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'Black Or White' screenings and Q&As continue...

'Black Or White' screening with Q&A Malibu, November 22, 2014[]=Kevin+Costner

Kevin Costner's 'Black or White' adds racial debate to Oscar race By: Tim Gray November 29, 2014

Garrett Palmer watching Black or White at Directors Guild of America commented: Another screening today!!! A Q&A after w/ Kevin Costner! (Posted 8:26am November 29th)

Melia Kreiling ‏@Melia_Kreiling tweeted: gildarnell and i just listened to #KevinCostner talk about his new movie #BlackorWhite - good stuff (Posted 2:11pm November 29th)

Jen Kuhn ‏@jenkuhn_ tweeted: Every time I see Kevin Costner, the theme from Dances with Wolves plays in my head. #BlackOrWhite was really good. (Directors Guild of America) (Posted 2:11pm November 29th)

Stina ☮ ‏@Stinaaah tweeted: Loved @BlackorWhite film, story that needs to be told, done excellently thru the great script & #kevincostner @octaviaspencer! (Posted 3:50pm November 29th)

MC Foley commented: I'd even go so far as to say that today's Q&A with Kevin Costner for "Black or White" re-invigorated my passion for the craft. The script was amazing, bold, on point. The acting was superb. And Kevin Costner gave thanks to Mike Binder's writing + directing so many times, I was impressed. Not to mention, the fact that he bankrolled a thought-provoking + excellent film such as this = ‪#‎Respect‬ ... Watch it. (Posted 5:42pm November 29th)

Leo Oliva ‏@OlivaPro tweeted: Ready to watch "BLACK OR WHITE". So excited! THANKS @Relativity @SAGFoundation #kevincostner #octaviaspencer (West Hollywood, CA) (Posted 6:55pm November 29th)

Will E. Survive ‏@dawsonink tweeted: Q&A with star Kevin Costner after a screening of his new film "Black or White" in West Hollywood. #film #NAACP #oscarcontender #PacificDesignCenter #LAnights (Posted 9:04pm November 29th)

Antwan McKelvin ‏@AntwanMcKelvin tweeted: Black or white Kevin Costner Q&A #actorlife #LA #blackorwhite (Pacific Design Center) (Posted 9:05pm November 29th)

Leo Oliva ‏@OlivaPro tweeted: "I love actors. I love our business. We just hang in there even when there seems to be no reason to." - #kevincostner Relativity, SAG-AFTRA, Melanie DiPietro and SAG Foundation (Posted 9:10pm November 29th)

Nikkiwhalen ‏@nikkiwhalen tweeted: Cant believe im in the same room with #KevinCostner #bigFanOfHis #visionboardItemPartiallyFulfilled (Posted 9:11pm November 29th)
Diversity in Cannes ‏@diversencannes tweeted: Supporting diversity in film at special screening of Black or White starring #KevinCostner @octaviaspencer & lil miss Jillian Estelle! (Posted 9:16pm November 29th)

Sharon Liggins commented: Listening to Oscar winner Kevin Costner discuss his latest film, Black or White, a look at a family custody battle with an interracial backdrop. I interacted with Kevin very early in my career, when I was a PR assistant at CAA and he would call my boss, the head of PR at the time - calling many times during the Waterworld PR fiasco. One of the authentic, genuinely nice "celebs" I've personally encountered in this business. And we're fellow Cal State Fullerton alums! — at Silver Screening Room - Pacific Design Center. (Posted 9:39pm November 29th)

Lauren F. Jones commented: It's an AMAZING Movie!!! (Posted 9:45pm November 29th)

Matthew A. Cherry ‏@MatthewACherry tweeted: "Kevin Costner Q&A Post Black Or White Screening" Foursquare Tip @ Pacific Design Center (Posted 10:04pm November 29th)

Picture by nvmbrlly - Irene Moore: #screening of #blackorwhite followed by Q & A with #kevincostner #mydayinla (Posted 10:09pm November 29th)

La'Chris Jordan ‏@la_chrisj tweeted: Met Kevin Costner tonight. What a genuine and down-to-earth person. Such an inspiration! (Posted 10:23pm November 29th)

JAC ✨ ‏@_Julyza tweeted: Lovely meeting Mr.Kevin Costner and being able to see his new film, black or white. Great film (Posted 10:23pm November 29th)

"BLACK OR WHITE Q&A with Kevin Costner (@ModernWest ) & Mike Binder." by The "IN" Show Published on Nov 29, 2014 - "BLACK OR WHITE Q&A with Kevin Costner (@ModernWest ) & Mike Binder."

“Black or White” Costner Gambles on Racially Charged Drama By Max D. Uribe Posted on November 29, 2014

The Top 25 Kevin Costner films by Simon Brew November 28, 2014 Did any movie star make braver choices than Kevin Costner, at the peak of his powers? We count down his 25 best films...

Picture by rachelshearhair - Rachel Shear: Screening of Black or White with #kevincostner @kevincostner he is such a class act. Was a little #starstruck emoji (Posted 10:44pm November 29th)

Picture: Kevin Costner Self-assignment in Rome, Italy, October 19, 2014:

Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley tweeted: My family never wants to come to Q&As I do but you better believe they showed up for Kevin Costner tonight. (Posted 12:00AM November 30th)

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