Superstar Kevin Costner seen at High Street Radio & Photographic Tuesday 30th September 2014:

Ariel Vromen commented: On the set of Criminal with the great #Ryan Reynolds and #Gal Gadot — with Gal Gadot Varsano. (Posted September 10th)

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